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Pix Backpack Review: The Smart Waterproof LED Backpack for all ages

If you like to stand out from the crowd, this backpack is for you!

Showcase your creative side with this customizable Pix backpack. Wearing this backpack with an LED display will definitely create curiosity from others. 

The Pix backpack also comes with a few classic games that you can enjoy while using your smartphone as a control. This unique backpack also comes in two different sizes and made from flexible water repellent materials making it super durable as a daily commuter bag.

If you’re young at heart or looking for a cool gift, this backpack should definitely be considered for something that is functional but also looks awesome and high-tech.  

What is the Pix backpack?

The Pix Backpack is no ordinary backpack. It has a LED panel, which you can customize with your own designs by using the Pix App on your smartphone. 

The backpack also supports animations, widgets, and a few classic games like Tetris!

How does the LED display work?

Using the Pix backpack is very easy. Inside the backpack, there will be a USB cable that needs to be connected to a power bank. 

Keep in mind a power bank is not included with the backpack. We recommend purchasing a power bank if you plan on gifting the backpack to someone.

Using a 10,000 mAh power bank will last you about 6 hours of non-stop usage. You will also need an Android or iPhone so that you can download the Pix app and pair it with the backpack. 

Using the Pix backpack app

The Pix app is user-friendly and simple to use. Within the app, you can draw your own designs by tapping on the grid or uploading your own animations. 

Keep in mind you will have limited space, so adding words can look a bit distorted on the backpack. We noticed images and animations worked best combined with the pixelation effect from the LED panel gives it the nostalgic 8-bit feel. 

The app also lets you adjust the speed of animations as well as increasing or decreasing the brightness of images. 

Pix Backpack features

LED Display

The LED panel resolution is 16×20 pixels and has a color palette of 16.5 million colors making the backpack very eye-catching when you’re out and about. 


Besides all the cool tech, the Pix backpack has a 27L capacity and has a compartment for a laptop up to 15inch. 

It also has multiple small pockets and a dedicated space for a power bank. There’s also a lanyard for your keys and a flat divider for books and tablets.

Quality Materials

The Pix backpack is made out of a flexible and water repellent material. It can withstand physical impact and is also resistant to water splashes. 

You can drop and bend the backpack as much as you like and it will not affect the LED display. The nylon straps are strong and the top carry handle is nice and smooth to hold.


  • Customize LED display
  • Constructed with quality materials with padded shoulder
  • Compartment for laptop
  • Comes in adult and kids size


  • Doesn’t include a power bank
  • Expensive
  • Heat from the LED display will warm the bag


Are there kid’s sizes?

The Pix backpack comes in two sizes. The Pix Mini backpack is suitable for 8-13-year-olds.

Both size backpacks are powered by a power bank.

Is the USB cable already inside of the backpack?

Yes, as long as you have a power bank the backpack is plug and play.

Where does the power bank go?

There’s a dedicated space in the backpack for a power bank.

How big is the backpack? What are the dimensions?

Pix Backpack

  • 2.2 lbs (1 kg) weight
  • 21 L volume
  • L*W*H: 13.3*7.3*17.4 inches
  • LED Screen 16×20 resolution
  • water and shockproof

Pix Mini

  • 1.8 lbs (0,8 kg) weight
  • 15 L volume
  • L*W*H: 12.2*6.9*15.8 inches
  • LED Screen 16×16 resolution
  • water and shockproof

Can you upload a photo taken with your smartphone and display that on the backpack?

You can upload your own images 16×20 or 16×16 pixels in .gif or .png format. 

You cannot upload photos or images of different resolutions.

Can you use this while riding a motorcycle? Will the waterproofing keep out water in the event of riding in the rain?

I would say from my experience with this pack that yes you can ride it in the rain. Just not a downpour monsoon.

Final thoughts

This backpack is truly unique with its programmable LED display and perfect for cyclists who need that extra visibility on the road. 

Overall, the Pix backpack is the perfect daily commuter bag with plenty of space to carry your essentials.

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