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The 5 Best Key Finders of 2021: Easiest Way to Find Your Keys

Are you one of those people who keep on misplacing their keys? Here is some good news for you! Developing technology has found a solution for this as well!

To avoid the hassle of searching for your misplaced keys, Key Finders have been introduced! And to further increase your happiness we are here to tell you about the top 5 ones and help you select the best key finder!

Before going any further, let’s find out.

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What is a Key Finder?

Key finders, also known as key locators or electronic finders, are small electronic devices that help you locate misplaced or lost objects, especially keys, luggage, and tools!

They alert you with a noise alert, a map, or an online community.

The Top 5 key finders of all time

1. Tile Pro

Tile Pro (2020) 2-pack - High Performance Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags, and More; 400 ft Range, Water Resistance and 1 Year Replaceable Battery

Tile has been known for making the best key finders for the longest of times. And the latest Tile Pro is the perfect example of Tile’s amazing inventions!

This is a Bluetooth key finder with a whopping 400-foot range. This could very well be the best key finder!


  • 400-foot long Bluetooth range
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Loud ringer alerts
  • It does not require a Tile Premium subscription to work well
  • A Two-way find feature to locate the key


  • Its surface can easily obtain scratches
  • It requires a phone with Bluetooth
  • Lacks the design flare like previous models
  • The optional smart alert feature is not impressive

2. Tile Mate

Tile Mate (2020) 1-pack - Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags and More; Water Resistant with 1 Year Replaceable Battery

The Tile Mate is another one from the Tile range, and it is the least expensive Tile Key Finder, with a range of 200 feet. It’s a pretty close substitute to the Tile Pro, with some minor downgrade in terms of range and alarm volume.


  • Attractive price
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Decent Range
  • Two-way find feature locates keys
  • It does not require a Tile Premium subscription to work well
  • It has a community find feature which helps those in your community to look for your Tile in case you lose it completely


  • Requires a phone with Bluetooth
  • No improvements after the 2018 model
  • The battery is harder to replace

3. Chipolo One

Chipolo ONE (2020) - Loudest Water Resistant Bluetooth Key Finder (Blue)

This one is a strong competitor to the Tile Key Finders, with a 200-foot range and loud alarms at a lower price as compared to the Tile Key Finders.


  • Replaceable Battery
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Loud Alarm
  • Seven different options for ringtones
  • Water-resistant
  • Outstanding out-of-range alerts
  • No subscriptions


  • It needs a phone with Bluetooth feature
  • Needs Bluetooth and location to be on at all times
  • Replacing the battery might be tricky
  • Subpar range

4. Tile Slim

Tile Slim - Phone Finder. Wallet Finder. Laptop Finder, Skateboards - Non-Retail Packaging - 1 Pack

Don’t be too surprised, but Tile Key finders are worth being in the top 5 list!

The Tile Slim Key Finder is another one of the great Key finders from the Tile’s collection. With a 200 foot range, this is perfect for those looking for something sleek and not bulky!


  • Flat and sleek appearance
  • It is compatible with voice assistants
  • Loud Alarms
  • Three-year battery life


  • Inconsistent performance
  • Irreplaceable Battery
  • Does not have a keyhole like the other Tile Key Finders

5. Chipolo One Ocean Edition

Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition (2020) - Bluetooth Key Finder from Recycled Ocean Plastic

If you are enthusiastic about environmentally friendly products, then this one’s for you!

This one is not too much different from the Chipolo One Key Finder, with the same 200-foot range and loud alarm; it has the additional benefit of being made from recycled plastic!

Out of its price, every $1 is donated to Oceanic Global. Not only do you purchase an environmentally friendly product, but you also take part in encouraging ocean conservation efforts.

Isn’t that a win-win?


  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Excellent range
  • Loud alarm
  • Water-resistant
  • Free out of range alerts
  • Long battery life


  • Although free, out of range alerts are inconsistent
  • Hard to replace the battery

How to choose the best key finder 

Above, we have provided you with the Top 5 key finders. Choosing the best key finder is challenging since all of them are exceptional in their own way!

So it is your choice now to decide which one suits your needs better!

Did you know there are three types of Key Finders?

  • Bluetooth Key Finders
  • GPS Key Finders
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Key Finders

Bluetooth Key Finders

A Bluetooth Key finder is a small electronic device that you can attach to your belongings.

With the help of its Bluetooth Low Energy, you can wirelessly connect it to your mobile device and keep track of your belongings!

GPS Key Finders

GPS trackers have an unlimited range and can track the object’s location anywhere on the planet where there are GPS signals!

These key finders require a clear view of the sky to communicate with the GPS satellites and are able to provide you with a real-time location of your object.

Radio Frequency (RF) Key Finders

These key finders use radio signals and do not require smartphones, other applications, or the internet.

They are very easy to set up and locate your misplaced items using a transmitter, which emits a radio signal. Then the corresponding sensor either lights up or rings an alarm on your keychain.

To further help you, we’ll be listing down below things you should look out for when planning to purchase a key finder!

How to choose the best Key Finder?

Here’s the list of things to keep in mind in order to purchase the best key finder:


This is an essential feature to keep in mind, as it is essential that your key finder is able to locate your keys till the distance mentioned in the features list.

As sometimes, doors and furniture can cause hindrance in locating, it is important you check beforehand. The best key finder always has a long-range.

This feature automatically causes an alert to sound when your keys get too far from your phone; it comes in handy incase you accidentally drop or lose your keys.

Alarm Sound

The second most important feature to look out for is the Alarm sound. It is important that the sound is not too low as it could be inaudible if you are in a crowded or louder environment.

Check the decibel rating for the key finder and make sure it is not lower than 80 to 85 decibels. The Tile Pro and Chipolo One Key Finder have the loudest Alarm Sound.

Battery Life

This is again an important feature to look out for as you don’t want to end up purchasing and having to replace the batteries also after a short period of time or purchasing a new one.

If you purchase a replaceable battery, it should last for at least 6 months or in the case of the new Tile Key Finders, it promises one year of battery life.

The Chipolone Key Finders claims that its new trackers could go for as long as two years without the need to be replaced.

If you are planning to purchase a key finder that does not have a replaceable battery, make sure it has at least one-year of battery life.

Other Features

There are some other features to keep in mind too. Such as the two-way finding feature which finds your phone in case you lose it but have the key finder linked to it.

Geofence features which alert you if your keys are out of range are also important.

It is vital to notice that the Key Finder is compatible with your devices. As the Samsung Key Finder would only work with Samsung phones. So keep that in mind!

Tracking Multiple items

This is another additional feature that could come in handy. Plenty of key finders and their companion apps have an option that can track multiple items in addition to your key, for example, your wallet, or purse.

The Tile Key finders even have a feature that enables you to share the tracker with another user, to monitor the location of your keys!


Unless you are going for the Tile Pro for an outstandingly more extended range, the standard key finders cost between are not too expensive. You could find even cheaper options but with mediocre features.

Another critical fact to remember is that you can purchase these key finders at a lower price when the manufacturers offer bundles with multiple trackers at a discounted price from what would be the cost of an individual key finder.

You could gift the extra ones or use them for multiple belongings.


How do you use a key finder?

Key finders work via a wireless signal connected to a smartphone (via Bluetooth) or a transmitter (via radiofrequency waves).

In the case of Bluetooth key finders you will have to download an application on your phone. When you open the application on your mobile phone or press the button on your transmitter, you will hear a receiver’s alarm, which will help you track down your lost keys via sound or location on the map in some key finders.

How long does a key finder last?

It mostly depends on the usage of your Key finder, but it is known to last for at least six months to 2 years.

Pros and Cons of using a Key Finder

Key Finders, just like all other products, have both the pros and cons attached to them, and some of these might affect your decision of whether you want to purchase them or not. To help you, we have listed down below both:


Low Energy Cost: One primary concern buyers have is whether the Key Finder’s application on their mobile phone will drain out its battery fast. And the answer always makes them happy!

The Application and exchange between data are low energy and does not drain the phone’s battery fast. So much so that most of the time, users are not able to even detect the difference in the battery.

Easy Reminder: If you are one of those who misplace items in the house or are carrying something important, then you can set the alarm on the application to locate or remind you of the location of the things. This will help prevent wasting time on locating misplaced things.

Competitive Market: Basic Economics teaches us that if there are too many rivals in the market for a product, the producers are bound to improve the quality over time, not risk losing customers! And this is the case for Key Finders; a large number of rival substitutes means there is always a new feature and glitches being fixed.


It’s not a GPS device: It is important to know that the Key Finder will only inform you of the location where it last had access to your keys.

For example, if you forgot your keys at a library when you go back after realizing you have misplaced them, if the keys are still there, the Key Finder will reconnect and show the location.

But in case someone has taken your keys and left the area, there is a high chance you won’t be in range, and the Key finder would not be able to locate your keys.

It won’t keep keys secure: It is just an additional form of security for your keys but in case you are planning to use it for some valuable belongings, then it is best to go for GPS devices, as a Bluetooth key finder could easily be removed.