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Smart Bike Tail Light


1. Fashionable electronic product is made for outdoor bicycle.

2. Conveniently fixed on the bike, supplying great power for mobile phone, GPS, etc.

3. Professional flashlight with Cree-XPG LED and 90 degrees rotatable angel, supplying very bright effect for outdoor use at night.

4. Red SOS alarm function.

5. IPX65 waterproof level.

6. Bike lighting at night: it can supply very bright lighting effect, by which the driver can clarify the barriers on the road quickly at night and avoid any danger.

7. Lighting on foot: lighting angle can reach 15 degree, which is different from traditional one point light and more suitable for the quick speed condition with far distance and wider area.

8. Lighting for camp: On the status of full charge, the power bank can be on more than 15 hours.

9. Supply 5400mAh capacity multi connectors with short circuit protection design, satisfying your different charging need outside.

10. Offer with 4 charge cables supports quick charge and users can also charge the Power bank with 5V/1A adapter.

smart bike light

Package includes:

Combined with Smartphone Holder,Power Bank and Headlight for outdoor bicycle
5400mAh Rechargeable Power Bank supplying great power for mobile phone,GPS,etc
Also used for Bicycle Headlight,Flashlight or Camping Light at night
IPX65 waterproof level & Red SOS alarm function
Offer with 4 charge cables for iPhone and general smartphones