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Tangram Smart Rope Review: What Can It Do For You?

Achieving a fit and healthy body does not necessarily have to revolve around branded equipment and expensive membership fees. As a matter of fact, you can start in the comfort of your own home through simple exercises. 

For today’s article, we are going to talk about Tangram Smart Rope, one of the many tools that you can use for your fitness goals. We will provide you with a detailed overview of its qualities and why this will be a worthy addition to your current lifestyle. 

After reading Tangram Smart Rope Review, you can expect to be knowledgeable about the product and its playing factors.

What is the Tangram Smart Rope?

Tangram Smart Rope is not your ordinary jumping rope. This is a battery-powered cardio-enhancing tool that is, from the name itself, equipped with smart functions.

This will allow a more efficient and technologically-advanced workout session without having to spend more time and money.

Compared to a regular rope, which basically looks like a toy at some point, this is equipped with great integrations such as an LED-imbued rope, lighter overall weight, soft bearings, and a lot more other. This is because this is specifically designed for workout enthusiasts, no matter the level of expertise.

This works alongside an application to which you can further modify and control your desired settings. This eradicates the non-monitor issue when using an ordinary jumping rope. In addition to this, better results are guaranteed because your progress can easily be tracked and improved over time. 

The team behind this innovative equipment is Tangram. As of the present, the brand’s product list only includes the Tangram Smart Rope. This is also what made them recognized in the first place.

Tangram Smart Rope Product Design and Specifications

First off, to familiarize you better with the product, let us discuss its design and specifications. See the following list for more information:

1. Variations

There are two main variations of the product. These are Black, Chrome, and Gold. The Black variation will provide you with a matte black jumping rope. The Chrome variation, on the other, seems somewhat like a silvery scheme. Lastly, Gold is, well, in a full gold scheme.

These, however, only differ depending on their color schemes. Their features, function placements, overall structure, and everything else are the same. You can basically use your gut feeling and preference in choosing a variation.

Depending on the platform, flexible size variations will also be offered to cater to a larger audience.

2. Inclusions

The package will provide you with the Tangram Smart Rope, and the SmartRope App. The SmartRope App, which will be discussed in a more in-depth sense later, is compatible with both Android and iOS systems, so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility and error issues. This will allow you access to additional features.

3. Design

For a better view, compare this with a regular rope. The handles, instead of a regular finger-fitting one, are a pair in oval shapes. This allows more space and better adjustments no matter the type of your hand.

The rope is equipped with soft alloy ball bearings and magnetic sensors to which you can adjust according to your desired length. These design structures will provide you with a more immersive workout experience. 

4. Specifications

The product’s measurements come up to 8.19 by 8.19 by 1.97 inches. It also weighs just about 1.01lbs which supports its claim of being a lightweight tool. 

You don’t have to plug it in nor charge it every once in a while in order for it to work. You just have to equip it with a Lithium battery, which will be provided by the brand, and replaces it once its energy is consumed.

When it comes to the actual structure of the product, there is a big difference if we compare it to regular jumping ropes. Although it is used the same, its features make it a lot better when it comes to the execution and yielding of results.

Tangram Smart Rope Product Features

Now, in this section, we are going to focus on the features that you will be able to access through the equipment. It was previously stated that a bespoke application is needed to be able to use all the device’s functionalities. This is the SmartRope App which is downloadable in Google Play Store or the App Store. 

Your phone’s system provider also doesn’t matter. Below is an overview of the features that you can use through the app:

1. Basic Count

With Tangram Smart Rope, you won’t have to manually count how many jumps you were able to make in one session because of the Basic Count feature. No matter what time, as soon as you start using the rope, it will record the duration, calorie count, and of course, the number of jumps. Note, however, that this will only perform if the rope is connected to the application. 

2. Leader Board

The Leader Board feature will allow you to view the international rankings of users in terms of their jumping rope performance. You can use this as a tool to increase your motivation and competitive levels in executing your workout sessions. Of course, constantly climbing up the ranks can also be a good way to know that you are gaining results.

3. Competition

Another competition-focused feature is Competition. This, however, revolves around competing with friends whilst using Tangram Smart Rope, instead of basing on the international ranks. This is also a good hangout activity that can better stimulate your fitness activities.

4. Fitness-Related Integrations

The SmartRope App can be integrated with both Apple Health and Google Fitness. Doing so can help you further extend the tool’s functionalities, and access more features along the way. Progress and results can also be more accurate.

5. Workout History

The Workout History feature will allow you to check your progress from time to time. This will store data and statistics related to the tool usage so you can determine whether you are consistent with your activities or if you are laying low in the present.

This can also help in setting workout schedules.

These features will help you monitor your current progress, and consequently enable you to evaluate your workout gains. Also, through the data that will be provided, you can easily make measures regarding improvements and eradications of issues.

Why should you buy the Tangram Smart Rope?

Here are the advantages of using the Tangram Smart Rope:

  • This will provide you with fuller control over your workout activities, specifically in cardio-focused jump rope exercises.
  • This is an affordable, yet still efficient, alternative to numerous home-based gym tools.
  • This will serve as a workout assistant because of its tracking features.
  • Result and progress-monitoring are both assured.
  • Using the Tangram Smart Rope is a compatible activity if you want to improve your current body status no matter the time.

Only a few platforms offer this level of innovation in gym equipment. If you want to get your hands on this, then we recommend purchasing from Tangram’s official site for better assurance. Amazon also has good offers for this product.

Summary: Tangram Smart Rope Review

The Tangram Smart Rope is the innovative version of regular jumping ropes. This works alongside technology which means that you can have high expectations from this. This is guaranteed to bring you better results and convenience throughout working sessions.

This will definitely be a worthy purchase as this will provide your current workout routine with greater possibilities.