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Understanding Smart Homes

When you are far from home, you could experience nagging little doubts.

They may include:

  • Are the kids watching television?
  • Are they doing their homework?
  • Is the security alarm set?
  • Did I remember to turn off the coffee maker?

With a smart home, you can get rid of these worries by quickly glancing at your tablet or smartphone.

Appliances and devices in your home can now be connected to the internet and communicate with you and each other.

An smart home reacts to commands made by your smartphone, tablet, remote control or voice.

Currently there are many smart home devices relate to temperature regulation, entertainment, home security, and lighting.


Z-Wave, ZigBee, Insteon and X10 all offer protocols, the fundamental technology, for smart home communication.

Consortiums have been created between these protocols and manufacturers of electronics who build end-user devices.

Here’s some smart gadgets from that might interest you.


Many devices have built-in apps so you can use to access the devices’ information online.

Security systems provide you auto alerts directly to your smartphone so you know when there is a problem at home.

Garage doors and door locks can open automatically as you get near them.

Smartphone integration allows you to turn off or on appliances and lights from your mobile device.

Motion sensors alert you when there is motion around your house, and they are able to differentiate burglars from pets.

LED lights can be programmed to increase or reduce brightness and change color from your smartphone.

Thermostat can be controlled from any location.


Creating a smart home may make life more convenient and easier.

For instance, not only would a home owner be woken up with notification of a fire alarm, the smart home would also light the path to safety, unlock doors and call the fire department.

Here’s some really benefits of having a smart home:

  • Turn on the coffee maker from the comfort of your bed.
  • Warm the bedroom, and any other rooms, before you get out of bed to avoid chills.
  • Program the television to limit the time your children can watch.
  • Instantly set lighting to suit the mood for any occasion.
  • Use a schedule and a preset amount of food to feed your pets.
  • Unlock doors automatically when you approach.
  • Light a path for bathroom trips at night.

Smart homes also offer some energy efficiency savings.

Systems such as ZigBee and Z-Wave allow you to switch some appliances in energy saving mode when not in use.

The devices can wake up and sleep when commands are given.

Electric bills are reduced when lighting and other appliances are turned off in empty rooms automatically.

Rooms can be cooled or heated depending on the number of people present at any given moment.

With such benefits, it is easy to understand why smart homes are gaining in popularity.

This trend will only continue as smart home technology continues to advance.

Your home is your sanctuary, so it is fitting that you have every convince possible when there.

A smart home gives you the freedom to fully relax and recharge after a long day.