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Oral-B Smart Electric Toothbrush Review: is it good for your teeth and pocket?

Brushing is definitely one of the most necessary sanitation tools in one’s daily life. This, however, does not stop with acquiring random brushes, and not knowing what each brush offers.

A common misconception states that all of these are the same, but we should know better than that.

Out of all the brands, the question regarding the best choice is still unanswered. This is why in this article, we are going to discuss Oral-B Smart Toothbrush, one of the leading products in the field.

Talking about its features and benefits, this may just be the answer that we are looking for. In this Oral-B Smart Toothbrush review, we will find out if it is worth your money or not. 

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What is the Oral-B Smart Toothbrush?

People prefer things that offer convenience instead of those that require more work. This is exactly what the Oral-B Smart Toothbrush lives by. 

For a brief overview regarding the brand: Oral-B is a brand famous for its oral hygiene products. It offers a wide variety of items such as toothbrushes, brush cases, mouthwash, and the likes.

Recently, they released another brush type that was designed to specifically aid in convenience and efficiency, the Oral-B Smart Toothbrush.

In a nutshell, the product is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that allows you to monitor your brushing habits. This can be connected through your phone’s Bluetooth, and access information through real-time comments.

Statistics also show that this is the top brand that dentists recommend to their patients. This fact, alone, vouches for the quality of the product.

In the later sections, we will discuss the features that it can offer. These will help you come up with a decision on whether it is worth your time and money.

Features of Oral-B Smart Toothbrush

Here are the features of the Oral-B Smart Toothbrush.

1. Cleaning

In terms of cleaning, which is the top priority of a toothbrush, the product is extremely reliable. It is designed based on professional structures.

The main characteristic of this lies on the bristles. Due to its angle of 16 degrees, it manages to surround each tooth that it brushes on to.

Apart from this, it is also equipped with a 3D cleaning action. It goes in different directions in order to eliminate up to 500% of plaque. This is greater than that of a regular and manual brush.

Six modes are also accessible for more accurate cleaning. These are Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive Cleaning, Whitening Mode, Deep Clean, and Tongue Cleaning, all of which serve their own purposes.

2. Observes Brushing Habits

As mentioned, cleaning your teeth too hard can damage your teeth and gums. The activity, although it is done daily, should still follow the right process.

The Oral-B Smart Toothbrush helps you in achieving this specific goal through the use of alerts and notifications. 

One example of this feature is the red light that it shows when you brush in the wrong way or direction. This will be displayed on its handle.

The tool also slows down if you put in too much pressure to avoid the hazards that come with it.

Electric Toothbrush, Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun (Packaging May Vary)

3. Oral-B App

As the Oral-B Smart Toothbrush is well, a smart device, it also comes with a bespoke application. This will serve as the main accessory for the product to perform and brings its functions to its full capabilities. 

By accessing the app, you will be able to see a graph that you can rely on in terms of your brushing styles and routines. It will also give you a score based on how you brushed your teeth. A timer is also integrated with this for better efficiency, 2 minutes being the recommended duration.

In addition to this, the wrong habits that you may have picked on will also be detected through feedbacks and illustrations so you can determine where you can improve.

4. Easy Set-Up

You don’t have to worry about complex configuration and settings as although this is based on recent technological innovations, setting the product up consists of simple procedures. 

You only need a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone which is definitely not hard to access and the Oral-B application. With all these sets, your toothbrush is ready for immediate use. If it runs out of batteries, you can simply recharge it.

To sum all the details up, it is evident that this is a handy professional tool that greatly helps you in cleaning your teeth. This is the key to having a one of kind hygiene, along with habits, when it comes to oral matters.

The application, on the other hand, is a necessary tool to make the product at its best state. This can be considered as the framework for the toothbrush’s whole setup.

The features that come with it work together to bring you the best results.

Benefits of Oral-B Smart Toothbrush

Now, let us go on to the benefits of the toothbrush. You can expect greater benefits from this product compared to regular ones.

1Better Oral Protection

Most of the time, if brushing is done wrong, it brings more damage than benefits. The part that usually absorbs a great number of damages is the gums and the sides of the mouth. 

With Oral-B Smart Toothbrush, you will have a better sense of how you do this activity. Alerts and signals from the application will also be helpful in establishing the overall protection of your mouth.

2. Helps Establish Consistency in Good Habits

The application is the main key to accessing the advantages of the product. With it, you can adjust the settings and features according to your daily activities. Consequently, it will lead you to be more consistent with tight brushing habits. Commitment to oral care can also be established through the product.

Electric Toothbrush, Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Electronic Power Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity Powered by Braun (Packaging May Vary)

3. Electric-Powered

If you are not yet convinced as to why an electric-powered brush is more advantageous than a manual, here are some reasons that you can refer to for the benefits of the former:

  • An electric toothbrush assures 100% removal of plaque considering its hi-tech functions and modes. 
  • A better sense of oral protection is provided due to its accuracy, as well as the notifications and alerts that you will receive if ever your actions do not match the brushing standards.

Suppose that we compare the structure of a manual brush, you can easily deduce that its characteristics do not match the benefits that an electric one provides.

4. More Affordable Choice

It may seem like you are spending much more for the Oral-B Smart Toothbrush than spending on a regular one, but you can think of this as an investment. 

Your teeth will be in a more disadvantage if you keep on choosing those that will not benefit you. Apart from enduring physical pain, you will also need to go through the hassle of visiting a dentist and paying for regular check-ups.

Approximately, you can save up to $40 of bi-monthly expenses because instead of buying one for each family member, you can simply replace the brush head, and use the same body handle.

5. Environment-Friendly

By settling for an electric toothbrush, you are actually helping the environment in reducing the use of plastics in production. As you may have known, plastic waste is one of the top pollutants worldwide.

By not purchasing manual ones, you are avoiding the possibility of using plastic and leaving it at your disposal as it is not subject to recycling.

Summary: Oral-B Smart Toothbrush Review

Oral-B Smart Toothbrush is one of the top products in oral care. This is a rechargeable brush that features different brush modes for different purposes. If we take into account its features, as well as the benefits that it can give, this is definitely something that you should look into.