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Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer

Today’s cool gadget will give you peace of mind. Meet the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, a thermometer that makes it easier and faster to get an accurate temperature reading. Making Things Easier… Using the Kinsa App you can view illness history and it even helps you take action if symptoms are cause for concern. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer uses the latest machine …

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Classic Balance Bike


A good child safe toy, the Classic Balance Wooden Bike has a five-position adjustable seat height to grow with your child. Also designed with rubberized handle bar grips means it will be comfy for your little rider to enjoy for hours. The wooden bike has limited steering radius to prevent jackknifing which can be dangerous …

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Smart Bike Tail Light

Features: 1. Fashionable electronic product is made for outdoor bicycle. 2. Conveniently fixed on the bike, supplying great power for mobile phone, GPS, etc. 3. Professional flashlight with Cree-XPG LED and 90 degrees rotatable angel, supplying very bright effect for outdoor use at night. 4. Red SOS alarm function. 5. IPX65 waterproof level. 6. Bike …

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Samsung Gear VR Headset


Thinking about joining the now massive virtual reality community? Now is the time and the Samsung Gear VR headset is the perfect headset to experience the new world. Mobile virtual reality is here for everyone. Play all the coolest games, watch your favorite movies all while feeling like you’re in your very own private cinema (or even on …

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Echoman GPS Car HUD

Forever looking down at your speedometer to see what speed you’re doing? Taking your eyes off the road for a split second can cause a crash. With this cool gadget, you have everything in clear view while still being able to see the road ahead. With the Echoman car HUD, driving just got easier, safer…and …

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The Smart Pet Feeder

We all live ultra busy lives which can at times throw us out of routine, especially when it comes to feeding our pets. But with this cool gadget, you will be able to feed your dog the smart way whilst keeping their routine the same even when you can’t make it home on time. Using …

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