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The Top 5 Best Screen Magnifiers for Smartphones in 2021

Watching your favorite movie or sport on a smartphone is way more colorful and convenient as compared to television. However, you might not get the desired watching experience on your phone because of the small screen. 

With a high-quality screen magnifier, you can enlarge your cell phone screen entertain yourself from the comfort of your bed. 

This nifty gadget can immediately enhance the productivity of your phone. Thanks to the quality magnifying panel a suitable product can turn the display of your gadget bigger and clearer. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best screen magnifiers in the market that are insanely affordable and very convenient to use. 

Our top recommendations

1. Dizaul 12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone – Mobile Phone 3D Magnifier Projector Screen for Movies, Videos, and Gaming

12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone – Mobile Phone 3D Magnifier Projector Screen for Movies, Videos, and Gaming – Foldable Phone Stand with Screen Amplifier – Compatible with All Smartphones

Today, hundreds and thousands of people are using their smartphones to watch their favorite movies, browsing the internet, and playing games. It might get uncomfortable for them to do all these things on such a small screen for an extended period of time. 

It can even damage their vision and cause strain on their shoulders. If you are also among those people who like to watch their favorite content on a smartphone but are already tired of using a small screen, the Dizaul 12” Screen Magnifier is an ideal choice. 

It comes with an HD zoom optical technology, that helps magnifies the screen to two times its standard size. This feature helps retain a clear and crisp image without needing any batteries. 

If you enjoy playing games, you can use this screen amplifier with a wireless keyboard. The best thing about this screen magnifier is that it is lightweight and unbelievably portable, which means you can easily fold it and take it anywhere. 

The magnifier is made of high-quality solid wood.  Thanks to this feature, this device is extremely durable and long-lasting.

There is no need for a battery so you don’t have to worry about recharging the magnifier frequently.

A screen magnifier relieves fatigue from your eyes and allows you to enjoy your favorite content with a comfortable view. The device is widely compatible so you can use it with any smartphone whether it is an Android or iPhone device. 


  • Relieve visual fatigue
  • Works like a phone projector screen
  • Can double the screen size
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Versatile and high quality


  • The gripping pad needs improvement

2. Fanlory 12″ Screen Magnifier –3D HD Mobile Phone Magnifier Projector Screen for Movies, Videos, and Gaming

12" Screen Magnifier –3D HD Mobile Phone Magnifier Projector Screen for Movies, Videos, and Gaming–Foldable Phone Stand with Screen Amplifier–Supports All Smartphones(Black)

If you are looking for a screen magnifier that offers a wide view and comes with distinctive features,  look no further than Fanlory 12″ Screen Magnifier. It is a premium phone screen magnifier that works best to meet your routine requirements without failing your expectations. 

It comes with a 3D HD vision to protect your eyes against blue light radiation. Since the device has no power, it can relieve fatigue as well as the discomfort caused by focusing on a small screen for an extended period of time.

This is a screen magnifier that works like a phone projector screen. This feature effectively doubles the screen size so you can enjoy your favorite videos on your phone in HD. 

The most distinctive feature of the Fanlory 12″ Screen Magnifier is its folding design. This HD screen magnifier has a storage type rotating folding design. 

If the height is not suitable enough for you, you can adjust it with a ring stand. It is super slim when folded and also very easy to carry around in a bag. Thanks to this feature, this mobile screen magnifier is suitable for camping, traveling, indoor activities, and leisure time. 

It is specifically designed to fit most smartphones including android smartphones and iPhones. The simple and stylish design makes this product a perfect gift for your friends and family. 


  • Premium quality material
  • No battery required
  • Sight protection glass
  • Workable with every smartphone
  • Folding design


  • Low quality of plastic  for  some buyers

3. GLISTON 12” 3D Phone Screen Enlarger, Curved Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, HD Screen Amplifier, Folding Screen Magnifier for Movies, Videos, Gaming

GLISTON 12'' 3D Phone Screen Enlarger, Curved Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, HD Screen Amplifier, Folding Screen Magnifier for Movies, Videos, Gaming

It is the best choice for all over the phone screen magnifier. This 3D phone screen enlarger is designed and manufactured to be compatible with most mobile phones available in the market.

Its curved screen is what makes it the most unique product on the list. The GLISTON 12” 3D Phone Screen Enlarger can enlarge and magnify your smartphone screen 2-4 times its standard display.

Another benefit that users receive from this screen magnifier is the portable design. The folding and hands-free design makes it easy for you to carry it around no matter where you go and what you are doing.

This HD screen enhancer is made of high-quality and durable materials like acrylic and ABS material. Its silicon suction cup and 3D curve screen are compact, lightweight, convenient for carrying around, and perfect for watching movies and playing games. 

This screen magnifier makes your phone display bigger without needing any extra batteries. This device is perfect for all smartphones such as Samsung, iPhone, and Android phones.

Since 3D phone enlargers are very easy to use and the fact that the screen doesn’t deform so easily, this product is a great gift for friends and family members. It is a good present for kids as it protects their eyes from a near viewing distance. The device is also good for aged people as it helps them to see the screen much more clearly. 


  • Reduce radiation
  • Protect eyes
  • 2-3 times bigger screen
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality and anti-broken


  • Only works best in a low-light environment

4. Apad 12” 3D Curve Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, HD Amplifier Projector Magnifing Screen Enlarger

12'' 3D Curve Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, HD Amplifier Projector Magnifing Screen Enlarger for Movies, Videos, and Gaming with Foldable Stand Compatible with All Smartphones (Black, 12 inch)

If you want to enjoy watching a movie or playing games on a curved screen, it is time for you to invest your money in an Apad 12” 3D Curve Screen Magnifier. This 12-inch mobile screen magnifier is an updated version of the predecessor products to deliver the enjoyable experience of a 3D curve view to potential buyers.

This 12-inch curved magnifier not only makes the screen larger but also reduces the agony and visual fatigue that might occur due to prolonged screen use. The device is lightweight, compact, and comes with a foldable design.

It is convenient to carry around so it’s best for indoor use, office, traveling, and desktop purposes. Now you can free your hands while using this screen magnifier to watch your favorite videos and movies.

This mobile phone screen magnifier features zoom optical technology and is perfect for different smartphones such as iPhones 11/ X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7Plus /6/6s, Samsung Galaxy S9 Note 6/5/4/3 Edge, and all other android phones. 


  • 12-inch magnifying screen
  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient 
  • Absorbing rubber baffle
  • Folding design
  • Wider angle


  • Tough to clean

5. AnNido Store 12″ Phone Screen Magnifier 3D Screen Amplifier HD Mobile Phone Magnifier 3D Phone Projector Screen for Movie Video Live Broadcast

12" Phone Screen Magnifier 3D Screen Amplifier HD Mobile Phone Magnifier 3D Phone Projector Screen for Movie Video Live Broadcast, Fits All Phones

If high-quality screen enlargement and affordability are your main concerns, this product could be your next best companion. With 3D HD vision and excellent eye protection against blue light radiation, the AnNido Store 12″ Phone Screen Magnifier is one of the best products on the market.

It is another best option out there for people who want to relieve discomfort from their eyes while watching their favorite videos with the best resolution. To deliver the best viewing experience, the AnNido Store 12″ Phone Screen Magnifier works like a phone projector. It uses HD optical technology to enlarge the screen and make the picture clearer.

You can magnify the screen size up to three times and enjoy everything on your smartphone in full HD vision. Another great thing that users cherish about this screen magnifier is the unique design. Its silicone non-slip design makes sure that the magnifying glass and your cellphone do not slide.

Its quality pull-out magnifying glass prevents the screen from scratches and makes the screen bigger. The lightweight, dynamic, ultra-thin design makes it super easy to carry around. 

This screen magnifier is specially designed to work well with most smartphones like iPhone Xs Max/XR/X/8/8S, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/9/8.


  • Free angle adjustment
  • Foldable and compact
  • Suitable for phones and tablets
  • 3D screen design
  • Realistic HD  lens


  • Ok screen quality for some buyers

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying Smartphone Magnifier

With multiple brands and options available in the market, it may become a bit hard for you to choose the most suitable product. For your guidance, we have compiled a list of some of the most important factors, features, and parameters a buyer must consider before making a final choice. 


Before finalizing any product, it is vital that you ensure that the screen magnifier is compatible with your phone. Many screen enlargers out there do not need a battery to work, while some have electronic features that are only compatible with certain phones. 

So whether you are an android or iPhone user, make sure that the magnifier is capable of supporting your screen size. 


Every screen magnifying projector out there has its own design and functionalities. You can operate some with batteries and some with electricity. This is why it is very important to make the selection accordingly. 


Since screen magnifiers are available in all shapes and sizes, make sure it is durable. First, ensure that it has a corrosion-resistant screen and is made of durable materials like metal.

Also, check out the quality of the magnification. The stand should also be strong enough to endure rough use. 

Choose a Foldable Screen Magnifier for Portability

If you are always on the go or like to travel and staying outdoors, make sure that the product you are about to purchase is foldable. The portability feature along with the foldable design is best for those who frequently move their screen around. 

Make Sure the Screen Magnifier is Made of Quality Materials

Nobody wants to own a screen enlarger that breaks in a day or two. The material used plays an important role in the longevity and lifespan of the device. Be it plastic, wood, or metal, always choose the one that works best for your needs. 


What Is The Best Screen Magnifier?

The best screen magnifier offers double magnification and a frame made of long-lasting or durable material. It should be compatible with different smartphones, must be portable/lightweight, and feature a foldable phone stand. 

How Does Screen Magnifier Work?

The screen magnifiers come with a roll-out phone stand. The user props his phone on the stand, place the screen in the screen holder and start watching content.

It is like using a magnifying glass soaring over your phone’s screen, expanding every pixel. 

How Do I Magnify My Phone Screen?

The process is very easy. Simply recognize if you need a battery or non-battery operated product. Non-battery operated magnifiers only need to unfold and adjusted on the screen and you are good to go.

Battery operated devices need Bluetooth connection as well as speaker arrangements. So check the unit beforehand and follow the given guidelines.

Who Uses Screen Magnifiers?

Screen magnifiers are the most convenient choice for kids, adults, and the elderly who want to customize and sharpen their mobile screens.