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How to Connect Canon MG2522 Printer to WiFi

The Canon MG2522 is one of those models that are easy to use. It can connect via USB, and users praise it for its overall performance, build quality, and compatibility. 

Today, I will show you how to connect Canon MG2522 printer to WiFi in terms of setup. On top of this, I will provide tips on how to troubleshoot and solve several common problems with the printer.

How to Connect Canon MG2522 Printer to WiFi

Follow these steps on how to connect Canon MG2522 printer to WiFi.

First, install the driver. Upon purchase, the printer comes with a disc. Use the disc to install the printer driver and its applications. 

If you are using a laptop or a PC that has no CD ROM drive, go to the website of Canon and find the driver for the printer. You can download the driver from their site and install it. 

Now, turn on the printer. 

Important note: the Canon MG2522 is not a wireless printer. You cannot print on it wirelessly. Connect to Canon’s website and download the installer via WiFi to install the driver wirelessly. 

For printing, you will still need to connect the USB cable.  

Common Troubleshooting Steps for Canon MG2522

The printer is not detected

This is a common problem with Windows 10 users. After installing the driver, the computer cannot detect the printer. It normally happens if you are connecting via USB.

In most cases, the first step is to detach the wire or cable and then connect it again. Once done, the PC should start recognizing the printer. 

If it does not happen, go to your control panel and then look for printers. If the printer is listed, click on it, and then the issue should be resolved. If not, disconnect the printer, turn it off, and then reconnect it. 

It is also possible that the printer is not plugged into an electric socket. Make sure that it is and that it is turned on. If it still does not work, the cable is the likely culprit. Order one from Canon or get one from where you purchased your printer. 

The last resort is to visit your firewall settings and then check if it is blocking the printer connection. Disable the firewall or turn it off, and it should allow your PC to connect with the printer.  

Finally, it is likely that your printer driver is not updated. If this is the case, uninstall the driver and get the latest version from Canon’s website. 

The printing is not feeding paper

Sometimes, you will see an error on the printer that says “No Paper.” This error should only happen if the paper tray is empty.

The first solution is to load the tray with more paper—the weight should let the printer know that there is paper. On some occasions, you can also push the paper so the rollers can recognize and grab the paper. 

Check the paper if it is properly loaded. If not, correct it. Subsequently, you can also remove the paper and reload them properly. 

You must also use the recommended paper type. Not all papers work for particular printers. If you overload the tray, you may also get this error so you must reduce the paper volume from the tray. 

If these things still do not work, you must configure the media type and the paper size settings. If you have incorrect media, the paper feeder will have problems.  

You can also check if there is a foreign object in the roller or the paper feed. Remove these things and then do a test print. 

The printer has a paper jam

A paper jam is bad because it wastes ink and paper. If this happens, the normal thing to do is to pull the paper out slowly. If it is often happening, you need a technician to open the printer as there could be a problem there. 

The first thing you must do to address this issue is turn off the printer. You do not want t pull out a paper when it is on. Next, unplug the printer to prevent electrocution. 

Now, open the output tray and remove the cover. From here, you should see the edge of the paper jam. Pull it out slowly. 

If the paper jam is under the cartridge, remove the cartridge and then pull the paper out. If the paper rips apart, there may be other paper pieces on some printer parts; you must find them and pull them off. 

Now, do a test print. If the paper jam error does not show, then the issue is resolved. If not, you must disassemble the printer and remove the rest of the paper. 

The printer is not printing

If the printer is not printing, you will get a warning on your screen. It tells you that the printer is off. Turn it on and see if this is the reason why it is not working. 

If it is still not working, it is possible that there is a print queue and that the PC is not communicating it to the printer. Go to your print queue and cancel the other jobs, then attempt to print the project again. 

The other two things you can do are to restart your PC and then restart your printer. If this does not work, uninstall the driver and then reinstall the most updated version. If it still does not work, the printer has some serious issues. You need a technician to fix it.

The printer is not printing a color

Sometimes, the print quality is poor. In this case, the printer is out of black or colored ink. Typically, you will get a warning for this. 

The solution is to replace the cartridge. If the cartridge is new, then you must perform system maintenance. Make sure that the nozzles are not clogged. You do not need a technician to perform a maintenance activity, as the printers today are built to automate the process. 

The printer is not connecting to WiFi

The MG2522 only works with a hi-speed USB interface. You cannot connect it wirelessly to your PC and then print. Use the USB cable to connect the printer to the PC.

The triangle light is blinking

If something is wrong, the alarm light will blink. Normally, this will blink if the paper output is closed. You need to open it and also check if the paper is jammed. Restart the printer. 

Now, if the alarm light is flashing orange, it is also an indication of other problems. For example, if there are two flashes, the rear tray has no paper. Add paper to the loading dock, and the printer should be working again. 

If you see three flashes, it means that the printer is open. Make sure the cartridge is attached, and then close the printer. 

Summary: How to Connect Canon MG2522 Printer to WiFi

The Canon MG2522 is part of the Pixma line-up. It was designed for both home and office use, and it does provide one of the best text print quality and printing speeds. 

With WiFi capabilities, it makes printing a breeze. It also eliminates clunky wires and USB connections. Just make sure you have a wireless router, and you should be good to go.