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Worx Landroid Review: Is it The Best Smart Lawnmower?

If your home has a yard, front, back, or both, you probably know the struggle of having to mow your property every so often. Aside from regular lawn mowers being one of the top greenhouse pollutants, it can also affect your physical condition like back pain, and exposure to grass blades.

But what if I tell you that it isn’t necessary for you to go through the pain of lawn mowing? Worx Landroid is the product that can help you with this. In this article, we’re going talk about what it is, and if it’s worth your money and time.

What is Worx Landroid?

Worx Landroid M is a cordless robotic lawnmower. By this, it means that it only needs a battery to operate itself, and you don’t have to worry about extension sockets and plugs. This is powered by a 20v and 4.0Ah Power Share Battery. 

The battery of the product may be replaced but it can be pricy. Worx’s solution for this is to make it rechargeable. It has its own rechargeable base to which it will automatically return once the given schedule is complete.

Speaking of schedule, you have control over the performance of Worx Landroid by customizing its schedule.

A quick background about Worx, its developer: it is a company that specializes in technological tools. They are known for adding innovative twists to regular equipment and making it more efficient than it already is. 

The other products that they make are leaf blowers, power saws, and automotive parts, all of which have garnered good reviews.

Here are the things that you can expect from Worx Landroid:

  • Evenly cut grass
  • Easy, though time-consuming, installation
  • Efficient lawn maintenance
  • More innovative compared to normal lawn mowers
  • A complete setup 

Worx Landroid M is specifically made to aid in the needs of lawn mowing. It recognizes and eliminates the struggles of manual lawn mowing, and thus, makes it one of the best choices, if not the most, for your garden.

Product Design and Specifications

For Worx Landoid M’s design and specifications, refer to the information below:

  • Top View

If you look at the product from the top view, you can see its functionalities.

At the right side, you can see a digital display interface. This will show the current status of the Landroid, along with the arrow keys, a charge, a start, an OK, and a power button, each serving different purposes. Above it is a medium-sized Stop button which will stop all the activities of the equipment.

The left part, on the other hand, has the spinning wheel that will let you adjust the cutting height. This ranges from 1.9 to 3.5 inches. Directly above this is a Rain Detect sensor which will be discussed deeper later on.

The charging prongs are located further left. This is beside the spinning wheel.

The topmost part has the battery slot. Note that this is removable.

  • Branding

All in all, there are only two branding marks on the product. The first is on the bottom part that simply states “LANDROID” in plain white print. The second can be seen on the right side, this is the developer’s name “WORX”, also printed in white.

There are other 3 brandings: one is a label for the battery, and the other two are description labels for the machines.

Here are the other technical specs of the Landroid M according to Worx’s website:

  • Colour: Orange and Black
  • Blade Type: Rotating Disc; 3 Blades
  • 2 Brushless Wheels
  • Noise Level: 63db
  • Weight: 21.2lbs
  • Dimensions: 22x15x10 inches

The area capacity of the Worx Landroid M can go from 1/4 to 1/2 acre, depending on the model. The product on our review, however, is WR140, which can complete ¼ acre.

The parts, on the other hand, are also available at Worx’s official store. You don’t have to be concerned about finding it hard to find replacements in case one or two breaks down. Worx, however, assures that the Landroid M is durable and long-lasting so you don’t have to think about it for a while.

Product Features

In this section, we are going to talk about the features that Worx Landroid M can offer:

  • Application Control

Landroid is fully operated using a bespoke application. With this, you can initiate the setup, measure your existing lawn, customize the mowing patterns and schedules, monitor moving status, and keep your equipment’s software in with the latest updates.

This feature makes it easier for you to control your robotic land mower and make it work according to how you want it to.

  • Safety Feature

The tool is equipped with safety micro blades that will automatically stop if the robot is lifted from the ground. This is very helpful for preventing accidents and injuries that are very likely in regular lawn mowers and cutters. This is a big advantage as not all brands integrate this.

This feature also makes Landroid M child-friendly.

  • Automatic Charging Process

Worx Landroid M is also programmed to automatically return and charge to its charging base through the closest boundary wire once the battery is already low. This equates to less work for you and more efficiency for the product.

The recommended charging time is 90 minutes, but the Landroid will also go back to its activities automatically once fully charged.

  • Cut to Edge Feature

The equipment has offset cutting discs which will enable it to cut even the grass that is close to the edge and corners. This leaves less area for you to clean and cut all over again. Worx takes pride in this feature as this adds to the functionality of the product.

  • Weather-Resistant

Although robotic, Worx Landroid can withstand whatever weather it is, even rain. This means that even if it gets wet, it will continue with its tasks and won’t get broken. 

  • Rain Sensor

The Rain Sensor is responsible for detecting the rain. Even if it was stated that the tool can resist the said weather, mowing the grass while wet is still isn’t ideal if you really want good results. 

Because of this, the Landroid returns to its base if it detects rain, and only continues once it stops.

Summary: Worx Landroid Review

All in all, it is safe to conclude that Worx Landroid M is probably the best product that you can run into for your gardening needs. Considering all of its features and its functional interface, there is no doubt about its quality.

For $999.98, you can already have access to a robotic lawnmower and all of the necessary accessories without additional charge. If you want to expand its features further, it is also compatible with a lot of add-ons, also offered by Worx.