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Top 13 Best Projector for Camping in 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to spruce up your campsite for a family movie night? The best portable projector for camping can help enhance the overall experience. But with several outdoor models available to choose from, this call may be difficult to make. 

Luckily, this article will help you find a projector that fits what you’re looking for and budget so that everyone can enjoy their favorite movies on-screen together as they watch them come alive outside at night.

Best Projector for Camping Top Picks

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1. Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector 1080p

Mini Projector, Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector 1080p Supported HD DLP LED Rechargeable Pico Projector with HDMI, USB, TF, and Micro SD, Supports iPhone Android Laptop PC Projectors for Outdoor

The Vamvo portable projector is perfect for outdoor movies and can be used during camps. The Vamvo is a portable projector that looks very similar to the Akaso pico, but this one has a protective lens cover to keep it safe. 

It also runs at 100 ANSI lumens and works well in nighttime situations because of its 5200 mAh built-in battery life. With up to 130 inches from five feet away, you can fit any size screen on your wall. The only downside? You might have trouble hearing anything over the projected audio if you don’t plug external speakers into it first.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Integrated battery 
  • Great video quality
  • No fan noise.
  • Reasonably low price


  • No wireless connection
  • Low speaker volume

2. VANKYO Burger 101 Wireless Mini Projector

VANKYO Burger 101 Pico Projector, Rechargeable DLP Wireless Mini Projector Supports 1080P and 3D with HDMI, USB, Compatible with iPhone, Android, Laptop for Home Entertainment, Outdoor Movies

The Vankyo burger 101 is a new portable projector that will give you 3 hours of battery life. The design looks modern and it’s small enough to be carried around, so this makes the perfect camping companion.

Not only does this projector have a good battery life, but it also has an aesthetically pleasing design which makes using the device more enjoyable and less distracting.

The projector is very versatile and can project a large screen up to 110 inches. It’s perfect for outdoor movie nights while camping.


  • Quiet Fan
  • Small and compact design
  • Good battery life
  •  Comes with a mini tripod


  • Speaker volume is low
  • Some USB cards are not readable
  • Works best in dark rooms only
  • No cover provided for the lens, 
  • Not the best for presentations or web browsing due to low native resolution

3. AKASO Mini Projector

AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector, 50 ANSI Lumens Video Projector, Support 1080P HDMI Input Built-in Rechargeable Battery Stereo Speakers and Remote Control Movie Projector

The Akaso mini projector is a great option for camping trips. It has 50 ANSI lumens, which should be enough to light up the screen of your device at night and last about 2 hours on one charge. 

You can plug it into power banks so you don’t have to worry about batteries. As an added bonus, movies and music files can be stored onto USB flash drives or SD cards that get plugged straight into the projector where they’ll playback without being connected wirelessly.

The only drawbacks are that if the projector is being used in a camping environment, it may need external speakers to produce louder sound.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet fan
  • User friendly
  • Nice clear picture


  • Cannot be mounted upside down
  • Remote is not very responsive
  • Battery life is not the best

4. ASUS S1 Portable Mini Projector

ASUS S1 Portable Mini Projector HDMI/MHL with Speakers| Ultra-short throw | Up to 3 hours Battery | Power Bank | 2 Years Warranty

For those looking for a projector to take on a camping trip, you should consider the Asus S1 200 Lumen LED portable projector. It offers excellent battery life and does not need additional cables if you want to have your smartphone or tablet connected.

Its small size and lightweight make it great for portability. You will also find that connecting up various devices like smartphones or tablets isn’t difficult thanks to its built-in HDMI input feature making it arguably among some of the most versatile models out there today, considering things such as power consumption versus output quality and convenience overall.

For those of you with Apple devices, be sure to buy the lightning AV adapter. And for all Android users out there, search for your specific cable that can hook into HDMI or MHL port. The projector can project an image up to 41 inches from 3 feet away. If you want a larger video, place it at least 7ft away from the screen.

The Asus S1 does come with a built-in speaker, however, plugging in an additional sound source is recommended if you want it to work well for more people and larger areas as the sounds won’t reach very far without one.


  • Weighs 0.75 pounds
  • Rechargeable battery with 3 hours projection time
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Includes a carry bag


  • Only has 200 lumens so space needs to be very dark
  • Small resolution of 854 x 480
  • An extra adapter is needed to connect an iPhone or iPad

5. BIGASUO Bluetooth Projector

BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Full HD Bluetooth Projector with Built-in DVD Player, Portable Mini Projector Compatible with iPhone/iPad/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/TF SD Card, 720P Native 1080P Supported

The BIGASUO Bluetooth projector is a sleek and compact device that does more than just project video. The projector pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled media player, so you can enjoy the stereo sound without the wires.

The BIGASUO Bluetooth Projector is the modern way to watch movies in a theater-like setting without having to leave your own home. With an HD resolution and 3000:1 contrast ratio, these images are crisp clean with pure black levels that make it easy on both eyesight as well as lighting setup.


  • Works as Bluetooth speaker
  • Good sound quality
  • Built-in DVD player with the ability to read various formats
  • Various inputs
  • Included accessories like carrying case, cables, and tripod
  • Responsive remote control


  • Has a bulkier design compared to other projectors
  • Keystone adjustment can be improved
  • No option for line-out 3.5mm audio (Bluetooth only)

6. TOPVISION Mini Projector

Mini Projector, TOPVISION 4000LUX Outdoor Movie Projector with Screen Mirroring,Full HD 1080P Supported LED Projector, Compatible with Fire Stick,HDMI,VGA,USB,TV,Box,Laptop,DVD

The TOPVISION mini projector has an ultra-compact and lightweight build to ensure you only have what’s necessary. With its versatile connectivity options, the need for multiple cables will be eliminated. You never know when this little device might save the day so make sure you pack it in your car before going on any long adventures.

The projector is a pretty advanced, reliable, and convenient device that comes with an exciting dual-fan system. The noise level is extremely low which means you can watch your favorite movies without being disturbed or disrupted by the noise of the cooling fan. 

Besides its big-screen performance, it guarantees high-quality pictures on any size projection from 50 inches to 170 inches so it’s perfect for use in more than one camping group.


  • Variety of inputs
  • Works well outdoors at night
  • Built-in speaker
  • Aux output
  • Includes remote control


  • Output is not 1080p
  • The sound quality isn’t great
  • Foot height not adjustable

7. AuKing Mini Portable Projector 

AuKing Mini Projector 2021 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector,55000 Hours Multimedia Home Theater Movie Projector,Compatible with Full HD 1080P HDMI,VGA,USB,AV,Laptop,Smartphone

The AuKing mini projector is one of the best outdoor projectors on this list. Not only does it give a beautiful and clear projection wherever you go, but it also features all sorts of other amazing functions including an excellent speaker system for music and videos too.

The AuKing Mini projector has a long lamp life of up to 55000 hours, which ensures that this device will serve you for many years. With an average run time of 5 hours per day, you enjoy a lifespan of 15 years.

The product dimensions are 3.15 by 6.69 by 7 inches and weigh just over 2 pounds so it is easily portable.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Long-life LED bulbs
  • Small compact size for portability
  • Tripod included
  • Supports microSD, USB, VGA, HDMI
  • Responsive remote


  • Requires a dark space for the best results
  • 800×480 resolution

8. QKK Mini Portable Projector 

QKK Mini Projector 6500Lumens Portable LCD Projector [100" Projector Screen Included] Full HD 1080P Supported, Compatible with Smartphone, TV Stick, Games, HDMI, AV, Projector for Outdoor Movies


The QKK mini portable LCD projector is the ultimate projector for any event. It comes with an extra 100-inch screen, so you never have to worry about what kind of surface is available when using your device.

The portable projector also offers the ability to be connected with your smartphone for streaming videos. You can easily use HDMI or USB-C adapters and stream a video on a widescreen. 

The mini projector features a high brightness level of up to 4500 lumens, ideal both indoors and outdoors. It guarantees clear images against considerable amounts of ambient light so no matter where you are, it won’t disappoint.

The QKK mini projector is long-lasting with multiple colors to choose from.


  • Great quality picture
  • User friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Includes 100inch screen


  • The screen is too thin for outdoor use
  • Sound is not the best

9. VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, Portable Movie Projector with 40,000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB

VANKYO’s Leisure mini projector is perfect for beginners. It’s only 2 pounds and will not weigh down your bag, making it great for portability. The native resolution of this projector is 800 x 480, which means that it can create up to 170 inches with its maximum size or 18 feet away from a wall.

VANKYO’s Leisure mini projector has a lot to offer. It may not be the highest-resolution projector out there, but it does have an HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, and Audio In port. 

It also comes with an LED light engine that should last for tens of thousands of hours. Not only does the projector come equipped with built-in speakers and media player capabilities, but its small size makes placement easy to adjust as needed.

The only downside? The resolution won’t be as high quality because there are no lens shift options available (no zoom either!).


  • Great picture quality
  • Multiple ways of connecting media (SD card, HDMI, AV, and also 3mm audio output)


  • The power cord could have been longer 
  • The fan is a bit loud
  • Remote is not very responsive

10. EPSON VS355 Projector

Epson VS355 WXGA 3,300 lumens color brightness (color light output) 3,300 lumens white brightness (white light output) HDMI 3LCD projector

Epson’s VS355 projector will give you a hands-on experience with its rich features and lively output. It provides an ideal solution for viewing your favorite movies on the big screen even if there are too many people to fit in one room.

The Epson VS355 can project video at sizes up to 320 inches in WXGA (1280 x 800) native resolution thanks to its higher-than-average 3300 lumens of brightness and 15000:1 contrast ratio. 

This versatile projector also features many amazing features like USB Type A & B compatibility as well as HDMI input.

At 11.9 x 3.2 x 9.3 inches and 5 pounds this projector is small enough that you’ll never have trouble moving around it, which makes packing easier too because its size doesn’t take up much room when not in use. 

Running costs aren’t too bad either. Replacement lamps last 10,000 hours in Eco mode which will save some money on energy bills.


  • Great picture quality
  • Quiet
  • Built-in speaker


  • Doesn’t have audio out
  • No 1080p

11. APEMAN M4 Mini Portable Projector

APEMAN M4 Mini Portable Projector, Video DLP Pocket Projector for Home and Outdoor Entertainment, Support 1080P HDMI Input Built-in Rechargeable Battery Stereo Speakers with Upgraded 360° Tripod

Outdoor projectors used to be exclusively for large spaces, but the introduction of pocket-sized models means you can watch a movie anywhere. The tiny, sleek design of the APEMAN Mini M4 is remarkable. At just 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches and 1.2 pounds, it will fit in even the smallest space you can find.

You can plug in headphones or an external speaker. You have the option to play from a USB stick, hard drive, or stream via HDMI. The M4 is perfect for projecting video onto a wall while sitting on the couch or bed. 

The specs are relatively low, but even if you’re using this within a few feet of your screen it still looks better than one would expect because at that distance there’s no need to have an HD resolution.

The projector can also act as a battery to charge your phone, so you’re never without power. This cool gadget provides up to 120 minutes of projection on one full charge. With cables and tripod included in the box, it’s the perfect go-to for any night out or movie marathon indoors.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • can be attached to a regular tripod
  • Inbuilt battery
  • Can be used as a smartphone charger
  • Tripod included


  • Focus settings are too sensitive

12. APEMAN M400 Mini Portable Projector

APEMAN M400 Mini Portable Projector, Video DLP Pocket Projector for Home and Outdoor Entertainment Support 1080P HDMI Input Rechargeable Stereo 360° Speakers Neat Projector with Upgraded Auto Keystone

The Apeman Pocket Projector is a powerhouse of features for those looking to make their presentation or family film night really stand out. 

It supports 1080p HDMI Input and has a built-in rechargeable battery which makes it 100% portable. The projector can also be powered from any standard power pack, so there’s no need to search around the house for an outlet anymore.

There are plenty of additional great features too, like stereo speakers with volume control that allow you to turn up the audio along with your movie. The volume from the speakers is adequate if there are no other noticeable sounds. 

The lack of external input options like an SD card or USB can be inconvenient.


  • Small and relatively flat
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in battery (5000 mAh)
  • Can be used to charge other devices
  • Can be used while charging
  • Outputs about 120 ANSI lumens
  • Very quiet
  • Built-in USB port 
  • Picture is sharp 
  • The LED bulb will last much longer


  • Uses an AC adapter to charge instead of via USB/micro USB
  • Only about 840 lumens
  • low volume speakers
  • No Bluetooth support for external audio
  • No manual keystone adjustment
  • The battery loses its charge even when not in use
  • No USB, microSD, or WiFi input

13. LG PF50KA Portable Projector

LG PF50KA Portable Full HD LED Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector

Introducing the LG PF50KA smart projector, a revolutionary device that combines high-end features from expensive projectors into an affordable and portable design. With its full HD 1080p resolution and 800 lumens brightness, this lightweight powerhouse projects clear images onto any surface with ease.

The LG Ultra HD 4K LED LCD TV has got you covered with a plethora of connectivity options. With 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB-A input, and 1 Type C port for the newest tech out there like your smartphone or laptop, it’s compatible with just about any device. 

What makes this screen really stand out is its SmartTV system that features up to 100-inch projections while maintaining 1080p resolution so everything looks sharp on such an incredible-sized display.

The built-in battery of the projector provides a playback time of 2.5 hours and has two 1W speakers for an enjoyable sound experience while watching movies with your friends.


  • High resolution
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Two 1W built-in speakers


  • Battery life is average
  • A little expensive

What to look for in a projector for Camping

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best portable projector for camping. The most important ones, which we considered while researching this list is as follows:


If you’re looking to watch a movie in high definition, there are many different factors that will affect the quality of your viewing experience. One factor is whether or not your projector can actually produce an HD image. 

Some projectors can only achieve an HD or 4K viewing while others cannot; however, if you’re looking for something affordable that will meet your basic needs and provide some excitement on top then go with models with at least 800×480 pixel resolutions.

Throw Distance

With a projector, the projected image size will depend on how far away it is from its projection surface. Some projectors are better for close-up images and can be classified as “short throw” which means they’re calibrated to produce larger projections at shorter distances.


Portable projector screens are like the stars in an outdoor sky: they shine brighter when there is less light pollution. But this can also cause shorter battery life and a darker image before it hits your wall or screen, so if you plan to use one at night make sure to get something with a lot of brightness.


Portable projectors are great for camping because they’re so lightweight. If you plan to bring your projector on a trip, it’s important to consider its weight.


Portable projectors are a great way to get the home theater experience in any space, but they come with some limitations. They have smaller ports than their more stationary counterparts and can only connect certain devices like phones or tablets.


These portable projectors are so versatile, you can bring them to any room and they’ll give those boring walls a life of their own. The built-in speaker is perfect for avoiding lugging around external speakers, but it’s not as powerful or crisp.

Battery Life

With outdoor camping projectors, performance is a balance between battery and resolution. The brightness of the projector affects how long you can use it per charge; but most have different energy settings so you can control its duration. You should be able to watch two movies on one charge.


How many lumens do I need for an outdoor projector?

To maximize viewers’ experience, we recommend a brightness of at least 2500 lumens for 9×5 ft screens and 3000 or more lumens for 12x7ft screens.

Are mini projectors worth buying?

The technology has changed so much and it’s only getting better. Projectors are now becoming a lot more portable which is great for those who don’t want to leave their home as often but also love watching movies in the theater-like setting at night on a big screen with an excellent audio system.

Are portable projectors worth it?

When it comes to portable projectors, the size and price keep shrinking for a reason. They’re multi-purpose and perfect for camping! With them, you can use your projector as an interactive gaming system or even watch movies together with friends in total comfort on any wall within reach.

Final Thoughts

Most of the best projectors for camping are compact, lightweight, and portable. They also rival their indoor counterparts in image quality with high brightness, exceptional contrast, perfect color fidelity, and superb images even under tough outdoor conditions.

Choose one that you think will suit your needs most to ensure long-lasting use without any disappointment or inconvenience on your part.