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Philips Hue Bloom Review: A Lamp for All Moods?

Philips Hue Bloom White and Color Corded Dimmable LED (Bluetooth & Zigbee) Smart Light Table Lamp, WhiteNowadays, a regular lamp can’t give aesthetic, good lighting quality, and convenience all at once. It is hard to even find one that has smart features. This can be bothersome if your lifestyle requires all three.

Taking this into account, it is just right that you look into a more advanced lamp. To be specific, you should go and check out Philips Hue Bloom. This is a smart and innovative lamp that can bring you a full suite of functions.

In this Philips Hue Bloom review, we will dig deeper into the product, its designs, features, and why you should buy it.

What is the Philips Hue Bloom?

Before we go straight to the product, let us first talk about the brand, Philips Hue. This brand focuses mainly on smart lighting. Meaning, you can most, if not all, of their products work through Bluetooth. Their goal is to open as many possibilities through a lighting device’s smart features.

Philips Hue Bloom White and Color Corded Dimmable LED (Bluetooth & Zigbee) Smart Light Table Lamp, White

Now that we have given the brand a quick background, we can proceed to the Philips Hue Bloom. In a nutshell, you can think of this as a smart lamp. This is very different from a regular one in terms of its appearance and features. 

This is also smaller in size, but it means that it can serve both as a décor and lighting assistant. 

Although indirect, you can still rely on the device to give your home just the right brightness. You can use this for work, studying, or simply giving a new touch to your room.

The Philips Hue Bloom’s features allow it to be fully customizable. Here are some qualities that you can expect:

  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Compact Size
  • Various Ambiance Settings
  • Notable Aesthetic Quality
  • Minimalist Design

Basically, you can control its color and intensity. The best thing about it is that you can do this just through your voice. You can also install the Philips Hue Bloom App to do the task.

Philips Hue Bloom Product Design

For this section, we are going to focus on Philips Hue Bloom’s overall design. This is essential in knowing whether this will fit your current home design or not. To be specific, we will talk about its variations, inclusions, design, and specifications.

Refer to the details below:

  • Variations

The product is available in White, and Lavender. Although there are only two colors, it is not a disadvantage. Both colors enhance its minimalistic design. These allow it to fit in whilst still keeping it distinct even in rows.

Moreover, instead of the body, limitless colors were instead applied to the lights. We will discuss this better later on in the features section.

  • Inclusions

First off, note that the packaging comes in Frustration-Free Pack. This means that it is totally recyclable.

The Philips Hue Bloom, itself, runs through a corded electric-powered source. Hence, you can expect this to come with a 2-meter cable. All you have to provide is the main plug. Apart from this, the brand provides a 2-year warranty service.

Philips recommends purchasing the device with the Hue Bridge. Installing this on the device will extend its features. This will also give you fuller control over the lamp. 

Philips Hue Bloom White and Color Corded Dimmable LED (Bluetooth & Zigbee) Smart Light Table Lamp, White

  • Design

Again, the lamp has a very different structure compared to regular standing and desk lamps. Its materials are a combination of metal and plastic. This is best compared with floor concert lights in terms of how it looks.

  • Specifications

Specifically, the device’s dimensions come up to 3.9 by 4.96 by 5.08 inches. This weighs just 1lb. These support the device’s claim to be portable. 

With proper care, you can expect this to last from 25,000 hours up to lifetime use. It has 1 LED bulb with 7.1W.

All in all, the device comes as a simple mini lamp. This won’t consume too much space. Meaning, you won’t have a problem with where to place this. This is just the right color and size to give your room what it needs to complete its look.

Philips Hue Bloom Product Features

Now, we will move on to the features of Philips Hue Bloom. These are the key players of the product. We will talk about the most useful ones that will benefit you.

Below is an overview:

  • Customizable Smart Lighting

The device has a customizable smart lighting feature. There are more than 16 million colours available. Apart from this, you can adjust how bright it is.

This applies to how cool or warm you want the tone to be. You can set it to however you want. Whatever setting you combine will automatically apply to the lamp’s LED lights.

  • Plug-and-Play Feature

You can expect the device to give you great convenience because of its plug-and-play feature. This simply allows you to plug the lamp on and let it play for how long you want.

There is no need for professional installation. You also don’t have to take extra time in configuring its system.

Philips Hue Bloom White and Color Corded Dimmable LED (Bluetooth & Zigbee) Smart Light Table Lamp, White

  • Ready-to-Use Light Recipes

You don’t necessarily have to go through customization if you don’t feel like it. If you just want the lamp to play, you can choose from the Light Recipes. These are the ready-to-use light presets. 

  • Smart Control

If by chance, you want to adjust or change the light settings, you don’t have to walk back to where the lamp is. You can control it through a variety of smart controls.

These include Bluetooth, remote (sold separately), or even through voice command. This is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Hue Bridge

We talked about Hue Bridge briefly in the previous section. This is an optional accessory that you can also purchase from Philips. 

With this installed, you can turn on a maximum of 50 lights. This will also cover your entire home instead of just one room.

There are many more features apart from the ones above. Again, if you want to extend its functions, consider installing the Hue Bridge. Apart from this, you should download the Philips Hue App. 

Why should you buy the Philips Hue Bloom?

Considering our previous discussion, there is doubt about this being a worthy purchase. However, if you’re still not satisfied, here are some more benefits that you will get:

  • Fully-Customizable (Even without the Hue Bridge)
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Limitless Lighting Options
  • Innovative Home Décor
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Equipped with smart features
  • More Convenient Lifestyle
  • Energy-Saving

On the other hand, here are some cons that you should know:

  • Alexa only works with Hue Bridge
  • Cannot serve as a replacement for white bulbs

Note that the Philips Hue Bloom works best as an assistant light. If you are looking for something to complement your interior and change your home’s overall vibe, this is a good choice. However, if you are looking for something to replace fluorescent, then this may not be what you’re looking for.

Summary: Philips Hue Bloom Review

In conclusion, Philips Hue Bloom’s designs and features combined will be a good addition to your home. This is versatile as it can match any type of room and interior. Compared to purchasing a regular lamp, this will give you more than your money’s worth.

If you’re interested in the product, you can head on to the brand’s site. It will give you access to their online store. If you prefer online sites, you can visit Amazon and eBay. You should also check out your local shopping sites. Just make sure that you will be buying an authentic model to avoid issues.