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OCLU Action Camera Review: Can it beat GO PRO?

In the present, capturing every single moment, no matter when and where, is not just a dream anymore.

There are lots of products that will provide you with this functionality; the only problem left lies on which will be the best choice.

In this article, we’re going to talk about OCLU Action Camera, a device that you should definitely look into if your goal fits the said situation.

To be specific, we will discuss what it can do, its appearance, the features that come with it, and some of the reasons why it’ll be a worthy purchase.

What is the OCLU Action Camera?

Although our generation has very easy access to hi-tech devices such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, disposable cameras, and any other gadget that has a camera lens integrated with them, their structure and overall functionalities will not be enough for those that are majoring in extraneous activities.

Some of these activities include skating, hiking, swimming, trekking, and the likes.

Taking this into account, it is evident that you should find a device that will be able to provide you and your purpose with the necessary features. This is where the OCLU Action Camera comes in.

Before we delve into what the stated product is about, let us first give you an overview of OCLU, the brain behind it. They are well-known for developing innovative 4K cameras that users can rely on no matter the purpose.

They offer accessories and bundles for matters in different environments such as rides, snow, ocean, adventures, and even for digital platforms like Instagram.

Going back to the OCLU Action Camera, this is a device that is specifically designed to capture moments and clips from your adventures as easily as possible. You can simply attach this to your vehicle or PPEs, and you’re all set to go.

OCLU Action Camera Product Design and Specifications

In this section, we will now discuss the design and specifications integrated into the product. Refer to the following information.

1. Variations

To provide better versatility and style, OCLU limited the product’s variation to just one, which is in plain black. It gives more of a matte finish, although some parts, such as the sides lie on the glossy side.

Basically, this will match any vehicle or equipment interior because of its minimalistic vibe. It also won’t be too flashy if ever the user wants to keep their recording subtle.

2. Inclusions

In the package, you will be able to access a travel case, the OCLU camera, of course, the battery, the OcSnap cable, and the OcLink.

The travel case is made out of microfiber which means that it will provide better protection against germs, bacteria, and other invasive microorganisms which can affect the performance of the device.

The OcSnap, and OcLink, on the other hand, will extend the functionalities of the action camera. Their features will be discussed more in-depth in the later sections.

3. Design

As for the design of the product, it is comparable to a dashcam because of its size. Its main structure, however, is that of digital video cameras because of its LCD screen that can evidently be seen while recording.

The said screen is placed at the top side of the product.

It has one main camera lens which will be responsible for capturing all clips. Besides, it is an indicator of the current statistics of the video.

On the right side, you can find two buttons. The upper one is for the LiveCut feature, this will be explained more later on, and the bottom one is for the Power/Record button.

For the back, there is a mount button for a tripod setup. This is a unique feature that you won’t be able to find on other action cameras.

4. Specifications

The dimensions of the camera can come up to 62.5 x 61.5 x 28mm. It will weigh 101g supposing that the battery and metal door is integrated with it.

Videos can be taken with 4k quality max, while pictures will come up to 12.4 MP. 

The device is also equipped with electronic image stabilization of 1080P 30 or 60FPS. To sum it up, you can expect the OCLU Action Camera to look like a portable camera, which is significantly small, that can easily be integrated with the paraphernalia that you use in your activities.

Its main structure is designed to make it efficient for the user to record whatever it is that they want to record.

OCLU Action Camera Product Features

Moving on, below is a list of the most exceptional features that the OCLU Action Camera can provide you with.

1. LiveCut

The LiveCut feature, which is stated in the previous section, will allow you to instantly delete unfavorable recordings even when the camera just caught them. This will prevent unnecessary clips from flooding the memory storage.

Doing so will also enable you to save more for the files that have more significance.

2. Customizable Modes

The device is equipped with multiple capture modes that can help you achieve better functions for your purpose. 

These include:

  • LiveCut, which was discussed previously
  • Video for regular video clips
  • Photo if you want to take simple images
  • Burst for consecutive image takes
  • Loop Record if you want to make some kind of a GIF-style clip
  • Multi Photo which is quite similar to Burst except that this includes a timer
  • Time Lapse for long-term clips
  • Motion Record if you want the camera to start recording when you do a certain gesture

You can choose up to 4 modes in modifying the settings. The ones that you will choose will appear on the Quick Toggle for quicker access.

Taking this into account, it will be better if you choose the ones that you frequently use.

3. Wind Reduction

The Wind Reduction function is designed to help eradicate wind noises during recording. This is often an issue in most recordings and can hinder certain conversations and sound effects that are integrated into the clips.

This is achieved because of the isolated structure of the microphones.

4. One-Touch Record

The last on our list is the One-Touch Record. This performs exactly like its name, you simply tap a button, and it will immediately turn on, and start recording as is.

5. OcSnap

One of the inclusions of the device’s package is the OcSnap. This will enable a magnetic connection for both charging and data transfer.

Charging won’t also take too much of your time because its batteries are interchangeable. This means that if one runs out of power, you can simply replace it with a spare one, and continue recording. 

There are a lot more features that the product can give you. The brand stays true to its goal of giving more than what is asked for even if the actual dimensions are small in size.

Summary: OCLU Action Camera Review

The OCLU Action Camera is a noteworthy product in the field of action cameras. It has an efficiency-focused structure, as well as features that will definitely bring you the closest to your goals.

If you’re looking for a sign to buy this, then consider this article as your answer. Its quality is vouched for by a lot of satisfied clients.

If you want to get a hold of this product, you can look it up on OCLU’s official website, or on shopping platforms like Amazon. This will definitely give you the most out of your money compared to other brands.