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GRAYL Ultralight Purifier Review 2021: the best water purifier?

Clean water is definitely a necessity, most specifically when it comes to fluid intake. This, however, isn’t always accessible. Yes, you can easily get a hold of it if you are at home, but what about during outdoor activities?

If this is the case, then you need to bring your own water with you, or at least a container that can filter out dirt. Bringing a regular purifier, though, is impractical.

Fortunately, GRAYL has released its Ultralight Purifier to help solve this issue. Today, we’re going to discuss what it can offer, and if it’ll be worth your money.

What is the GRAYL Ultralight Purifier?

The GRAYL Ultralight Purifier is a portable bottle equipped with its own water filter. This is a handy tool in terms of strenuous activities and basically any pursuit that involves the risk of fluid shortage along the way. 

Examples of specific situations where this could be helpful include hiking, mountain trekking, and sports.

What makes this different from normal purifiers is that this can easily be brought and stored in whatever bag you have. This can even be handheld as this is not as heavy as the former. 

The Ultralight Purifier allows more efficient water straining as it is already built-in with a bottle. This means that you can easily put water in it, no matter the source, and the purifier installed inside it will automatically remove all the dirt, sediments, and other unnecessary organisms that may be living there.

Here are some other things that you can expect from the product:

  1. Eliminates Health Hazards

According to a study made by the World Health Organization, contaminated water causes more or less than 500,000 deaths each year. This is because of the underlying disease-causing bacteria found in sources of water. 

Although the effect could be as light as one-day diarrhea, it can result in death in the worst cases. Using a purifier, GRAYL Ultralight Purifier, to be specific, can help you avoid the risks included in taking unfiltered water.

  1. Portable

Although there is a built-in purifier in the product, you can still expect that you can easily carry it, either with a bag or by manually carrying it. this is because GRAYL designed it with the goal of making it efficient for the users in mind.

Another thing that makes the purifier unique is the way it filters water. Instead of the normal method which simply involves fetching and pour, you need to get water through the bottle and push it down to the filter to have access to clean water.

Product Design and Specifications

Now that you have an idea about the GRAYL Ultralight Purifier is, let us now move on with our discussion. In this section, we’re going to talk about its appearance, along with its specifications.

There are four main parts included in the product. These are:

  1. Loop Cap

The loop cap refers to the bottle’s cap. This will serve as the cover for the bottle and its contents. This is in black color and is integrated with a strong, solid handle to better help its ergonomics as a whole.

The cap is specifically designed to provide more comfort to whoever will be holding it. It has a textured surface, and beveled edges to achieve the said goal of the brand.

  1. Outer Refill

The second part of the bottle is termed as the outer refill. Depending on the product variation, this may come in white, black, or amber. This is a removable body that will be used to scoop the dirty water, which will then be filtered out by the purifier once pressed against the inner body.

This is also where the branding is integrated. An embossed “GRAYL” can be seen in an angled vertical font. When you turn it around to the other side, you will see the indicator regarding the maximum water that you can fill.

  1. Inner Press

The inner press is the bottle’s inner body. This is where the filter is installed. This is also the part where the outer refill is pressed on to. This is a transparent body.

Once the outer refill contains enough water, it should be pushed down the inner press, to where the latter will use the purifier to provide the clean version of the water.

  1. Base

The base of the purifier is made to be soft and non-slip. This will provide more durability for the product. 

You can expect that as long as the water does not exceed the recommended amount, it will be strong enough to last for a long period of time.

The Ultralight Purifier looks like a typical water bottle at a glance. This makes it ideal for camping activities as this can be stored in a backpack’s regular bottle holder.

Product Features

Let us now go on to the features of the GRAYL Ultralight Purifier:

  1. One-Press Purification

Unlike other products, you don’t have to wait for a long time for the purification process to go through. 

With this Ultralight Purifier, you can efficiently get water from any available source, press it on to the filter, and it will all be set within seconds.

The brand stated that one purifier can last up to 300 presses, that is up to 150L of water. The filter is also replaceable, so you won’t have to buy another bottle once the purifier stops functioning.

  1. Large Capacity

One bottle can hold up to 16oz or almost 500ml of water. This is already suitable for half a day, either more or less, depending on your water intake.

Still, you don’t have to worry about running out of water as this can filter any water source available, thus you can refill it as much as you need.

  1. BPA-Free Product

BPA is a common chemical used in plastic bottles. This has been known as the cause of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer, in some cases. 

You don’t have to worry about this when it comes to the purifier or any of GRAYL’s products as the brand assures that all of the bottles they manufacture does not contain BPA.

As you can see, the product prioritizes both functionality and safety for the users. Its features, along with the structure of the filter are all designed to ensure the accuracy of the purified water.

Should you buy the GRAYL Ultralight Purifier?

If you still have any doubt left for the Ultralight Purifier, we suggest that you get rid of it. This purifier bottle will definitely be a great addition to your lifestyle, especially if you are into outdoor activities. Considering all its features, it is a product worth investing in.

It also comes with a lot of benefits such as reduced risks for waterborne diseases, assured health safety, portable filters, etc.

So, to simply answer the question on whether or not you should buy the product, then yes! You should try it out.

Summary: GRAYL Ultralight Purifier Review

The GRAYL Ultralight Purifier is a convenient tool that you should consider bringing with you in your everyday activities. The brand is already known for its innovative products so you can rest assured that you will be paying for a high-quality purifier.

You can consider the product as a life-long investment which will be useful in a lot of sanitary purposes. This is worth checking out. If you are not yet convinced, you can go to their official website and read the reviews.