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How to make projector screen smaller?

Setting up a projector at home is a great way to watch movies or sporting events with friends and family.

But what do you do if the screen is too big? In this blog post, we will show you how to make your projector screen smaller.

Can you make projector screen smaller?

Making a projector screen smaller is quite easy. Follow along our guide to see how its done.

How to re-size an image on a projector?

Positioning the projector 

To make a projector screen smaller, you need to move the projector closer to the screen. The further away from the screen, the projector is, the bigger the image will be.

Making the projector screen smaller is a great way to get a more focused image. After you have repositioned the projector, you can improve the sharpness by adjusting the focus of the lens. Adjust the focus until the image is sharp and you are happy with the clarity.

Keep in mind, that this method may not be suitable for larger or more permanent setups.

Adjust the Zoom Lens

Most projectors will usually come with zoom lenses that allow you to change the size of the projected image without having to move physically move the projector.

You will come across two types of zoom lenses: digital and optical.

  • Optical Zoom: Increase or reduce the size of the image by manually adjusting the zoom ring on the projector. Twist or turn it until you are happy with the image size.
  • Digital Zoom: Use a remote to adjust your zoom settings, allowing flexibility for projector placement. Digital zoom can also cause pixelation and reduces the overall image quality.

To adjust the digital zoom:

  1. Turn on the projector and wait for it to display an image.
  2. Press the Zoom + button to zoom in. 
  3. Press the Zoom – button to zoom out.
  4. Adjust the projector’s focus to improve the image clarity.

How to make Epson projector screen smaller?

Adjust the position of the Projector

You can move your Epson projector closer to the screen to reduce the size of the image. You will need to match it with a similar throw ratio that is recommended in the owner’s manual.

This is a quick way to adjust your image size, however, it only works if you have a portable setup.

Use the Wide and Tele Buttons

To make Epson projector screen smaller with the Wide and Tele Buttons:

  1. Turn on the projector and wait for it to display an image.
  2. Increase the image size by pressing the Wide button on the projector.
  3. Reduce the image size by pressing the Tele button.
  4. You can also adjust the image size by using the Zoom feature.

Use the Zoom Ring

If your Epson projectors come with a zoom ring or slider, you can also use it to adjust the image. Push the zoom ring forward to increase the image size or backward to reduce the image size.

Adjust the Aspect Ratio

You should be able to adjust the aspect ratio on your Epson projector. This is the ratio between the width and height of the image.

If the aspect ratios don’t match, then the size and shape of the projected image will be distorted.

To adjust the aspect ratio:

  1. Turn on your projector and wait for an image to display.
  2. Press the Aspect button on your remote and choose an aspect ratio.
  3. To select other aspect ratios, press the Aspect button repeatedly.

How to adjust Epson projector fit screen?

To adjust your image further, you can use the Screen Fit or Quick Corner function. These functions are accessed by pressing the buttons on the remote. If you have a projector without a remote, you can find it in the settings menu.

Screen Fit

Screen Fit is able to fix the size, shape, focus and Keystone of your image all at once.

To use Screen Fit:

  1. Press the Screen Fit button.
  2. Adjust the image so it displays in the center of the screen.
  3. Zoom into the image until you see a yellow frame that extends beyond the edges of your screen.
  4. Adjust the image that is suitable to your viewing experience.

Quick Corner 

Quick Corner will adjust your image so that it fits your screen perfectly.

To use Quick Corner:

  1. Turn on your projector and wait for an image to display.
  2. In your Menu, select Settings.
  3. Select Keystone and then Quick Corner. 
  4. Use the Arrow keys to adjust the corners of the image until they are aligned to the edges of your screen.

If you’re noticing that even after adjusting the corners of your screen, they aren’t lining up correctly- don’t worry! You can use Keystone correction to realign both the top and bottom sides. Most modern Epson projectors should have keystone correction with some models able to do these adjustments automatically.

Final thoughts

We hope that this article has provided you with all the necessary steps and information to properly size your images for optimal viewing.

While it may take a little bit of trial and error, we are confident that you will be able to find the right image size for many movie nights to come.