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iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System: does it work?

People with diabetes have to monitor their glucose levels. The thing is that there is no way to tell unless you go to a hospital and have yourself checked.

The good news is that a company called iHealth brings us a smart gadget that you can use to measure your glucose levels.

This product is called the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System. It is a portable device that monitors your glucose levels, plus it allows you to share your data with your family and to your physician.

But is this product worth it? Does it work and what are the features?

These are the questions that I will attempt to answer in this iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System review. After reading this, I am hoping that I have helped you decide if you should buy this product or not.

What is the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System?

The iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System is a device that measures your blood sugar level. It uses sensors to do it, but you need a drop of blood to make it happen.

You need three things to get this done.

The first thing you need is the device itself, and then you need a lancing device plus a test strip. It can also be connected via Bluetooth to your phone, and you must download the app to be able to get its full features.

How does the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System work?

To make it work, you have to buy the test strips. They are sold separately, and they come in 50-strip vials. You need one strip for each test.

Now, the lancing device is like a lipstick. It is a tube that has a spring inside. This is the device that you use to draw blood from your finger.

The end of this device has a lancet. You have the option to adjust the poking depth—you can snap it and the needle will poke deeper into your skin.

Once you have the blood sample, you have to transfer it to the test strip. It has two sides. One is for the blood, and the other is the one you insert to the device.

After inserting the strip, the device will read it, and you can immediately see the results.

What I like about this device is that it has an app that you can download on an android or iOS phone. From here, you can see your stats like highs and lows of your blood sugar level.

You can also see charts and trends, and you can tell yourself if you need to adjust some of your eating habits.

The app is also equipped with notifications. It will tell you if it is time to buy new strips or if it is time to take a test. 

What are the features of the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System?

Now, let us take a look at the features of the product.

  • Bluetooth – you can connect the device to your phone, and they will communicate. Once they are connected, the device will send the readings to your phone app, and the app will store the data and make charts and reports. You can also download this report into CSV or Excel files.  
  • CE Certified – the device is certified by medical and government establishments. It is clinically proven and it has undergone tests to prove its accuracy.
  • Secure and shareable data – your health is your privacy. Nobody has access to your data but you. However, you have the option to share your iHealth device readings to people if you have to. For example, you can share it with your physician.
  • Portable – the product is small and will not get a lot of attention. The design is also discreet, making it easy to carry without attracting too much attention.
  • Quick process – as discussed earlier, all it takes is for you to take a blood sample from your finger and put the sample on the strip. Once the strip is inserted in the device, it takes only a few seconds to get the results.

I like the fact that the device is small. I can carry it no matter where I go. It also has a purse or a compact bag where you can store it.

This way, the different devices and strips will not get scattered all over the place.

The deice device is also easy to use, and I really like it that they made the process so easy. There is no need to mix the blood with other chemicals and all that medical stuff. Just stick the lancet, get a blood sample, and that’s it.

And because it is discreet and super-fast, you can even take a blood sample in public without people noticing you.

Who needs the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System?

The people who need to test their blood sugar levels are diabetics. As we know, there are two main types of the disease.

Regardless of what you have, you can use this device.

The main problem with people who have diabetes is that they have to be in constant control of what they eat and what they do.

Consult your doctor to find out how many times or how often you have to take a test.

Package contents of the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

Once you receive the package, expect to see the following things:

  • The iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System
  • A lancing device
  • 10 pieces of lancets
  • Clear cap
  • A charging cable
  • A travel case or container

By design, the device is oval in shape and it is white. It has a power button, and it also has a memory recall function. The button is on the right side.

The power button turns the device on if you press and hold it for three seconds.

If you press again and again, the screen will display the past readings of your glucose levels. The good news is that this device can store up to 500 readings.

Overall, the device is a simple one with no fusses. You can put it in a purse and carry it with you all the time.

The package also comes with a manual and a quick start guide.

If you ever lose it, you can always contact the support department and ask for a soft copy. This soft copy is something you can store in your phone for easy access in case you need to read the manual again.   

If you are ever wondering why it comes with a cable, the device is battery operated. Make sure it is fully charged before you use it, or the reading may not be accurate.

Since the cable is USB, you can charge it from your car, provided that you have an adapter.

Summary: iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System Review

I strongly recommend that you buy this product if you or your loved one has diabetes. It tells you in real-time what your blood sugar levels are.

From there, you can make good decisions about your health.

The iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System is a marvellous invention. It helps people take care of their health.

The best part is that it is affordable—there is no need to spend a fortune to measure your health metrics.