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Where is the cancel button on HP printer?

If you’ve ever used an HP printer, you know that the cancel button is notoriously hard to find.

In fact, it’s often hidden so well that many people never even realize it exists. So, where is the cancel button on the hp printer? In this post, we’ll show you where it is and how to use it.

There are several ways to cancel a print job from your printer- on the printer’s control panel, from your computer or mobile device.

How to Cancel a Print Job from Printer’s Control Panel?

  • Press the Cancel button If you are using a printer with buttons.
  • Tap on X, Stop, or Cancel if you are using a printer with a touchscreen panel.

If you can’t cancel the print job using the control panel, then try the next step.

How to Cancel a Print Job on Windows 10?

You will need to use the same computer the print job was sent from to cancel a print job in the queue.

  • Open the print queue.
  • Look for the printer icon near the bottom right of the Taskbar menu.
  • Click on the printer icon to open the print queue.
  • If you are unable to find the printer icon in the taskbar, click on the windows button and search for Printers.
  • Select your HP printer from the list of printers > click on Open Queue.
  • Right-click on the print job you want to cancel > click on Cancel.

How to Cancel Print Job on Mac OS X?

To cancel a print job on Mac OS X:

  • Find the printer icon on the dock and click on Printer Icon.
  • Click on the printer icon by selecting the print jobs.
  • Decide which job you want to terminate.
  • Select the job and click on the Cancel button icon next to the pending print command.

If you are unable to locate the printer icon on the dock, go to the System Preferences.

  • Locate Printer Device and click on the Print and Scan icon.
  • Select your HP printer from the list, then click on Open Print Queue.
  • From the list click on the Cancel button X to stop a print job.

How to cancel print job on HP Printer via Android Phone?

You can only cancel print jobs from the mobile device which you used to send print jobs.

On Android Phone, you have two options HP eprint application and HP Print Service Plugin to cancel a print job.

  • If you are using the HP eprint application for printing, then go to its home screen.
  • Click on the notification icon from the eprint application.
    Click on the X and then Yes.
  • If you are using HP Print Service plugin for printing documents, swipe down to view the current print job queue.
  • Select the print job from the queue which you want to cancel. Click on the Cancel button to cancel the print job.

How to cancel print job on HP Printer via Apple iPhone or iPad?

  • Open the App Switcher.
  • If your mobile device has a home button,click the home button twice.
  • If your device does not have the home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Swipe the left side and then tap on the Print Center app.
  • Click on the specific print job you want to cancel then click on Cancel Printing.


Where is the reset button on the hp envy printer?

Performing a factory reset of your HP printer can help with troubleshooting common issues with your printer.

Depending on which model HP printer you have, the options you see may differ.

  • Navigate to Setup and select Tools.
  • Select Restore Factory Default and then Yes.
  • The printer will now restart to its original factory default settings.

Where is the power button on hp printer?

There is a power button on the back of the printer. It is located directly above the power cord.

Where is resume button on hp printer?

The resume (Paper icon with downwards arrow) button is usually located next to the cancel button (X). Press this button to resume a print job.

How do I clear the print queue on my HP printer?

To clear a print queue for a HP printer on Windows 10, check out this video:

How do I stop my printer from printing Windows 10?

To stop your printer from printing on Windows 10:

  • Right-click your printer’s icon.
  • Click See What’s Printing.
  • Select the document you are trying to stop printing and click Cancel.