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Smart Self Balancing SEGWAY miniPRO 2018 Edition

What is “Segway”?

Segway is responsible for the best personal transportation vehicles to help us get around in life easier than ever.

When you own a Segway, you get to experience the latest smart technology available today when it comes to personal mobility.

Why Ride With Segway?

The SEGWAY miniPRO 2018 Edition is not only easy to ride, you can actually learn to ride in just minutes.

There’s no need for hours and hours of practicing.

SEGWAY is designed with precision sensors, as well as an innovative knee control bar that will help the rider maneuver around with the greatest of ease.

More About the SEGWAY miniPRO 2018…

Handling on rough roads aren’t a problem for this awesome smart vehicle.

It is equipped with a perfect sized 800-watt dual motor, and can easily maneuver over and around humps, bumps, slopes and other obstacles, and you don’t have to worry about losing any safety and stability.

SEGWAY miniPRO 2018 Edition

Safe and Comfy…

The SEGWAY MiniPRO is Lightweight & Portable so it is very easy to carry, and will easily fit nicely in places like a car trunk.

The miniPro is equipped with automatic headlights and customizable LED taillights making it a reliable and safe ride, both day and night, rain or shine.

Riders of all shapes and sizes can maneuver the electric scooter comfortably because of it’s padded knee control bar and adjustable height feature.

A single charge will let you ride your miniPRO up to an impressive 12.5 miles in distance, and it can travel at around 10 miles per hour which is cool!

Anti-theft and Phone App Control…

An important feature that gives us peace of mind, is the ability to lock your miniPRO with the phone app.

You can even command it to move remotely!

Furthermore, modify safety features, upgrade firmware, run vehicle diagnostics and also adjust light colors to suit your taste.

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