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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Headband for Sleeping in 2021

If you like sleeping with music, you should not simply use whatever is available. No matter if your reason lies on preference or due to disorder, you must prioritize comfort and quality.

Regular ones can’t give you what you need. In addition, this has bodily and ear safety risks linked with it.
This stated, it is just right that you look for a high-quality gadget. To be specific, search for those that specialize in sleeping.

This task is what we are going to help you with today. We prepared the 5 best sleep headphones that you can choose from.

Our Top Picks

1. LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones,3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Music Eye Mask, LC-dolida Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers with Ultra-Thin Stereo Speakers Perfect for Sleeping

The first product that we’re going to talk about is LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones. Although the brand, LC-dolida is not a specialized store, they are still known for their high-quality products.

In particular, the sleeping headphones they released in June 2019 gathered great recognition. This is because of its ergonomic-based structure. Apart from the structure, the product also has a lot of notable features.

Here is a list of what you can expect:

Dual-Purpose: This device works both as headphones and a sleeping mask. This is possible because of its design and structure. Aside from allowing more convenient streaming, it can fully block our light when worn. This makes it much more useful in sleeping.

Comfort: Comfort is the most evident quality of the headphones. Even if it serves two uses, you can expect to not feel any pressure once you wear it. This applies both to your ears and eyes. You can also adjust it according to your preference. This will make it fit any sleeping position.

Bluetooth Connection: The product works wirelessly. You can simply connect it to your playing device’s Bluetooth. This will get rid of the bothersome wires.

This is only available in Black and uses a rechargeable battery to function. Meaning, you should expect that you will need to charge it every after use.

2. HIGHEVER Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband - Sleeping Headphones Gifts for Men Women Soft Headphones for Sleeping, Sports Headbands with Ultra-Thin HiFi Stereo Speakers, Long Time Play Sleep Earbuds

The next sleep headphones on our list came from HIGHEVER. This brand focuses on providing innovative products. These include sleep masks, Bluetooth and LED hats, and of course, sleep headphones.

As for our topic today, we’ll focus on their headphones. This first became available in May 2020.
The HIGHEVER Sleep Headphones is popular for their multi-functional features.

This is also called the EverPlus headphones. It can easily fool you at first glance because of its simple design. Enclosed with it, however, are a lot of advanced features.

See below for an overview:

3-in-1 Device: By buying this device, you will have sleep headphones, a sleeping mask, and a sports headband all at once. Its parts like the wireless speaker, control panel, and others are removable. You can adjust them according to how you will use them.

HD Sound Quality: This works along with HD Hi-Fi Sound Technology. Meaning, this will provide you with a high-quality playback. You can listen to music clearly and without any issues. This also has the ability to play for 10 hours straight.

The package will include 1 USB to Micro-USB cable and a user manual. You can also choose from variations like Maroon and Black.

3. MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband Sleeping Headphones Sleep Mask, Noise Cancelling Headphones Sleep Earbuds Office Travel for Men Women Cool Tech Gadgets Unique Gifts Boys Girls

MUSICOZY also has its fair share in the field of sleep headphones. This brand is well-known for its multi-purpose audio devices. Moreover, their headphones are popular because they offer features that are not present in other brands.

Specifically, the MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones is a dual-purpose device. The brand made this mainly for aiding in air travel. Even so, this is still ideal for sleeping purposes.

Here are the features that you can access through this:

Noise Cancellation: The noise cancellation feature is what makes this device distinct from other brands. Considering the thin material used for comfort, one won’t expect that the sound quality that this can give. This can block out a great amount of outside noise which will let you listen to music in peace.

3D Contoured Design: The sleeping mask integrated with the structure is specifically designed to fit your face’s needs. There will be no pressure and misplaced parts when worn. Moreover, you can easily adjust it according to your side.

Light Blocker: Lastly, you can expect the device to fully block out light when sleeping. In this way, you can sleep easier.
This can run up to 10 hours from a full charging session. This works through a Bluetooth connection.
Its current price is $24.99. You can choose from Black, Dark Black, Grey, Indigo Blue, Maroon Red, and Pink.

4. Fulext Sleep Headphones

Fulext Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband,Sleeping Headphones Sports Headband Headphones, Long Time Play Sleeping Headsets with Built in Speakers Perfect for Workout,Running,Yoga

Next up is the most affordable sleep headphones in this article. This is from Fulext, a brand known for its Bluetooth-powered audio devices.

The Fulext Sleep Headphones come in a headband form. You can easily wear this no matter if you are sleeping or going on a run. The developers believe that this design will be more convenient. You can avoid sweat and bothersome hair whilst using it.

Below is a list of some of its most useful functions:

Built-in Microphone: Not only can you listen to music, but you will also be able to answer calls through the built-in microphone. This feature will make it more convenient for you to use it even during tasks.

True HD Hi-Fi Sound: The Fulext Sleep Headphones use a True Hi-Fi sound Technology to give the best sound quality possible. This will also ensure a long and stable playback.

5. DubsLabs Moonbow Bedphones

Finally, if you’re looking for more of a high-end device, this will be your best option. The DubsLabs Moonbow Bedphones is quite different from the other brands’ design.

This comes in the form of earbuds. These are not ordinary, though.

This is famous as the world’s thinnest on-ear headphones. This makes it ideal for sleeping and other activities.

Here are the features of the device:

  • 13-Hour Battery Power
  • Custom Full Range Drivers
  • CSR Chip Sound Technology
  • Inline Remote for Control Panel

Apart from the advanced features, this brand claims that the device can relieve tinnitus. This is because of its ability to mask ringing whilst wearing and listening to music.

Because this is one of the high-end choices, this is a little more expensive than the former devices. This will depend on the variation.

You can choose from Wired, Wireless, and the limited-edition version of the Wireless version.

Types of headphones for Sleep

A good way to ensure your ears are getting the best sound possible from a pair of headphones is by considering their shape and size before making any purchase. You may find some styles more comfortable than others based on your personal preferences and sleep position.

Over-ear headphones

Over-ear headphones mold around the outside of your ears for a snug fit and are typically not used to sleep in. Due to their design, they often have bulky frames that can be difficult at times.

On-ear headphones

On-ear headphones are a bit smaller and they position themselves on your ear rather than cupping it. Unlike the over-ear models, these might be better suited to sleeping with due their size.

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones are a compact, lightweight solution for sleeping. They sit inside the canal of your ears, however some may not like feeling them in their ear canal while they try to fall asleep.


Headband and sleep mask headphones can be exceptionally comfortable for side sleeping. Since they’re made with extra padding around your ears, you’ll be able to wear them either on your head or over the top of both eyes comfortably.

Wired vs Wireless

Wired headphones are a great option for those looking to save money without sacrificing quality. They’re compatible with most devices and come in many different styles, colors, and sizes so you can find the perfect fit. The cord might pose a strangulation risk and can be uncomfortable if you keep changing positions during the night.

Wireless headphones don’t have to be connected by wire, so you can enjoy listening and falling asleep without getting tangled up in the cord. Wireless headphones also need to be charged regularly or else they’ll stop working altogether.

Factors to consider when purchasing Bluetooth Headband for Sleeping


Look for a bluetooth headband headphones with a lithium rechargeable battery. They can last for up to 8 hours on one charge.


Budget-friendly options are not as durable or advanced and may have worse sound clarity. Higher priced headphones should be better with clearer sound, balance, noise blocking technology which justifies the expense for people who want excellent audio quality and those that need to sleep in a quiet room from outside noises like traffic or roommates.

Build Quality

You might be using headphones for a variety of purposes, but when you sleep they can experience more direct stress and damage. If your head is constantly making contact with the pillow or rolling around all night long while on your side, this could cause significant wear and tear to ordinary headphones that won’t hold up as well in those circumstances.

Sleep Position

Wearing headphones is a great way to enjoy the silence while you sleep, but it can be tricky depending on your sleeping position. Stomach and back sleepers may find that virtually any style of headphone will work for them.

Side sleepers are the most particular about their headphones since they’re sensitive to pressure. Sleep masks or headbands work best for them, but be warned. If it’s too tight around your ears you might not get a good night of rest.


In order to get a good night’s sleep it is important that you are comfortable. If your headphones cause pain or discomfort during the day, then they will most likely be even more uncomfortable at night.


For the best in comfort and protection, try a lightweight headband made of durable mesh wire. This can stretch to any size for easy use around your neck or forehead and will keep out light even when you’re lying down.


Would you like a lightweight earphone or one that is heavy? The lighter they are, the less noticeable and more comfortable they will be when changing positions.


There are many different sizes of earphones available, and finding the right size can help you avoid sacrificing comfort.


It’s important to wash your sleep headphones regularly as they may become dirty with bacteria. Luckily, most manufacturers use a simple process for cleaning their products.

All you need is an appropriate cleaning solution and following the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Is it safe to use headphones while sleeping?

Headphones are a great way to sleep better, but you need to be aware of the potential risks in order for your dreamy slumber not be interrupted.

    • Hearing impairment: Listening to music on high volume could come at a price: your hearing. Loud noises can affect the sensitivity of our eardrums and cause problems long term.
    • Otitis externa: Have you ever had a swimmer’s ear? It happens when the external ear canal becomes inflamed. Loud music and headphones can cause this condition if they protrude into your ears, so be careful.
    • Earwax buildup: In order to avoid uncomfortable earwax buildup, make sure you’re wearing your headphones or earbuds loosely. This will allow air and wax to circulate around the ears instead of staying trapped.
  • Distraction: There’s nothing like a good pair of earphones to block out the noise and lull you into sleep. But don’t forget that they can be dangerous too. Wearing earphones while sleeping may reduce the risk of not noticing an emergency.

Alternative options for blocking out noise at night


Earplugs are a cheap and effective way to deal with noisy situations, whether at work or while sleeping. High-end earplug models can be comparably expensive as an entire set of headphones but budget friendly options cost just a few dollars.

White noise machine

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, a white noise machine may be able to help. These machines produce sounds that many people find comforting and calming.

They can also drown out the sound of other noises in your environment like traffic or pets (or even snoring). White noise machines often have headphone jacks so you can listen privately without disturbing others around you.

Sound Apps

Sound apps can help you relax and unwind with sleep sounds, stories, meditations or songs.  You can play these sounds through your device’s speaker or headphones by downloading the apps.

Summary:  The 5 Best Bluetooth Headband for Sleeping

The products stated above are only some of the best releases of all time. A lot of tech experts featured these as their top choices. This means that you can rest assured of the worth and quality no matter which you buy.

Still, you should consider factors like your budget, needs and standards. You should buy for the sake of having a long-term investment. This will help you make the best choice possible.

If you want to know more details or purchase them, you can head on to their brand’s website. Amazon is also a favourable site to turn to.