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The Best Herb Scissors: Is this Gadget Worth it?

If you love to use herbs while cooking your favorite recipes, these scissors are perfect for you.

For some recipes, herbs can be crushed to release their natural oils and aromas. For other dishes, herbs need to be cut more precisely and delicately.

But chopping them up evenly using a knife can take too much of our precious time. Especially picking up the pieces that fly off the chopping board.

A pair of herb scissors will help you prepare herbs in just a few seconds. If you want to use your herbs for garnishing and making your dish look more pretty, the five sharp blades will ensure your herbs are cut evenly every time.

Since you won’t be needing a cutting board, using a pair of herb scissors will save you more time spent on cleaning after you are done with cooking.

These scissors are extremely convenient to have in every kitchen and come with accessories for safety and ease of use.

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Things to consider when buying herb scissors

Before you make a purchase, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on a new pair of herb scissors.


When selecting a pair of herb scissors, make sure to choose the model with the sharpest blades and micro-serrated edges. 


For the best results, make sure to check if the product is made out of quality materials for the blades and handles. You want to invest in a pair of herb scissors that will last you a long time. 

We recommend scissors that are made with corrosion and rust-free stainless steel and padded handles for extra comfort. 


To minimize discomfort, look for herb scissors that feature cushioning pads and thumb grips for more comfort. 

Most herb scissors on the market today feature an ergonomic design so you don’t have to worry if you’re left or right-handed. 


Keeping your scissors clean after you use them is important if you want them to last a long time. 

Look for scissors that are dishwasher safe, this is more convenient if you don’t like washing them by hand.

Some scissors also come with a cleaning comb which comes in handy with removing herbs that are stuck between the multiple blades. 


Many scissors today come with accessories, adding more value to your purchase. Most scissors will come with a cover that helps with protecting the blades when the scissors are not being used.

The cover also prevents children from being injured. Some of these covers can also double up as a brush. The brush is useful for herbs that get stuck between the blades and are harder to remove.

We have seen a handful of scissors also include extra bags or pouches for you to store your freshly chopped-up herbs.

What are the best herb scissors?

We found the best herb scissors need to have handles that are comfortable and blades made from stainless steel. We noticed lower quality herb scissors will develop rust over time.

The best herb scissors should also come with accessories for safety and ease of use. These accessories can range from covers, brushes, and bags.

Are herb scissors worth it?

Herb scissors are definitely worth the investment since they save you time in preparing herbs and are also easy to clean and maintain. A pair of high-quality herb scissors should last you years.

What are 5 bladed scissors used for

5 bladed scissors are used mainly for preparing herbs and chopping leafy greens. Some recipes require herbs to be chopped finely for garnishing a dish. 

Using a knife can result in uneven chopped pieces of herbs. If you like to use cilantro and green onion quite often, these herb scissors are a must-have in your kitchen.

How to use herb scissors

Herb scissors are just like an ordinary pair of scissors, but with 5 blades. With a steady hand, hold the scissors in one hand, use your other hand told to hold the herbs, and snip away.

If you get pieces of herbs stuck between the blades, you can use the brush to remove them.

Final thoughts

Having a pair of herb scissors comes in handy when you need finely chopped herbs. What used to take a few minutes can be reduced down to a few seconds.

These herb scissors are also very affordable and make a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts. 

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