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Wyze Cam V3 2020 Review: the only security camera you need?

Security is one of our basic needs. This applies to all people. This, however, is quite difficult to achieve considering the current state of the world we live in.

The first step to do this is through your home and/or office. You can do this by installing security cameras. If you’re worried about expenses, you should keep in mind that this does not necessarily need lots of money.

Wyze Cam v3 is a product that can help you with this. Today, we’re going to discuss what it can offer, and if it’ll be worth your money.

What is the Wyze Cam v3?

Wyze has recently released its new addition to its Wyze Cam series, the Wyze Cam v3. This is a functional security camera that became recognized because of the features that it offers, and its very affordable pricing. This is ideal for every homeowner that works under a budget.

The Wyze Cam v3 has undergone numerous improvements and innovations compared to the previous two versions. As Wyze would like to join the product, the best security camera is even better, making it the best of the best.

The product is more of a high-tech device. Its structure and settings are unlike other CCTV cameras that require a lot of wiring installations and tape records. This is controlled by an application which makes it efficient for its users.

Product Design and Specifications

Now that you have an idea about what the product is all about, let us now go on to discuss its design and specifications. 


As of the moment, the Wyze Cam v3 is only available in white and white with notable black accents. This is the same as the first and second version so the vision of providing new colours may still be far into the future.

Still, however, its current variation provides a slick and professional design for the security camera. This makes it easy to blend in with the surroundings, while still maintaining good visibility for the naked eye.


When you purchase the product, you will not just be paying for the camera itself. You will also have access to its accessories, specifically the wall mount plate, a screw kit, a 6 feet outdoor USB cable, a quick start guide, a wall mount plate tape, and an indoor USB power adapter, all in white.

This will lessen the things that you need to search and buy. You can also be assured that you will be able to set up and install the product as soon as you receive the package.


Moving on to the actual design of the Wyze Cam v3, you can expect a product that gives off the feel of minimalism and portability.

By default, it is just a square security camera, probably either a little smaller or larger than your palm. You can install the included wall mount plate to make it have a better structure. Either way, you can hold this with just one hand. 

Compared to the previous versions, this has softer edges and rounded corners, making it less prone to accidents and injuries.

In the front view, it only has a simple interface. Its camera has a solid black tint, with its visible lens. It has a small indicator for the night vision lens above the camera lens, and an indicator of the same size for sensors on the other side of the lens. There is no branding anywhere around the product which keeps its simple look.


For the dimensions of the camera, its length is 52mm, 51mm for the width, and 58.5mm for its depth. It weighs around 98.8 grams or less. This is a little light because the materials used for its body is polycarbonate. 

The camera lens, on the other hand, is made through a combination of glass and plastic.

Knowing the design of the product is important as this plays an important part in whether it will fit your liking or not. 

This can also determine its compatibility with the structures of your house or building. As you can see, the Wyze Cam v3 is specifically made to achieve the said goals.

Product Features

Moving on, here are the remarkable features of the product at hand:

1. Color Night Vision

The colour night vision is one of the new features offered in the third version of the Wyze Cam. This is achieved through the integrated starlight sensor in the camera lens.

This feature will allow you to see clear video resolutions even in conditions where the lighting is not that good. This is much better than a regular night vision as this also supports colours, which will consequently be able to display the vibrancy of those captured through the camera.

2. Vast Storage

The product comes with free 14-day cloud storage which can be extended through subscriptions. This is a useful feature post-installation as it will give you a hand in keeping all the records from your security camera. If you don’t prefer subscriptions, you can still opt for a micro SD card to have your own local storage.

3. High-Quality Media

Despite its portable structure, you can still expect that videos will be taken in crisp qualities. The specific resolution integrated comes up to 1920x1080p pixels in Full HD. If you read customer reviews and proof images, you can see firsthand the details that the Wyze Cam v3 is able to capture. The said resolution is applicable even in the night vision of the camera.

4. Mini Siren Feature

Another feature that can help you throughout its usage is the Mini Siren feature. This will enable you to give off a loud sound to scare off intruders, both humans and animals. The settings can be customized through the camera’s bespoke app.

5. Application-Powered

Speaking of the application, this will let you access numerous features that cannot be physically controlled. You can also view a thumbnail of what the camera is currently seeing through the said app.

This is compatible with both Android (5.0 and above) and iOS (9.0+). Basing from the given features, the Wyze Cam v3 is definitely more functional than regular security cameras and other brands offering a similar product.

Why should you buy the Wyze Cam v3?

To eliminate all remaining doubts regarding the product, you can refer to the following benefits that you can access once you avail the product.

1. Durable

The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has considerable qualities such as being waterproof and weather-resistant which adds to its overall durability. Wyze guarantees that the camera will last longer than most brands out there.

2. Versatile Structure

The Wyze Cam v3 is not only durable. It also has a flexible structure because of its wall mount. This means that you can integrate it with any corner and surface of your house and/or building without having to redesign a lot of things.

3. Security-Focused

A security camera does not stop with just having to capture videos from its daily view. This product also offers features like Smoke and CO Alerts, Motion and Sound Detection, Person Detection, and more.

The Wyze Cam v3 strives to be an all-out security tool rather than just a camera. This is definitely worth buying as this is more functional, and still more budget-friendly compared to its competitors.

Summary: Wyze Cam V3 2020 Review

To sum it up, the third version of the Wyze Cam is a notable security camera which functions as your personal protection tool. It has a minimalist design and overflowing features that absolutely tops off a lot of brands. This is the way to go if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box innovation of security cameras.