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Top 20 Must Have Smart Home Gadgets 2018

The world is rapidly changing technology wise and sometimes it is challenging to keep up. Every day there is a new device invented to ‘make our life easier’. This is no different with home appliances.

Technology gurus are conducting trials with artificial intelligence to develop smart home gadgets aimed at making our lives at home easier and converting them into smart homes.

All the big tech companies including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple are competing to develop smart home technologies by investing billions into this industry.

Probably what most people are familiar with when it comes to smart home gadgets is the smart TV.

But did you know that there are a variety of other smart gadgets that can transform your kitchen, bedroom or living room experience?

In this article, we will review some of these smart home devices that you can consider investing in.

1. Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulb

Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulb

This is one of the essential parts of your home which contribute highly to your home’s overall décor.

It is a remote-controlled dimmable multicolored LED light bulb that is compatible with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Why is it a must-have?

It is connected through an application, where you can program and coordinate with the smart home app.

You can customize to automatically respond to certain conditions such as switching on/off when someone walks into/leaves the room or light up to a certain level.

This saves your time, energy, and costs because the lights can stay off when not in use.

You also have total control of the lighting system in your home just at the touch of a button and you can adjust the settings to your level of comfort.

Isn’t this cool?

2. Botvac smart home cleaning

Botvac smart home cleaning

Granted, not everyone is a fan of household chores, especially when it comes to the cleaning part.

That is why smart home devices such as the Botvac D85 is such a lifesaver. This is a small, automatic robotic vacuum cleaner that uses laser smart navigation and mapping technology.

It scans and maps the room and uses this information to clean the place by using its refined suction technology and accurate brushing system which leaves the room sparkling clean.

You do not have to worry about corners either because this cleaner has a ‘corner clever’ system which enables it to reach the corners too.

It is able to detect any objects in its way and avoid them without causing any damage.

Even better, you can program its cleaning schedule to fit your needs by the push of a button.

The latest upgrade has allowed it to be integrated with Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, which means you can now activate it by your voice.

3. Xboun Smart Wi-Fi Diffuser

3. Xboun Smart Wi-Fi Diffuser

This is a voice control smart speaker that also doubles up as an ultrasonic mist aroma humidifier.

It is ideal for the office, living room or bedroom environment because it can help set the mood as per your preference.

It is compatible with Google home and Alexa, and you can turn it on/off, change the color, or control the essential oil diffuser just by using your smartphone.

It also has a timer setting and an auto shut-off in the modes of 1hr/3hr/6hr and steady on option. When the water level gets too low, the diffuser automatically powers off.

This is a great device for a romantic setting because it comes with a variety of color options for the LED night light and the essential oils aroma makes for the perfect mood setting.

In addition, it comes with a unique design so you can also have it as a decorative piece in your room.

4. Nest learning smart home heating

Nest learning smart home heating

In this day and age where energy conservation is in vogue, you need a smart central heating system for your home that is energy efficient and eco-friendly.

This is where the Nest Learning Thermostat comes in.

This smart device operates by acquiring your preferences on temperature needs and adjusts accordingly to managing heating in your home.

Just as is the case with smart lighting, this device can adjust itself to using less energy by automatically switching off when the room is empty which ultimately saves you on costs too.

It can also adjust depending on the time of day and in sync with the current weather. If you have a central system, you can use it to control the Nest thermostat.

Since heating is one of the main energy consumption areas in a home, by using a smart heating device you will be playing your part in protecting the environment by using less energy.

5. Anova smart home cooking

Anova smart home cooking

Cooking is one of the most enjoyable activities in a home, but only if you have the time or its one of your interests.

Thanks to technology, some smart devices have been invented to make your life much easier.

One of them is the Anova Precision Cooker which operates as a smart pressure cooker.

How is it used?

You use it by sealing food in an impermeable plastic bag and dipping it in water then applying ideal heat and allowing it to cook slowly to perfection.

It comes with a dipping circulator that sets the ideal temperature it should cook with. Recent upgrades come with Wi-Fi enabled gadgets with which you can control from a distance.

This means that you can leave food cooking in the morning; head to work and come back home to find the food ready for you.

In addition, it comes with tons of video tutorials on different recipes and cooking instructions.

You surely need one!

6. Nespresso smart coffee machine

Nespresso smart coffee machine

One of the best inventions for sure is the smart coffee machine.

This is a gadget that you can remotely set to make a cup of coffee directly from your phone or tablet, program it to brew coffee or rearrange capsules.

It is convenient for two cup sizes, coffee and espresso via two different capsule sizes. That is, large capsule for coffee and small capsule for espresso.

You do not have to worry about the quality of coffee because it is great. One of the smart coffee machines is the Nespresso capsule machine which has a good reputation out there in the market due to its high quality and consistency.

It also provides a high range of coffees from around the world. This device is ideal for an office or home setting, where several people can use it at the same time.

You should definitely consider this one as one of your smart kitchen appliances.

7. Lockitron smart home security system

Lockitron smart home security system

You can never go wrong by investing in a smart security system for your home. One of the best smart security gadgets is the keyless door lock, an intelligent security system that allows you to access your home without the hassle of keys.

It comes as a smart style lock system known as the lockitron deadbolt lock system. It can connect via Wi-Fi which means you can lock it from anywhere you wish.

Through its app which is available on iOS and Android, you can use it to provide access to friends and family into your home.

Since it is keyless, you can provide your visitors with a code which they key in to enter your house.

Another advantage is that you can relax on the fact that you have no keys to lose or worry about.

Thanks to its smart system, you can change the access codes as much as you like just by a simple tap on your phone.

Just be careful not to lose the current code or you will encounter another headache of decoding it!

8. Click & Grow Smart Garden

Click & Grow Smart garden

Did you know you can convert your simple kitchen garden into a smart indoor garden?

The Click and Grow indoor smart garden is a fresh herb garden kit that ensures you have an indoor garden all year long.

If you like gardening but have limited space, then this is the product for you because you can place it anywhere in your house such as your kitchen, living room, or window.

It is easy to install and maintain all you have to do is plant your herbs, plug it in and you are good to go!

The device is lightweight, portable and uses smart soil technology.

It is ideal for herbs such as thyme, basil, sage, parsley, tomatoes, rosemary, peppers, or even flowers – the options are plenty!

9. Moosoo mini spy hidden camera

Mini Spy Hidden Camera Moosoo

This portable home surveillance camera is multi-functional; with full HD 1080p snapshot pictures resolution and LED infrared night light vision capability.

It has smart motion detection, built-in microphone and a micro SD card slot for storage with a capacity of up to 32GB.

It is almost unnoticeable due to its finger size and it has a matte texture finish.

You can fix this in a corner within your house, garden, and backyard or even on appliances without anyone’s notice and record both photos and videos of activities happening in your house.

It is ideal for nanny cams.

10. Nest Protect smart smoke detector

Nest Protect smart smoke detector

Fire safety is a critical component in every home that cannot be overlooked.

That is why you should consider investing in fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors.

Lucky for you, there is a smart version in the market known as Nest Protect.

It is best placed on your ceiling where it can perform as light for your corridor at night, where it lights up when you pass under it.

Aside from detecting smoke, the device can also alert you on other things including presence of carbon dioxide and low battery.

You can set it to send you alerts on your phone and voice alarm in case it detects a problem.

You can switch the alarm on or off right from your phone and it can also work well with other smart home devices that you might have.

To connect it, you can install it to your house’s main power supply line so you do not have to get a separate one.

If you want to further enhance safety around your home, this is the gadget for you.

11. Smart Digital kitchen food scale

Smart Digital kitchen food scale

You might be wondering why you need to use the internet to measure my cooking ingredients.

Well, it looks like technology has an answer for everything.

This smart kitchen scale shows you step-by-step graphical recipes and assists you to measure the correct amounts for each.

It also measures in accordance with the number of people you intend to cook for. The gadget has huge buttons for easy operation.

In case you lack one ingredient, the gadget will suggest for you alternatives. Doesn’t this make your cooking session fun?

In addition, the kitchen scale app is quite attractive and long-lasting with a refined finish and no cords.

In the latest update, the developers have included recipes for cocktails in a similar fun and easy to use format as with the food recipes.

It comes with a sleek design which is fashionably modern and can fit in any contemporary kitchen.

12. Amazon’s Alexa Echo

Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

You must have heard the hype about this virtual assistant.

It is almost similar to the Google Home described above, except that the developer is Amazon.

As it is referred, this is a virtual personal assistant that can help organize your daily activities for you especially if you have those hectic types of schedules.

How does it work?

You can talk to Alexa and give her voice commands on what you need her to do.

For example, setting an alarm, getting you a particular food recipe, play music, convert measurements, create a shopping list, order things from Amazon, among so many other things.

Basically, Alexa can as many tasks as you need her to.

Alexa comes with a set of other apps that have various skills which you can take advantage of. Surely, do we need to explain more?

Get yourself one and organize your life!

13. MESH Smart Trigger: temperature and humidity

13. MESH Smart Trigger: temperature and humidity

If you live in humid regions, you definitely know the value of having temperature sensors in your home to control temperature.

This is a Bluetooth temperature sensor which enables you to control the temperature within the rooms in your house.

The MESH Temperature Sensor has a visual coding app for projects. That is, a drag-and-drop interface, program blocks, send sensor data and many more.

It works as an app with a sensor to detect changes in temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and humidity and it works like an actual activated fan.

For this sensor, all you need is to set it up on a wall or shelf, connect it to your phone and you are good to go.

14. Invizbox Privacy and security router

Invizbox Privacy and security router

In case you did not know, there is a way you can protect all your gadgets by using the Invizbox router.

It will protect you from potential viruses, malware, hackers, tracking, among others.

How does it work?

You can connect your router to a virtual private network (VPN) where all your user traffic is encrypted for maximum security.

Any devices you have including your laptop, tablet, desktop computer, smartphone or smart TV can be connected to the router.

You will also not need to be concerned about overloading the router because each device has its own separate traffic line.

This means you can perform as many functions with your devices, including downloading or direct streaming.

With this device, your privacy is assured.

It also blocks out advertisements and you can use it as a parental control for your children’s devices.

From one app, you can monitor all activities within your network and control via the settings.

15. Plug in LED Smart night light

Plug in LED Smart night light

This is a smart pathway lighting system that you can install in your home, which uses full-color LED technology.

It comes with a variety of features which include smartphone control, blue light reduction and lighting effects which tune your body to sleep well.

Due to its dim lighting system, it will not keep you up at night. Aside from the blue light, it has other color options you can choose from depending on your taste.

It works as an app in your smartphone, which you can also use to alert you on incoming calls or other events alerts you set up on your phone.

The lights are automatic and you can control them remotely using your phone.

Should there be suspicious activity along your pathway, it will alert you as well. So it serves two purposes, that is – aesthetics and security.

16. Samsung Smart LED 75-inch 1080p wireless TV

Samsung Smart LED 75-inch 1080p wireless TV

If a lavish lifestyle is your thing, this is your ultimate gadget for your home. It has a smart functionality with built-in Wi-Fi, four HDMI inputs, and three USB ports.

It has an effective refresh rate of 120CMR for fast and fluid motion, and a backlight LED feature.

This machine comes with full HD 1080p resolution with micro dimming pro which provides exceptional image clarity.

Due to its convenient connectivity and app support, you can play media from any device as well as share content between devices.

The quad-core processor feature enables you to switch between apps and you are able to stream content and other media without much effort.

17. Samsung hub refrigerator

17. Samsung hub refrigerator

Samsung has really invested in smart home technologies.

One of their products is the family hub refrigerator which is life-sized and comes with its own personality.

As noted above, if going lavish is your thing then this is the gadget for you because it is pricey as well.

It comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen that doubles up as an entertainment system and also as a catalog for your groceries.

It also has a set of cameras inside which can show you what is inside or what you need to replenish.

18. Skybell HD video doorbell

18. Skybell HD video doorbell

This one comes with a crystal clear 1080P resolution with distinct clip recording and free video storage.

It also works well with virtual assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

You can view whoever is at your doorstep from the comfort of your seat, right on your mobile phone.

19. Victagen remote wireless digital kitchen thermometer

19. Victagen remote wireless digital kitchen thermometer

This is a wireless thermometer that comes with a transmitter base and stainless steel heat-resistant case.

You just have to put the meat into the case and the transmitter will notify you when it is ready.

It can work with all types of meat and you can set the notification time to your preference, for example; well done, medium rare, or rare.

Its main features include; wireless transmission function, built-in count up and down timer function, temperature gauge alarm function and timeout alarm function.

20. Nokia Go: Activity and sleep tracker

Nokia Go Activity and sleep tracker

This is one of the most recent upgrades on sleep trackers.

It works optimally by tracking your sleeping patterns while you sleep, for instance, heart rate, sleep cycles, snoring patterns, and sleep quality.

It then syncs all this data with your health app. This means that you can have all your health data in one app.

Talk of convenience.

Final thoughts…

Various brands are outdoing themselves trying to develop smart home gadgets. If you look hard enough, there is a device for almost every function out there.

This list is not exhaustive enough, but the above gadgets will go a long way to make your life easier and more convenient for at least every area in your home.

If you are an environmental enthusiast, some of these gadgets are also energy saving and environmentally friendly so you can be confident that you are playing your part in protecting the environment and your wallet.

Wireless connectivity in homes is the new fad, so new technology and devices will continue hitting the market.

Some devices will need modifications or upgrade so ensure you take that into consideration before you go shopping for your ideal smart tech gadgets.

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