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TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer Review: the best gadget for your health?

By the end of the review, you can expect to come up with a decision on whether this will be worth your money.

What is the TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer?

First, let us discuss what the TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer is all about. In a nutshell, you can compare this to a barcode scanner, except that the said tool scans a food’s chemical composition instead of barcodes and product models. With this, consumers will be able to know the ingredients in their food rather than simply deducing from its appearance.

This is a very innovative and hi-tech gadget as the Ingredient Analyzer partners up with a bespoke application to perform its function. The application will be discussed more in the later sections, but basically, this will serve as the visual component of the analyzer.

The tool promotes transparency and authenticity between you and the things that you consume. In addition to this, you can also prevent health hazards from invading your system.

Although this is originally posed as a food scanner, you can expect a full-out medical device through this specific TellSpec device.

The TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer has been the subject of a lot of technology articles because of its extraordinary function. It is safe to say that this product can change the norm of people regarding food preparation.

Product Design and Specifications

Now that the product can be seen in a clearer light, it is now time for us to talk about its design and specifications. This will help you build a more concrete idea about the TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer. 

1. Variations 

As of the moment, the colors that you can choose from upon purchasing the product are black, silver, green, and red. 

There is no news regarding the release of new variations, but these four are probably enough to cater to a lot of consumers.

Keep in mind that the vibrancy of the stated colors is all muted. This means that you can erase the doubt of it being too saturated from your list of worries.

2. Inclusions

By paying for the food scanner, you can expect the application to come with it. The application is exclusively for TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer users and plays a vital role in the tool to provide its features.

3. Design

The device is more of a portable and pocket-sized scanner. It is in an oval shape which is designed to specifically make it comfortable for your hands, especially fingers while using. 

If you look at it from the top view, you will notice a slanted side on the front end of the product. This is where the actual scan is integrated and is also the surface where the food, either the piece itself or its packaging, will be taken close to.

Another function that you will see on the same view is a round button. This will initiate the start and stop command of the scanning process. No matter what variation you choose, the design of the said button will constantly be black.

The branding is also on the same side of the product. A simple logo of TellSpec is printed vertically just below the button.

The final physical feature of the food scanner is its keychain loop. You can insert a chain for your keys and other accessories to make it more accessible. You can also attach it to your purses or backpacks to make it easier to get.

4. Method of Usage

The TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer is fairly simple to use. First off, you have to open the application. The next thing to do is to move the scanner close to the food that you want to scan, note that the function can go through glass and plastic surfaces, and surface-to-surface scanning is not always required. 

Once the scanner and the food are close enough to perform its purpose, you can press the button, and the application will do the rest.

The tool is specifically designed for the comfort of the user. It has notable qualities such as being lightweight, and small in size. This is definitely easy to bring even if you are down for a long trip.

Product Features of TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer

Let us take a look at the features of the TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer.

1. Application-Inclined

The application, like what is stated earlier, serves as the visual aid for the scanner tool. This can be paired with the product through the use of Bluetooth.

Basically, The TellSpec App will let you see the ingredients of a certain food, their amount, and the effects that it may potentially bring. This has a simple, yet functional interface so you do not have to worry about complex features. All commands are also user-friendly.

Monitoring our food intake is a necessary step before consuming anything. This, however, is not done by a lot because it is bothersome, and somewhat an inaccessible task. Nowadays, the nutrition facts behind products are not always available, nor is it easy to understand.

Fortunately, TellSpec released a tool just for this specific purpose: the Ingredient Analyzer. In this TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer review, we’ll learn more about this gadget, what it has to offer, and other qualities that you should know. 

For users who are more advanced in the technology field, the API of the application will be distributed so you can customize its special functions. You can set it as an alarm for blood pressure, sugar intake, calorie intake, and others. The possibilities are endless if you are to use the API.

2. Medical Warnings

The tool, still with the help of the said application, can also help you monitor your allergic reactions. It can notify you of any allergen, chemical, or food compound that is not advised to take in. All of the said ingredients will be shown on the screen so you can have an idea about them.

This feature will help you avoid potential allergy attacks which can put your life at risk in worst cases. Hand in hand, this will also assist you in monitoring every bit of your intake.

In addition to this, you can also tell some things that you are feeling to the tool, and possible reasons will be listed in the app.

3. Description for Ingredients

The Ingredient Analyzer does not stop with simply stating the name of the ingredients presents just like the nutrition facts that you commonly see. 

Again, through the application, you can also see a brief overview of what certain chemicals do, where they originally came from, and their possible benefits and disadvantages.

The tool works mainly through the transmission of lights between the scanner and the food. Note that this promotes accuracy as this does not base merely on the nutrition facts, and rather provides a separate analysis of the product at hand.

Why should you buy the TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer?

So, what are the exact reasons why you should buy the product? Refer to the following list:

1. Accessible

The design and structure of the TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer are made to be easily accessed by the user. This can easily be stored in pockets, small purses, and even attach it to your daily tools (e.g. car, and house keys).

2. Handy Medical Tool

The scanner is not just a descriptive tool that will tell you what is in your food. The features integrated have warnings for allergens and chemicals. This means that this is not just an accessory. Instead, it is a tool that will be helpful in great medical concerns.

The product offers a lot of benefits to the users. This is definitely a must-buy item as its features will give you a hand with your daily needs.

Summary: TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer Review

The TellSpec Ingredient Analyzer is a food scanner. It will determine all the components of a specific food to help one in knowing what goes in their system. Its design is made to be accessible and portable for the ease of the user.

This is also integrated with features that will help with basic medical needs. This product is absolutely worth purchasing considering everything that it has to offer. Buying this means buying a tool that will be useful in your everyday needs.