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How do I Stop the Spinning Blue Light on my Alexa?

The spinning blue light on your Echo device can mean a lot of things.

Most of the time, it only means that Alexa or the Echo device is booting.

Sometimes, the spinning blue light will not stop, and I can understand why it can be a cause of alarm. 

It will also spin if the device is trying to connect to your WiFi or if Alexa is talking.

Under normal circumstances, the blue light should stop spinning. If it doesn’t, then you must do something. 

Today, I will show you how to stop the spinning blue light on your Alexa.

In addition, I will also provide some answers to the burning questions you may have. 


How to stop the blue light from spinning? 

The first method to stop the blue light from spinning is to unplug the device.

It is possible that some type of malfunction is happening. You must unplug the device and wait for it to cool down a little bit. A minute should be enough.

Once you plug it back in, the system will reboot. At this point, the blue light should normally spin again. If it doesn’t, try the next method. 

The next method is to power cycle the device. You can do this by resetting the device.

If you do this, however, your data will be erased, and you have to set the Echo device as if it is brand new. 

To power cycle, press and hold the white dot on the device or the action button.

Keep it pressed down for 20 seconds. For older generations of the device, the power cycle button is in the microphone volume button. If you are unsure, consult your manual.

Power cycling does not always mean that you will delete all the data.

It all depends on the technology of your device. Power cycling is nothing more than forcing the hardware to turn off.


How do I clear Alexa notifications?

To clear Alexa notifications, follow these steps: 

  • Launch your Alexa app
  • Swipe left on the message, and then tap on REMOVE

What this does is remove a message.

However, if you want to do something else, try the steps below.

  • Go to the Alexa app and then open SETTINGS
  • Toggle the choice ENABLE DETECTION BY VOICE

Once done, you can now delete the contents of voice history using a command.

You can say something like, “Alexa, delete everything I said today.” 

If you want to delete the Echo history, there is another way to go about it. 

  • Go to your Amazon account and look for CONTENT AND DEVICES
  • Go to DEVICES
  • Select the specific device in question

This process will only delete the notifications and history in that particular device. If you have several devices, you need to repeat this step for each device.

The last method is to go to your Alexa app. Then, go to DEVICES > SOUNDS > NOTIFICATIONS. Then, turn off the notifications by selecting NONE.


Does Alexa listen to your conversations all the time?

If active, yes. Technically, Alexa is always listening to you, as this is the only way to make Alexa hear commands from you. 

However, do not confuse this with recording. Alexa is not recording everything that you say.

What I mean by this is that Echo’s microphone is always on, and the software is on standby to listen to what you say. 

If this feature is not enabled, Alexa will not function.

The good news is that the device does not record what you say.

The software itself, Alexa, only activates if it hears a keyword, like its name or the wake word that you set. 

You can always tell if Alexa is actively listening. You can tell it by the light indicator on the device.

There is also a tone that will warn you that you are “on air.” When you see the light, it means that the device and software are both active. 

If you do not want the device to listen in, you can always turn off the microphone and do it manually.

To be honest, however, it kind of defeats the purpose of buying the device if you do not want it to listen. Again, it is not recording but merely listening.


How do you know if someone is dropping in on Alexa?

You can tell because Alexa will ask for your permission.

Once you grant this permission, the person who has this permission can drop in anytime.

If the person does drop in, the Echo device will light up green.

The problem is that Alexa will never ask for your permission again for the same person, so you must be careful. 

If this scares you, you can always turn the microphone off or mute the device.

This way, a person may be able to drop in, but he would not be able to hear anything at all.

The other thing you can d is to stay vigilant and watch for that green light. Another alternative is to disable the drop-in option.


Can someone hack into your Alexa?

Yes, of course. Anything that is on your WiFi is hackable.

However, the hacker must first bypass your network security, which is something that is hard to do.

The good news is that there was never any case of hacking where Alexa or Echo was involved. 

Although hackers can technically get inside the device, they can only listen in or control Alexa if they manage to install malware.

What it means is you have to take precautions. Do not download anything that is suspicious.



Turning off the Echo device is the fastest way to stop the spinning blue light of Alexa or the Echo device.

If nothing can make it stop, it is highly likely that the product will be defective.

You can send it back for repair if it is still under product warranty.