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Spectacles V2 Review: The New Gen Camera?

The process of content creation can get unentertaining after some time. This can be inconvenient for you and your audience, especially if this is part of your lifestyle. Usually, we see travel contents, fashion topics, and daily life videos, but won’t it be better if you can level up your content game?

Now, this is probably the right time for you to know about Spectacles V2. This is a tool that can help you with generating ideas for new content. Today, we’re going to discuss how Spectacles V2 can do this, and if it will be worth your money.

What is the Spectacles V2?

The Spectacles V2 is the second version of the Spectacles series. This is originally coined as the Snapchat Spectacles because of its ability to connect to Snapchat, one of the most popular social media platforms in the present. Your captured media files can also be easily shared through this.

Spectacles 2 (Original) - HD Camera Sunglasses Made for Snapchat


In a nutshell, this is a wearable camera in the form of sunglasses. This will allow you to capture images and videos without having to use your hands. This helps take moments from your perspective, instead of just from the screen of your phone. Consequently, this adds a unique touch to the content that you are trying to make.

You can virtually try the Spectacles V2 on by scanning the snap code from their official website. This will help you visualize how it will be like once you use them.

Product Design and Specifications

Now that you already have an idea about what the Spectacles V2 is, let us now move on to discuss its design and specifications. Refer to the following information below:

1. Variations 

The product is something that requires to be worn, it is just right that it needs to be a fashion staple at least in some of its points. Fortunately, Spectacles does not disappoint because it is available in vibrant and fresh colours such as Sapphire (Blue), Onyx (Black), Nico (All-Black Glasses), and Veronica (Muted Red Lenses).

Sapphire and Onyx have customizable lens colours. You can choose from Moonlight or a reflective black lens, and Eclipse, a solid black lens. Their frame handles are also in a gradient colour, which makes an interesting design.

Other stores also offer colours like Ruby (Red). The properties of this variation are the same as Sapphire and Onyx’s.

2. Design

To see the product in the front view, it will seem like regular glasses. It has a round frame and semi-thick arms. On the top corners of the frame, you will be able to see the front-facing cameras. These, however, now have a more minimalistic design compared to the first version of Spectacles as the initial bright ring around it is now gone.

The left camera, though, keeps an LED ring to serve as an indicator on whether it is recording or not. This can also be used to determine your battery level.

From the top view, on the top handle of the left camera, you will be able to access the snap button. The function of this is the same as a regular shutter button, except that this has additional settings like tapping it once for a 10-second video, and multiple times for a longer duration.

3. Inclusions

Purchasing the Spectacles V2 does not only give you access to the sunglasses itself. Its accessories also come with the package. Specifically, these are the charging case, charging cable, and the cleaning cloth.

The charging case is in a bright yellow colour. 

You can use this as mere storage or a charging base whenever the glasses are not in use. This can last up to 4 charges at a time.

Spectacles 2 (Original) - HD Camera Sunglasses Made for Snapchat

Moving on to the second inclusion, we have the charging cable. This has the same colour as the charging case, yellow. The cord has a USB port on one side, and the case’s port on the other.

Lastly, the cleaning cloth is just a simple, round, black cloth which you can use in keeping your glasses free from dust and dirt.

The Spectacles V2, just like regular glasses, are portable. This has a dimension of 48 x 25 x 140 cm and weighs no more than 50g. This means that you can easily keep it in your purse or bag, and you will barely feel any heaviness coming from it.

Product Features

Moving on, here are the notable features of the Spectacles V2:

1. High-Resolution Media

The built-in camera of the glasses is integrated with high-quality resolutions. For videos, you can capture 1216 x 1216 pixels at 60 fps. Photos, on the other hand, can be taken at 1642 x 1642 pixels. This is definitely higher than the camera quality of some of the phones nowadays.

It also has a field of view of 105° which assures a wide range of background. With these settings, there is no doubt about the aesthetic of the phones and videos that you can save.

2. Large File Storage

The Spectacles V2 also has notable storage. There are approximately 4GB of ROM available for media files. This equates to more or less than 150 videos, and 3,000 photos, still depending on the types of photos that you take.

Spectacles 2 (Original) - HD Camera Sunglasses Made for Snapchat

Even so, this has workable storage considering its structure and design. These can also easily be transferred so once you’re out of storage, all you have to do is to transfer the files to your Snapchat.

3. Supports Audio

Of course, you do not have to worry about the sounds of your video as the product also supports good audio quality. 

It is equipped with a dual-microphone array, which basically functions as a regular recording microphone, but better because multiple microphones are working all at the same time to collect the audio while recording.

4. Flexible Compatibility

The connectivity and compatibility of the Spectacles V2 are also not limited to specific devices only. Its functions are compatible with iPhone 5 with iOS 10 and succeeding models. 

For Android, on the flip side, it is already available for Android 4.4 and above. Even if the Spectacles V2 has a different structure, its functions are almost similar to that of a camera’s. This is, however, more ideal as it has a unique view compared to regular devices.

Why should you buy the Spectacles V2?

If you are still having doubts regarding the product, below are some benefits that you can refer to:

1. Cost-Effective

A regular vlogging camera comes up to $200 at the minimum. This, however, might not have the quality that you are aiming for. The Spectacles V2 has a lower price than this, and will still give you the content that you want to achieve. This is also similar to purchasing a phone because of its functions.

2. Out-of-the-Box Innovation

With this product, you can supply your audience with one-of-a-kind photos and videos because you are actually taking media from your view. This is different from the common perspective of digital cameras and phones.

This means that you have the ability to advance in your niche because you have a different style when it comes to content creation.

3. Durable

Considering the structure and design of the Spectacles V2, you may think that this won’t last long, or this will easily break with just a little pressure push. This is entirely wrong, though. 

The developers have made this to be both weather-resistant and water-resistant. This will enable you to take pictures and videos even in underwater.

These are only some of the advantages that you will have access to once you purchase the Spectacles V2. This is a unique tool for your everyday activities when it comes to content creation.

Summary: Spectacles V2 Review

Spectacles V2 is a camera-equipped eyeglass that provides a fresh taste in recording media whether they are for personal interests, or for content purposes. This offers a slick and efficient design, along with remarkable functions that are rarely offered by other brands.

This is definitely something that you should add to your daily necessary tools. This functions the same as a camera, but more affordable making it user-friendly.