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How Do You Verbally Tell Alexa to Run a Routine?

You can trigger a routine for Alexa to run with a voice command.

All you have to do is say, “Alexa, enable Start My Day routine.”

Of course, you need to program this before it can work. 

It is not only the morning routine you can program.

You can also program Alexa to do other routines like your screen time.

In short, you can program Alexa to perform several routines, enabling each with a different voice command.


Do Alexa routines run automatically?

Yes, they can run automatically, but then you have to program the system to let it know to run at a specific time of the day.

Think of it in the same way an alarm clock works. 

Whether you are using an analog or digital alarm clock, you press some things on the clock to set the alarm.

Once the software inside recognizes that it is time to sound the alarm, it will. 

The same concept or process happens with Alexa.

You press some buttons to make commands, and once Alexa knows that it is to run these commands, the system will execute the processes.  

These commands or programs are what you call routines.

However, you are not limited to running these routines automatically, as you can also program Alexa to run them if you say so. 

So, how do you do it?

Before you program a routine, think of a keyword that you want Alexa to recognize in relation to that routine.

For example, you can use the keyword “start that day.”

Make sure that this keyword is not a common one that is already found in Alexa’s vocabulary. 

Next, tap on the app, and then tap MORE once it opens.

You can find this at the bottom right corner of the user interface.

Next, tap ROUTINES, then tap the plus icon, which you will find at the top-right corner. 

From here, you can tap ENTER ROUTINE NAME.

It is here where you can type your keyword. For example, you can type “time to go to bed.” 

Once done, tap WHEN THIS HAPPENS, and you will be able to program Alexa to listen to a specific voice command to execute this routine.

It is also the area where you can set the date and time of this routine to work automatically. 

Below that is a button that says ADD ACTION. Tap the plus sign and then choose what the actions are for this routine.

For example, you can turn off the lights and then adjust the thermostat.

Once done, Alexa now knows that whenever you say, “time to go to bed,” the system must turn off all the lights and then adjust the thermostat.


Can you enable Alexa routines with voice?

Can you enable Alexa routines with voice

Yes, you can enable Alexa routines by voice, and you can do this under the WHEN THIS HAPPENS button.

Just tap that and then type the keyword or voice command you want to use. 

Overall, these are the ways by which you can activate a routine: 

  • Voice
  • Time of day
  • With smartphones or other devices
  • After turning off an alarm

It is up to you if you want the routines to execute automatically.

Just keep in mind that when you create your own routines, it is always best that you do not use the same words that Alexa already uses. 

For example, you can create a routine for your child, and the keyword is “it is John’s bedtime.”

In programming this routine, you will set your smart home in such a way that the lights in John’s room turn off. 

The routine features of Alexa are excellent for managing smart appliances. You can even create a movie night mood.

For example, let us say you created a routine that responds to, “Alexa, it is movie night.” 

Then you program that routine to: 

  • Turn on the TV
  • Make the lights ambient
  • Set the thermostat to cold

So, on your date night, you can tell Alexa the words, “Alexa, it is movie night.”

Once you do, the system will automatically adjust all the smart devices you have, like making the lighting ambient, turning on the TV, etc.

What makes Alexa an excellent system is that you can share routines.

For e ample, if you made a “dinner time” routine, you could share this with your family.

Once you activate this routine, Alexa will share the announcement with everyone. 

Another cool feature is when you create a routine, you can add Do Not Disturb.

This will prevent all other devices from disturbing you.

You can even make an automatic routine where Alexa can remind you to wash your hands, drink your medications, and so much more.


What happens when you tell Alexa goodnight?

Many things can happen if you tell Alexa, “Goodnight.”

Alexa can turn off the television and the lights or make the lights ambient.

Alexa can also play sounds. In essence, you can make Alexa do many things. All you have to do is program the system.


What does Alexa say when you say good morning?

The same thing goes here: Alexa can turn on or off the light, play sounds, adjust the thermostat, etc.

Alexa can also turn on the TV. It is completely up to you to program Alexa and determine what it would do if you say this voice command.

If you want, you can even ask Alexa to read the headlines for you. You can also program Alexa to start the coffee pot.



Alexa can do many things to make things easier for you.

It can also do things that you seem to forget to do.

So, for example, you want all the lights to turn off at 11 PM.

Instead of you going through the entire area of your house, Alexa will do it for you. 

Do not clump all routines together. It is better that you separate them and assigns specific things together; this should make things easier for you to toggle or program later on.