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Home Security Robot Review: the Best Alternative to Security Guards?

Having something that protects your home makes you confident if you are out. When you have a dog, you can identify if something is wrong with the way it barks, but what if we upgrade and use robots as our surveillance instead of dogs in our home? 

Home Security Robot is the intelligent way to transform your home and give it a secure environment. It is one of the most convenient and controlled systems you can have. 

In this Home Security Robot review, we will know what it is all about, and what kind of security it offers. By the end of this review, you will expect to purchase this or not. 

What is a Home Security Robot?

The Home Security Robot is an additional built device similar to other robots. It is similar to security surveillance like CCTVs, but at the same time, this robot is unique with the feature it offers. Just like other robots, it is also a smart product that roams around and protects your space. 

This robot uses a wi-fi or mobile connection to connect and control the device. When you have an idea about what CCTVs can do, you will be familiar with what this does, it also a moving camera that moves around the house and can be managed by your mobile devices.

This works only if you have access to the app as this robot sends video to your mobile devices. As such, you will have the live feed on your phone. Some of these home security robots have night vision, and you can clearly see what s happening even in the dark. 

What Home Security Robots are trusted and can purchase at the market?

Some Home Security Robots are not detailed and are not a necessity nowadays. Despite their flaws, here are the top 3 Home Security Robots that guarantees quality and availability. 

1. Lynx Amazon integrated Smart Assistant Robot (Alexa)

Having a smart assistant home is unique as it is equipped with an intelligent way of surveillance. Lynx Amazon is integrated with Alexa. One of the features you could enjoy is that you can never get bored when you are at home. It keeps you updated when you are away.

It has a 1080 pixel that recognizes faces; one good thing about this is that when there are unfamiliar faces, or if someone—like an intruder—wants to enter your home, it notifies your mobile device with its voice-activated feature. 


  • Integrated with Alexa
  • 1080 pixels camera for clear vision
  • Can detect faces
  • Detects light and movements
  • Requires Connectivity of wi-fi or Data
  • Records Videos and Pictures
  • Voice Activated
  • App Available to iOS or Android

2. Robot Guard – Autonomous Mobile Security Systems

This is one of the best outdoor surveillance robots because of its ability to move. It roams around your house, and you can also use it outdoors. 

It can move up to 500 feet every minute. Depending on the area of your home, this roams around and captures videos and pictures in minutes. 


  • Remote control type (Spektrum)
  • Lasts 2-3 hours
  • Wireless
  • 52mm robot 
  • 285 RPM motor
  • Wheel Drive Type

3. Spy Robot (Erector Spykee)

It is a spy robot that monitors your home in secret. It is a robot that’s like an agent because it cannot be seen up close, with the word itself “spy robot”. 

It is managed by the computer using wi-fi connectivity. You can control the robot by giving instructions on what to do. 

Erector Spykee - Micro Robot

The robot can listen to you, move around, and also talk. It captures videos and pictures of what is happening within your home. What makes it really cool is that it can go to its charging port whenever it is low battery.


  • Charges itself
  • Comes with a webcam and music player
  • Requires Wi-fi connectivity
  • 200 parts to set up
  • Voice over Internet Protocol call integrated

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Security Robots 

Security robots are new, although the idea has been around for decades. The ones in the market today are the product of sci-fi movies. But what are their advantages and disadvantages?


  • Protects your home with its monitoring and surveillance; no need for a human
  • You have control to the robot even when you are away; program the robot if you want
  • Manageable and convenient for an adaptive environment


  • Costly or expensive
  • Cameras that are moving is not detailed enough
  • Sometimes unclear and high maintenance

Guide to look after when you have plans on purchasing Home Security Robot

Now, let us take a look at some tips on how you should buy these security companions. 

1. Robotic Technology

The latest technology is the first thing to look at if you are going to buy surveillance robots. Confirm that it has the latest specifications. Those known in the market is a must-buy as they put quality parts within the products. Smart Assistant Integrated is one of the things to consider for you to have quality with your product. 

2. Quality of WebCam

Having the best camera is needed for you to have a good quality face detection. You must consider a high pixel of the camera as this captures pictures and videos of those instances of burglary. If the camera has visibility during the night, it is easier to take a good shot if there is a threat in your space. 

3. Detector

A high-quality robot must have a movement detector, face detection, human contact sensor, and light detector. With the assistance of these detectors, it notifies the users about the threat that happens in the home. 

4. Budget-Friendly 

One of the things to consider is that the price must be reasonable enough and is not costly. Looking for a quality product is better aside from that you must also look after the price. 

If you have more money, then it is up to you. A budget-friendly security system needs to assess to have an equal amount of saving and investment in your home.

Other Technologies for Security which is more Cost-Efficient 

Alternatives may be available if you do not have enough money to buy costly home security robots. You may avail of a complete set starting from doors up to your own bed space. 

Security Systems include:

  • Sensor-Activated Door
  • Window Alerts
  • Cameras like CCTVs
  • Recorder for Security
  • Movement Detector 
  • Unfamiliar Smoke Detector

Summary: Home Security Robot Review

Nowadays, it is hard to leave your doors open because of burglary. With the help of Home Security Robots, you can have access to what is happening to your home in real-time. You can do the same if you are away.

All of these robots are great for those who want to add security to their homes. These robots are of high quality, and they are made to be alert all the time. They can detect unfamiliar faces, and they also have motion detection. 

With the robot’s accuracy and integration with smart assistants, it is a great alternative to a human security guard. Now, it is up to you to make a choice. Choose from the ones that I reviewed above. Make sure you read the reviews of the buyers, and then you also consider the things that you really need. Not all robots are made the same, so get one that has the features that you need.