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WASHWOW – Portable Smart Washing Device

Isn’t it frustrating when you are away from your home either on a business trip or vacations and you desperately want your clothes to be washed?

Well, it certainly is!

So, how about a portable washing device even smaller than your smart phone that can wash your sweaty and stained clothes within no time and without any effort?

Washwow 2.0 portable washing gadget is a new invention that is completely eco-friendly and budget-friendly which provides electrolysis washing without any use of detergent.

Washwow 2.0 is just like a mini washing machine that does not require any kind of effort, detergent and electricity supply, as it works on wireless charging technology.

Unlike those heavy washing machines that require a lot of your time, this portable washing kit helps you wash all your important clothes on the go.

It does not matter where you are travelling to, you can easily put the device into your luggage and carry it anywhere you go.

It is highly recommended to all the business persons and fans of adventure as it is very helpful for them when they are far away from their home.

How does Washwow washing device work?

Washwow 2.0 is an electrolysis washing device that generates reactive oxygen species when it comes in contact with water, and it decomposes the dirt and stains on the clothes quite excitingly.

Without getting too much technical, let’s just say that the device’s interior is coated with a noble metal that creates positive and negative electrodes.

The components that are generated through the device have the antibacterial effect that helps to remove the bacteria and dust mites from the clothes.

The bacterium elimination rate of this second generation washing portable kit can reach 99.98%, without producing any pollution and radiation.

Who can use it?

  • Business Man:

As operating this portable washing kit does not require any kind of advanced washing knowledge, so if you are a business person who often goes on business trips, this device can help you in many ways.

Just put it in your bag and when you want to wash your clothes, place it in the water and let the magic begin.

  • Housewives:

Are you fed up with that long and boring washing procedure just to wash some of baby’s clothes?

You can get the assistance of Washwow washing device as you do not even need any detergent and effort.

Just put the device in the tub with those dirty clothes and wait till they get clean as new. With WASHWOW 2nd, all baby and kid’s clothes and stuff will be washed with appropriate care.

It doesn’t need detergent, doesn’t cause secondary pollution or leaves no chemical. The Best gift for your dear little baby, isn’t it?

  • Teenagers:

Yes, even the young ones can be facilitated through it too.

If you are a responsible teenager, then put some responsibility on washing your own clothes too with this easy and portable washing kit.

How to use it?

· Charge your device fully and then set the timer according to your preference.

· Choose your washing rhythm from the two-level variable speed control

· Put your clothes in a waterproof container or a tub and place the Washwow 2nd into it

· Wait 20-25 minutes

· Rinse your clothes after 20-25 minutes and see the magic, your clothes will be cleaned.

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