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The Smart Pet Feeder

We all live ultra busy lives which can at times throw us out of routine, especially when it comes to feeding our pets.

But with this cool gadget, you will be able to feed your dog the smart way whilst keeping their routine the same even when you can’t make it home on time.

Using the Smart Pet Feeder, you’ll have a very happy pooch!

It’s super easy to connect to your home’s network and it also has a built-in webcam you can keep a close eye on your dog to make sure he or she is eating properly.

wifi smart pet feeder

The Smart Pet Feeder connects with your smart phone, tablet or computer so you can watch your dog from anywhere at any time. 

Use the app to give your dog a treat or set the feeder to schedule your dog’s meals at the same time every night or day.

This is a really good idea and amazing gadget especially if you want to go on holidays and don’t have a pet sitter.


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