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Top 5 Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders in 2021

One problem with electric bikes or e-bikes is that they are not made for tall people. If you are tall and you ride them, your bend your back and it just does not feel comfortable. Thankfully, there are bike manufacturers that put this problem into consideration.

Today, what I want is to share with you the best electric bike for tall riders that you can buy for tall people. I will provide you with their features, and it is up to you now which one to choose.  

Top Picks Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders

1. Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Bike

Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike, Double Seater, Steel Low Step Frame, 7-Speed, 650c Urban Tires, Alloy Caliper Brakes, Medium Frame, Blue

The first on my list is one that I recommend for people who want to ride in tandem. It is designed for tall people, and you can ride it at 21 speeds.

The bike has a stepping frame in the rear. It is designed this way so even kids can ride them easily. The 21 gears make it easier for you to climb through steep trails.

The bike also has mechanical disc brakes. What this kind of brake does is makes braking easier and safer.

Here are the main features:

  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years
  • Can do long mileage for two people
  • Has advanced and safe mechanical disc brakes
  • Has front suspension
  • Made of aluminum body

The tires are 26 inches by 2 and a half. What that means is that you have a little over one foot of wheels in terms of diameter or height.

In addition to this, the bike is equipped with allow caliper brakes. As such, it has excellent stopping power as you pick up speed. The design is classic and it has dual-density grips and classic-looking chairs or saddles.

Lastly, the bike uses Shimano 7-speed twist shifters. The gear is at the rear so the bike can provide you with a smooth-shifting experience.

2. KESPOR K7 Folding Bike

Second on my list is the KESPOR K7. What I love about this bike is that it is made of a sturdy aluminum frame that looks simple yet elegant. It is a folding bike, which makes it easier to store. The folding mechanism is easy to use, and it will fold up in only a few seconds.

The gear system is excellent, and it offers up to 7 speeds. You can adjust this speed according to your heart’s desire. Despite accommodating tall users, the make also took into account the weight. this bike can handle up to 230 kilograms.

The bike has a disc brake and handlebars that you can adjust.

Here are the features:

  • Uses Shimano rear derailleur TZ-50 for its gear mechanism
  • Has a compact size after folding
  • The alloy seat can be elevated
  • Has aluminum low disc brakes on both front and rear wheels

This bike is for a single rider only. I would say that this is great for camping and for those who want to go on a trail. It is great for tall kids and adults alike.

What I really like is its compact size. Once folded, it only measures 14 inches by 26 inches. That should easily fit inside your car if you want to.

3. Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

This one offers a smooth riding experience for tall people. It uses innovative technology where it has forks made of a special kind of carbon. At first glance, it has a rugged and means look.  

What’s great about it is that its looks match its purpose. It can withstand bumps and rough roads. As such, you can ride it with confidence without the fear of falling.  

The battery of this bike can last up to six hours. You can even charge your gadgets from it as it has a USB port for charging. If you pedal, you will get more mileage from it. The maximum you can get is about thirty miles. If on full-electric mode, it can only take you 15 miles.   

Here are the features:

  • 250W stable motor that also offers 21-speed gears that you can adjust for your riding style
  • Uses 36V Lithium-Ion Battery

The bike has a premium disc braking system on both front and rear wheels. It is a single-rider bike that has reliable brakes regardless of the weather. The frame is made of aluminum alloy that is light but durable. As such, you do not experience drag when biking.

4. NAKTTO 26″ 500W Electric Bicycle 

NAKTTO 26" 500W Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike 6 Speeds Gear Removable 48V12A Lithium Battery Smart Multi Function LED Display - with 48V12A Lithium Battery

This one is a mountain bike that has fat wheels at 26 inches in diameter. The bike is a 500-watt one, and the frame is made of aluminum.

Here are the features:

  • A strong motor that uses a brushless mechanism
  • Offers high speeds
  • The motor is waterproof
  • Can be used on any terrain
  • Can carry up to 260 pounds of weight

The bike is made of high-quality material. It has a 100% aluminum alloy frame, but carbon steel is added for extra durability. The front fork is also made of high-grade carbon steel.

The bike uses 10 centimeters of buffer for the front fork. What this does is it has better shock absorption. The frame is painted eight times, which makes it durable and resistant to weathering and rust.

The disc brake system also provides smooth yet powerful stopping power. It has an intelligent central control system that has an LCD display.

The bike has three working modes. With this bike, you can run on a pure electric cycle, or you can use it as an Auxillary bike where you use your feet to pedal, and at the same time, you are using the power. On bicycle mode, you will pedal it manually.

5. SWAGTRON Swagcycle

The last on my list is another compact bike that is also lightweight. It is cost-friendly and I strongly recommend it for beginners.

The design is BMX, and it comes with a battery that has 36 volts. The battery is lithium and you have to charge it for at least five hours.

Here are the features:

  • Provides comfortable riding experience
  • Great for long-distance riding
  • Speed can reach up to 15 miles per hour
  • A battery can last up to 15 miles

The bike is adjustable, which means you can adjust the height. When you order it online, it is already pre-assembled, so you will have no worries.

The wheels are only 14 inches in diameter, but this does not mean they cannot accommodate tall people. If you want, you can also ride it hybrid style. What it means is that you can combine your physical pedalling power with the motor. If you want, you can ride it in full manual mode.

As far as weight is concerned, it can take 264 pounds, and once folded, it does not take so much space at all. You can carry it with you in subways and in compact vehicles.

Important Features to Consider when Purchasing Electric Bike for Tall Riders

Handlebar Height

Handlebar height affects your posture. When the handlebars are too low, you will hunch. Taller handlebars will help straighten your posture, improve balance, and reduces the risk of unnecessary injuries.


When you are choosing a seat, you want to make sure it is either extra wide or long. The longer the seat, the more comfortable your knee position will be. Extra-wide seats provide more surface area and can reduce pressure on your glutes and inner thighs.

Motor and Load Capacity

There are different types of motors when it comes to bicycles. If you’re looking for the most power, then a 500 watt or 1000 watt motor will do just fine. This can be helpful if you have something that needs extra carrying capacity because these bikes can handle loads up to 300 pounds.


When you are looking for an electric bike, you should make sure that the battery life is good. You need to look for a battery pack made by a well-known company. These batteries are often removable, for convenient charging, and will let you ride for dozens of miles on a single charge.

Safety Features

You are going to want your bike to have a frame that doesn’t break and brakes that work in wet conditions. A good brake is important because it stops the bike even when there is sand or water on the ground. Other safety features include strong lights so you can see things well at night and also horns so you can warn people before you get close to them.

Summary: Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders

Take your time in choosing these bikes. If you can find my list of best electric bikes for tall riders in your area. Take a good look and see if you can buy them at a better price. No matter how you decide, I strongly advise you against buying a bike that is not designed for tall people. You will end up not using them and you will just waste your money.