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How to Hang Projector Screen from Ceiling

Hanging a projector screen is challenging, but it’s not impossible. The first thing you should consider when mounting your projector screen is finding the perfect place to hang it. When hanging a projector screen in your home, make sure to avoid placing the device near any windows or light because of its adverse effects on visual quality.

It would also be wise not to hang it too close to doorways where family members might barge into the room while you’re viewing a movie. We recommend that you hang the screen opposite the side of the sofa as this will offer a better viewing experience.

Keep in mind that your ceiling must be sturdy enough to support a screen. However, most drywall on ceilings is not strong enough and may crack under the weight of screens hanging from them. In order to solve this problem, you have to find the joists or studs.

These strong frames support your ceiling and are parallel across from each other with drywall on top of them so they’re perfect for mounting a screen. 

There are 2 simple ways to find the studs. The first method is using a stud finder. Point the device at the ceiling and watch for a red light. If there is a stud, you will see it light up.

The second method is using a magnet. The magnet is like a little metal detector. It runs across the ceiling, and every time it sticks to something else that’s an indication of where there are screws in the stud.

Consider hanging the screen in a different location if you’re not able to find any studs before beginning any installation. 

How do you mount a projector screen on a ceiling?

Materials needed:

  • Toggle bolts or eyebolt screws, depending on your preferences
  •  Ceiling hooks
  •  Hook snaps
  •  A drill and screwdriver
  •  A screwdriver
  •  Stud finder or powerful magnet
  •  L-brackets

It can be really helpful to have a measuring tape and non-permanent marker so that your screen will be centered. 

The projector screen comes partially ready, so you’ll only need eyebolt screws or toggle bolts to hang it up. On the top of the screen, there are brackets that will hold in the screws. After putting in the screws, you put in a hook snap. The hook snaps are usually included with projector screens. If not, you can find them at an electronics store.

It is time to start looking at the ceiling when your projector screen is ready.

Using Eyebolt Screws

To hang your projector screen, use eyebolt screws. This will be the fastest and easiest way. You only need to do 2 steps.

  1. First, you’ll need to install the eyebolt screws into your ceiling. The eyebolt screws should twist in, though you may need to apply a little pressure. 
  2. Next, attach the hooks that are on the screen to the bolts in the ceiling and also make sure that they are securely attached.

If your screen comes with loops instead of hooks, you can use screws instead of eyebolts.

Using Toggle Bolts

There are pros and cons to using toggle bolts. Toggle bolts will make the projector screen more secure when attached to the ceiling, however, the installation can take a few hours to complete. 

  1. First, you will need to drill a hole in the ceiling that is big enough for the folded wings of the toggle bolt.
  2. Next, remove the wings from the bolt, and then put the bolt into the ceiling hook. There are holes in the hook for the toggle bolts.
  3. When you have the bolt in the hook, reconnect one the wings and leave some space at the top.
  4. With the wings folded in, place the bolt into the hole that you made in the ceiling.
  5. Tighten the bolt and hook with a screwdriver and attach the projector screen to the hook.

You will get a more secure installation with a toggle bolt. The downside is that it takes extra time to hang the screen. 


Can you mount a projector screen on drywall?

The drywall on the ceiling is not strong enough to support heavy devices like a projector or even a big screen. You need to use screws or bolts to mount your screen onto the ceiling so it can hold up safely.

Does a projector screen need to be against a wall?

It’s best to install a projector screen against a wall so that it does not obstruct any doorways. Also do not install a projector screen near a window. It will get too much sunlight and the projector light will not be as bright. Do not use them as curtains or blinds and do not let the sunlight touch them because it can damage the screen material. To get the best viewing experience, put your screen and projector in a place where you can control the amount of light around you.

How much weight can a drywall ceiling hold?

Gravity goes down and pulls the ceiling. The typical 2×4 joists on the ceiling can only hold about 15 to 20 pounds, no matter what you use to hang things on them.

How much weight can a ceiling hook hold?

For anything heavier than 5 pounds, you should use a screw-in hook. For lighter things, an adhesive hook will work.

Do drywall anchors work on the ceiling?

When you want to use a drywall anchor, use a toggle bolt or a ceiling anchor. They do not just screw into the wall. They are better because they are stronger when force is pulling down on it.

Can you use a white wall as a projector screen?

You can use a white wall instead of a screen for a projector, but it won’t give you the best picture quality. Unless the wall is painted with special projector paint, a plain white wall does not reflect enough light to make high-definition images. 

Can you use a white sheet as a projector screen?

To make a screen that is easy to hang, you need a smooth piece of white cloth. It does not have to be a bedsheet. But you will need to hang it so there are no wrinkles or folds.


Here are two ways of hanging a projector screen. You can use eyebolt screws, which is faster than using toggle bolts. Be sure that the hole you drill in your ceiling for the bolt wings is big enough. Toggle bolts give you a more secure hold but require a bit of time to install.