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Top 5 Best Projector for Small Room in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Projectors are a great way to watch movies and TV shows, but they can also be used for work presentations or gaming. If you’re looking for the best projector for a small room, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best projectors that are perfect for smaller spaces. We’ll also discuss some factors to consider when choosing a projector and provide tips on how to get the most out of your device.

So if you’re in the market for a new projector, keep reading.

Best Projector for Small Room Top Picks

1. Xinda 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 4k

5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector 4k ,9800 lux 1080P Mini Projector with 480" Display, Support ±50° 4P/4D Keystone Correction,Dolby,Zoom,Home&Outdoor Projector iOS/Android/PS4 (White)


The Xinda projector has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It has the power to show 450 inches of screen, one of the biggest that I have ever seen. It is great for small rooms at functions like television with its multiple ports. 

Key Features

  • High Brightness – the projector has 20 million colours, which allows it to produce real high-definition output. It is the smallest projector that has 9800 lux with a dynamic ratio of 12000:1. The end result of these hardware parts is true HD content that has sharp and highly detailed images.
  • WiFi Connection – the projector has both 2.4G and 5G wireless connections. Apart from this, you can also connect a device via Bluetooth. As such, you can mirror your Android or iPhone device. You can synchronize your tablets without the need to buy any kind of adapter.
  • Keystone Correction – there is no need to set the screen’s size. That is what a keystone correction is for. It automatically adjusts the screen and turns it into a rectangular shape. 
  • Screen and Sound Output – the viewing range is between 60 and 450 inches. There is also a pair of 5-watt built-in speakers. 

Finally, the projector has multiple connectivity options. There is an HDMI port, and you can also connect your computer with it. If you want, you can use your gaming console as a source.


  • Easy to setup
  • Great picture quality brightness and keystone corrections
  • Responsive remote
  • Lightweight design


2. JOVAL WiFi Projector 

JOVAL WiFi Projector Native 1080P FHD, Portable Projector for Outdoor Movies, Mini Projector Home Theater Compatible w/HDMI/USB/Mobile Phones/Laptops/PC/TV Stick, Carrying Bag Included(2021 Upgraded)


Joval may not be a brand like Sony or InFocus, but it does produce high-quality projectors. For this -model, you can expect true HD and 1080p output. 

Key Features

  • Native 1080p – the projector houses 100 ANSI lumens capable of producing full HD images and videos. You can use it in small rooms and yet still get the quality of a home theatre. You can also use it as a fake TikTok window projector. What I like the most is it works outdoors. You do not need to use it in a small room all the time.
  • WiFi Screen – you can connect video sources through WiFi, which means you have more options to watch. It can sync with your mobile phones, tablets, and sticks. If you want, you can also connect your DVD player and PC. It has an HDMI port, so you can also connect your gaming consoles. 
  • Remote Focus – the projector will automatically adjust the settings to give you that punchy image. There is no need to tinker with the settings to get the image quality that you want. 
  • Long Life – the projector can last up to 100,000 hours. In addition, the lens is fully sealed, which prolongs the lifespan of the product.

It comes with a carrying bag and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If there is anything you do not like about it, contact customer support and they will issue you a refund. 

Although it is a mini projector, you can enjoy the services of its huge counterparts. It does come with three years of warranty. Most projectors only offer two years.


  • Lightweight design
  • Can be mounted on a ceiling or placed on a tripod
  • Very easy setup
  • Carry case included for transport


  • Projector can only be controlled through its included remote since it does not have a built-in control panel
  • Wi-Fi connectivity can be finicky
  • Built-in speakers are decent for the device size

3. ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9200L

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9200L Full HD Native 1920×1080P Bluetooth Mini Projector, Support 4K &Zoom, Full Sealed Optical/LCD/LED/Home/Outdoor Movie Portable Projector for Phone,PC,PS4,TV Stick


This is both a WiFi and Bluetooth projector rolled into one. It is an excellent choice for indoor use, but it is also portable, so you can bring it with you no matter where you go. 

Key Features

  • Native HD Resolution – with 10000:1 contrast, the projector uses an exclusive optical system that increases the brightness by 30% compared to other projectors. The result is a bright yet crystal clear picture. You can expect true 1080p resolution even if you set it to 300 inches.
  • Bluetooth and WiFI – it uses bidirectional Bluetooth and WiFi for connectivity. For WiFi, both 2.4G and 5G will work. Despite this connection, you will still enjoy high-quality videos. The projector uses a chip that processes data transfer smoothly with blazing speeds. 
  • Protected Case – the lens is sealed, and it prevents dust from getting in. The machine also has a cooling system so it will not overheat. It has three fans, and it has an internal temperature monitoring system.
  • Long Lamp Life – the projector has 120,000 hours of lamp life, and this high level of trust and confidence in the product makes it possible for the makers to offer three years of repair warranty. 

There is a zoom function to make images and videos bigger. You also reduce the image size down to 75% if it is too big. Finally, I like that the projector supports 360 degrees of flipping. You can install it on the ceiling, mount it on a wall, or just place it on a table.


  • Easy to setup
  • Great picture quality
  • Portable size for transport
  • Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • User-friendly interface


  • Does not have an internal battery, needs to be plugged in a power source
  • Built-in speakers are decent quality
  • Some video apps won’t work due to copyright

4. WeChip 5G WiFi Projector

5G WiFi Projector,WeChip 8500L HD Outdoor Mini Projector, 1080P & 300" Screen Supported, Movie Home Theater Projector for TV Stick, Video Games, HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, Laptop, iOS & Android


WeChip is a producer of high-quality projectors. For this model, you can use it at home for screen mirroring, gaming, and also as an Airplay module.

Key Features

  • Mirroring – the projector is capable of Airplay function. It also works for screen mirroring, and it is compatible with Android and iPhones. You can use your phone as a video source, and it will transfer the image through the projector. 
  • High Image Quality – like all projectors that I recommend on my blog, the native resolution of this projector is 1080p. It is also compatible with 4K video sources. With 8500 lumens of power, it has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 10000:1. The largest screen size it can produce is 300 inches. 
  • Multiple Connections – it has a 5G connection, so there is no need for wires and cables. However, it does not mean that you cannot use wires. It has ports for HDMI, USB, VGA, and Micro USB. As such, you can connect your laptop, gaming consoles, sticks, and other devices.

The life span of the projector is at 100,000 hours. You do not need to worry about maintenance. Once you hit the end of the product’s longevity, you would have already used it to your satisfaction. 

The lens is protected, and no dust can come in. Dust is the number one enemy of projectors. As such, you will not see black spots when you are watching. There is also a silent cooling system to prevent it from overheating.


  • Setup is super easy
  • Great picture quality and brightness
  • Built-in sound has decent audio


  • Power cable is short
  • Included tripod is low quality

5. PENMAMA 5G Portable Projector 

5G Portable Projector PENMAMA 2021 Upgrade 4K Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth Projector Native 1080P Projector with Carrying Bag for Outdoor/Indoor/Games/Parties, iOS/Android i Phone Devices


Penmama is a portable projector that has a native resolution of 1080p. The brightness is at 9500 lumens, and its contrast ratio is 8000:1. Although the contrast ratio is smaller than the ones in my list, it is still an excellent choice for room use. 

Key Features

  • Smart Functions – you can connect devices with it through 5G WiFi, and it will also synchronize with 2.4G. As such, it is easy to mirror content from various devices. It also has a really low lag time, so you get a hassle-free streaming experience. 
  • Connectivity Options – you can connect devices with Bluetooth; if you want a wired connection, your options are HDMI cables, USB, VGA, AV, and SD. Because of this wide array of connections, you can use it to project images and videos from many kinds of devices. 
  • Compact Size – despite being portable, it can produce anywhere between 44 and 230 inches of screen. The distance you need is only between 5 and 18 feet. The most optimal distance is 10 feet. 
  • Long Lamp Life – the lamp will last for 60000 hours. It can work for 20 years, at which time you can buy a new one with better technology at that time. 

This projector also has built-in speakers, so you do not need to connect external ones. However, there still is a port where you can connect speakers if you already have them.


  • Great picture quality and is actual 1080P
  • Wifi connectivity and screen mirroring work great with many devices
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Speaker quality is decent
  • Easy setup and navigation of the menu
  • Remote control works at any angle


  • Sound of the fan can get loud

Factors to consider for Best Projector for Small Room

Benefits of using a projector for small room

While upgrading your home entertainment system, you might think about getting a widescreen TV. But before you do, consider getting a small room projector instead. Below are some key benefits of getting a projector over a TV.

  • Space-saving 

The beauty of a projector is that it doesn’t take up any space and can be easily moved from one place to another. You will love the picture quality, which has been improved by the short-throw technology in these devices.

  • Customizable screen

With the ability to customize your screen size. The further you position your projector, the larger the projected image will be. This helps with reducing eye strain for long periods of time.

  • Portable Size

Movie nights are always more fun when you don’t have to plan them. Mini portable projectors are the perfect gadget to take with you on your next adventure. Whether it’s out into a field or just around town, this little device will make any event more entertaining.

  • Value

When it comes to buying a projector, you will find that they offer excellent value for money. Their more diverse functionality and larger screen come at an almost identical price or lower than TVs.

Factors to Consider for Projector for Small Room – Buying Guide


Before buying a projector, it is important to consider the resolution. Resolution refers to the number of pixels on the image, which determines how clear the image will be.

Most projectors support HD1080p resolution, which results in a more detailed image. However, not all projectors have this as their native resolution. 

You don’t need a high native resolution to watch movies or do other basic activities. If you just need a projector for basic use, then an 800×600 pixel projector is good. But if you need to show AutoCAD drawings or other high-resolution images, you will need a projector with a higher resolution, like 1080p.


The brightness of your projector determines the lighting condition in which it will work best. The higher the brightness or lumen, the better you will be able to see in daylight or when the room lights are on. For a small projector that you intend to use for movies only at night, 2000-3000 lumens is sufficient. Outdoor movie watching requires a higher brightness level. If you want to use the projector in a dark room, look for a projector with 1,000-1,500 lumens.


The contrast ratio is a measure of the difference between the lightest and darkest parts of an image. The higher the contrast ratio, the more accurate the colors will be and the more details you will see. Projectors come in a range of contrast ratios, from 1000:1 to 10,000:1. For most purposes, a projector with a contrast ratio of 1500:1 or more should be fine.


If you want a projector for a small room, it is important that it has multiple ports so that you can connect it to many different devices. Most models have an HDMI port so that you can connect them to a PC, laptop, or TV. Some even have more than one HDMI port so that you can connect gaming consoles and multimedia players. Some projectors have Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, making it easier to connect to other devices without having to use any cords.

Throw Distance

While purchasing a small room projector, it is important to consider the throw distance or throw ratio. This is a measure of the projector-screen distance and screen size. 

There are different types of projectors such as regular, short-throw, and ultra-short throws. They are each defined by a different range of throw ratios. Short-throw projectors have a ratio that ranges from 0.38:1 to 1.4:1, which means the projector-screen distance should be at least 3 feet for a 60-inch screen size. 

The typical recommended screen distance for a projector is about 7.5 feet. So before purchasing a projector, be sure to check the size of the projector and how it will fit in your room. 

Light Source

There are two types of projectors: those that use LED lights, and those that use lamps. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Lamp-based projectors offer the brightest images. They are suitable for use in rooms with high levels of ambient light. LED-based projectors create a sharper and more colorful image than Lamp-based projectors. 


The lifespan of a projector is measured in hours. If you are not intending to use your projector intensively, it can last for years before you need to replace it with a new one. Projector’s with a 20,000 Lamp Life can last more than 13 years if you use it for four hours each day. An LED projector lasts longer than a lamp-based projector because the LED light source does not need to be replaced after every 20,000 hours of use. Lamp-based projectors will eventually need a new bulb replaced because bulbs lose their brightness over time.

3D Compatability

Only some projectors can project 3D movies. If you want to watch 3D movies, make sure your projector is 3D-compatible. In order to have a complete 3D experience, you will also need other necessary accessories like 3D glasses, a 3D compatible video source, and of course 3D content. 


When purchasing a projector for a small room, the projector should be lightweight and easy to move around. It should also have good features, like high contrast and the ability to adjust in different light conditions. It’s important that it comes in a sturdy case so that it’s protected during transport. 

Noise Cancellation

If your projector starts making a lot of noise, it might be because the cooling fans are working. The more the projector is used, the hotter it gets and the more often the fans will turn on to cool it down. This can make a lot of noise. If your projector makes a lot of noise, it might mean that the ventilation system is not good. Before you buy a projector, make sure to look for one that includes fans, an exhaust opening in the case, and the right fan power to reduce the temperature inside.

Warranty and Repair Costs

Before you spend your money on a new projector, you should think about the warranty. A lot of people forget to ask about the warranty, but it’s important. The warranty can save you a lot of money over the life of your projector. Different projectors have different warranty options, replacement lengths, and extended warranties. It is recommended that you look for a projector with a good warranty. You should also ask about the cost of maintaining the projector’s parts. If the cost of maintenance is high, then the benefits of having the projector might not be worth it in the long run.


Can you use a projector in a small room?

If you’re limited on space and don’t want to deal with a big TV, you can definitely consider using a projector in a small room. 

Depending on the size of the image you want, short throw projectors need to be between 5 and 10 feet away from the screen. If you’re renting an apartment, a short throw projector would be perfect because you don’t have to mount it. Just make sure to leave enough space between the projector and the screen. 

Long-throw projectors need to be placed at a greater distance from the screen than short-throw ones, but the image quality is better. If you can’t place the projector far away from the screen, then you should use a short-throw projector, which produces a good image from just a few feet away.

Where should a projector be placed in a small room?

Ideally, the projector should be placed 1.5x the width of the projection screen from the projector screen. This will give you the best image quality without doing any crazy calculations involving the throw ratio. If your projection screen is 16 feet wide, then the projector should be placed 24 feet from the screen.

How much room do I need for a projector?

There is no one perfect answer to how far away the seating should be from the projector screen. However, it is generally recommended that the seats be located at a distance that is at least twice the width of the projected image, and no more than five times the width of the image.

Is a projector better than a TV?

Nowadays, owning a projector means sacrificing certain things, like image quality and livability. For example, you might have to pay more for the projector and it might not be as good as a big TV. But you can still get a really big image if that’s what you want. This doesn’t mean that projectors have stopped getting better. They continue to get brighter and their contrast and color capabilities keep improving. Some models even use lasers or LEDs now, which are still often behind in performance compared to projectors using UHP-lamps. However, they are getting better and dropping in price.

How far back does a projector need to be for a 100-inch screen?

You should use your projector’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to figure out the best distance from the screen for your projector. For a 100-inch screen, you will want your projector to be between 122 and 133 inches away or around 10.5ft. 

What size projector do I need?

When choosing the size of your projector screen, it is important to consider how far back the viewers will be sitting. The ideal viewing distance is between 2-8 times the height of the screen. This will ensure that everyone has a comfortable view. Measure the room from front to back. If you want to use the whole room, remember that you will need some space between the front wall and the projector screen. You’ll also need enough space in the back of the room for people to walk around. 

Can you put a projector on a bed?

We wouldn’t recommend placing a projector on a bed for safety reasons. You should place or mount the projector somewhere that is stable and make sure cables are not tangled or in people’s way. However, you can set up the projector low to the ground and easily hide under the bed when you are done watching. This takes up less room. The wiring for audio output and video sources can also go under the bed, making the setup minimal. 

Do you need a projector screen?

A projector is a device that shines a light on a surface. If the surface is clean and reflective, you will be able to see a picture. A white wall or sheet will work well.

Can you project TV onto wall?

You can create your own home cinema by projecting your TV onto a wall. To do this, you will need a projector. The projector uses a bright light and lens system to project the image onto the wall.

Do you need a dark room for a projector?

To create a bold image, a projector needs darkness. Basements are popular locations for projectors because they are already dark. However, if you want to place the projector in a room with windows, you can cover the windows with curtains to block out the light.

How far from the screen does a projector need to be?

Short throw projectors need to be placed about five to ten feet away from the screen in order to project the image correctly. These projectors can be mounted on a ceiling or sit on a small table in the middle of a living room.

Can you play Netflix through a projector?

You will need to use a streaming stick or device similar to the Roku or Chromecast to stream Netflix from your devices. Because of copyright, you won’t be able to stream Netflix directly from the projector, so keep this in mind when purchasing a projector for watching Netflix content.

Can I put projector in corner?

When you use your projector at an angle, be ready to make some adjustments to the image. The projector might not be in the center or it might be distorted. This doesn’t mean you have to move the projector. There are ways you can adjust the image so it is in focus, like with keystone correction or lens shift. It’s recommended to position the projector recommended by the manufacturer to have the best viewing experience. 

Can you use a projector for everyday TV watching?

You can use a projector for regular TV watching. It won’t damage the projector, but it might use up the bulb faster. You might also have a better overall TV-watching experience using a projector than with a larger TV.

Does a projector use more electricity than a TV?

There is no one answer to this question. Some projectors use more power than TVs. This is because projectors need more power to light up their lamps, while others use less or the same amount of power. It really depends on the projector and TV. 


Conclusion paragraph: If you are looking for a projector that is great for smaller spaces, then take the time to read this post.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite projectors and provided tips on how to get the most out of your device.