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Withings Body Analyzer Review: Can It Help You Become Healthy?

Monitoring your health and wellbeing’s condition is important, no matter what season it is. This does not refer to regular weight check-ups if your goal is to maintain your general health. You have to have knowledge regarding your body mass, muscle mass, body composition, etc.

Fortunately, technology has made this possible even without going through frequent hospital visits. Withings recently released a tool designed for this specific purpose, the Body Analyzer. 

Today, we will discuss the said product, what it is about, what it can offer, and if it will be worth your time and money. By the end of this Withings Body Analyzer review, you should be able to decide if you will purchase it or not. 

What is the Withings Body Analyzer?

Withings is a brand that mainly specializes in tools that aid with health and habit maintenance. They offer a range of products such as watches, scales, blood pressure monitors, sleeping routines, and thermometers, each having their own smart characteristics.

The product that we have at hand, on the side, refers to a smart body analyzer in the form of a weighing scale. This is the successor of the first model, also released by Withings, with tweaked improvements, and new features.

What makes this different is that instead of showing regular weight in kilograms, it displays a more in-depth composition of the whole body. 

Here are some of the information that you can access through the said tool:

1. Water Composition

Water is important in one’s body structure. Knowing this can help you avoid possible cases of dehydration and fluid overload. The ideal value of this will vary according to the demographic profile of a person, e.g. gender, weight, age, but either way, monitoring this is important for one’s health.

2. BMI

The BMI or Body Mass Index refers to the amount of body fat with regards to height and weight. Knowing this will help you understand if you are underweight, normal, or overweight. Health solutions will also come up by deriving from the present data.

Other information includes muscle, body, and bone mass. To put it briefly, the Body Analyzer Scale is handy equipment for body monitoring. This can be a significant key towards a better health condition, and prevention of both existing and future complications. The said tool will definitely be more advantageous than regular weighing scales, and individual monitoring tools.

Product Design and Specifications

In this section, we are going to discuss the designs and specifications of the Withings Body Analyzer. This factor is important to consider in order to have an overview of what the product may require, that is, in terms of space, voltage, setup, and the likes. 

Refer to the following details for the things that you need to know:

1. Variations

Withings Body Analyzer comes in two variations, silvery-white, and black. Both of these colours give off a professional and slick look. If you are looking for recommendations, however, the former variation will give off a cleaner look, while the latter gives off a more eye-pleasing vibe.

If your priority is to achieve a simple and minimalistic look, on the other hand, one is just as perfect as the other. The current choices for variations are also versatile as they will match any kind of interior design and colour palette.

2. Inclusions

The product’s package includes the actual smart scale and 4 AAA batteries. The Body Analyzer being battery-powered will save you high volumes of energy consumption in the long run. 

The reason behind this is that there is no need to constantly charge after every use, nor watch out for plugs and socket compatibilities. Note that the batteries can last up to 18 months at most.

3. Design

The Body Analyzer’s appearance is very similar to that of a digital weighing scale’s. It comes in a square shape, the colour depending on the variation chose. It has a cross-like reflective design to emphasize its structure. This also makes the product easier to see in the dark.

In the middle of the scale, you will see the round sensor. This will help provide more accurate results for the needed data. 

All in all, you can expect a professional-looking tool no matter the colour. It also has thin sides, because of the ultra-slim design, to reduce its carrying weight.

At the topmost part of the product, also at the centre position, is where the display is placed.

4. Specifications

As for the specifications of the product, you can expect a 12.8 by 12.8 by 0.9 inches for the width, length, and depth, respectively. The display, on the other hand, comes up to 2.4 by 1.6 inches with 128 by 64 pixels.

As you can see, Withings Body Analyzer has a simple yet appealing structure. This is designed to function both as a home statement, and functional equipment.

Product Features

Moving on, here are the features that the product can offer:

1. Full Body Composition Analysis

The Body Analyzer will allow you to monitor all the needed body compositions that you should look out for. These include weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. This will greatly be helpful as you do not have to take extra measures and time just to come up with the right data.

Compared to buying single tools for every composition, and/or going to a specialist, using this product will definitely save you from spending more time, money, and effort. 

2. Application-Compatible

Along with the digital scale, you can also connect this to its bespoke application called Health Mate. This can be done through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Through this, you can easily access complete information regarding your health, and set certain reminders to further help you with your goals.

3. Nutrition Tracking

Another significant function of Withings Body Analyzer is called Nutrition Tracking. This will assist you with your daily food intake. With this, you can set your goal on achieving a certain weight, and control the calories that you take.

4. Local Weather Forecasting

The last feature that we will talk about is the Weather Forecasting. You can easily determine what kind of day you will look forward to with just one step on the scale. This will also make it more efficient for you to adjust your schedule of activities and exercises according to what will be possible.

Compared to similar products of other brands, Withings Body Analyzer has a high chance of standing out due to its features. It offers a complete package of nutritional facts which will be a big help to anyone that wants to keep their health at its best state.

Why should you buy the Withings Body Analyzer?

If you are still not convinced to buy the product even after knowing its design and features, below are some other reasons that you can consider:

1. Efficient

This has been repeatedly emphasized, but considering that you have all the functions in just one equipment will give you more efficiency and productivity than you may expect. 

2. Has No Restrictions

Whatever your age, gender, and needs are, you are free to use the Body Analyzer whenever, as health is just as important in any state. If you have underlying diseases, this will further extend your capabilities in health monitoring.

3. Multi-User Friendly

Withings Body Analyzer is also not limited to a single person only. This can gather data for up to 8 users as long as they can synchronize their information with it.

There is no doubt about this product being useful equipment. This will be a good addition to your daily maintenance tools.

Withings Body - Smart Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app


Summary: Withings Body Analyzer Review

The Withings Body Analyzer is a scale that can help you monitor your health condition. If you are looking for a sign to finally buy this, then you can consider this article as a part of the good reviews about it. 

Without a question, this will be worth your time and money and is more affordable than manually making computations and specialist trips.