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goTenna Mesh Review: the Best Off-Grid Connector?

At the present, there’s no doubt about technology being one of the most significant innovations. Not limited to phones, the recent inventions have surely blown the people’s minds.

In this article, the specific device that we will talk about is the mesh technology. If you are not yet familiar with this, this is a more efficient connection network as it enables devices to be connected directly rather than using a third-party connection.

One of the most notable devices under this technology is the goTenna Mesh. Today, we’re going to discuss what it is, and if it’ll be worth your money.

After this goTenna Mesh review, you should be able to decide if you should buy this product or not. 

What is the goTenna Mesh?

In a simple definition, the goTenna Mesh is a portable device that can be connected to your phone. This will enable the users to keep the network running even if there is no internet connection, data network, or phone signal in the area.

This is specifically designed for people who are into ventures.


As this is mainly for group purposes, the device will not be very useful if there is only one person on the device’s connection. This is made for pairs to large groups of users to keep them connected whatever the circumstances are.

Here are the things that you can expect from the device:

1. Portable Cell Towers

Because the goTenna Mesh allows communication outside of online connections and network signals, having this paired to your device means having a portable cell tower by your side. This will eliminate the worries that come with getting lost during trips, or having no response in urgent situations.

2. Alternative to Radios

The device is also a good alternative to radios or “walkie-talkies” in a common term. With the former, it is just the same as using your phone as you can still send messages, either solo or group chats, and track locations. The latter, on the other hand, is limited to voice communication which can be hindered by certain factor signals.

3. Expands Phone’s Functionality

Finally, you can expect that the significance of your phone will increase as its function will not be limited to WiFi and network cards. GPS will also be added to the list of things that it can offer if it doesn’t yet.

The goTenna mesh will be perfect for situations like outdoor trips, international journeys, emergency situations, large occasions, and other similar situations which you feel will make it hard for you to communicate.

Product Design and Specifications

Now, let’s move on the design and specifications of goTenna Mesh. When you first see the actual device, it looks more like a typical camper’s tool. It has a simple design, but enough to be seen immediately when needed. 

See more information below:


The shape of the goTenna Mesh is similar to that of a flash drive’s, however bigger. It has a colour palette of black and silvery grey which is displayed on the top and bottom half, that is black on the top, and grey on the bottom.

An oval-like indicator can also be seen in the middle. This is used to know whether the device is on or off. The power button and micro USB port, on the other hand, can be accessed on the right part of the device.

On the front, you can also see the holder, available in blue and green, which allows it to be attached to your bag, your chain, or the likes.


The device’s branding is also placed at the front. It is just a simple “goTenna” on the grey part of the device.


The back part of the device is simple. It is the same colour as the front part, just without the branding. This is also where the holder stretches to where it can be unhooked and adjusted.

For the specifications of the goTenna Mesh, refer to the following:

  • Dimensions: 5 x 1.25 x 0.5 in
  • Weight: 1.7 oz
  • Battery Life: 589mAh; 24 to 27 hours (Depending on usage)
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 60°C

The design of the device is made to provide the users with ease when it comes to bringing it to and from the user’s destination. You can expect it being lightweight and small enough to fit in your or your bag’s pockets.

Product Features

In this section, we will now go on to the features of the goTenna Mesh:


A common problem that users run into when it comes to these types of technology is the inability of their device to connect because of its model. 

You do not have to encounter this if you use goTenna Mesh as this is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Consequently, this means that your group members do not have to be left out if they have a different phone model than the rest.

Enables GPS

As we all know, GPS cannot function if you cannot access any sort of connection. Fortunately, through the Mesh technology of goTenna, you can now start sharing your location, automatically and manually, for more efficient tracking.

This will be very helpful in cases of large areas and big crowds. In addition to this, you can also download maps for offline viewing to have a better view of your destination.

Emergency Feature

In cases of emergency situations where urgent help is needed, it is definitely inconvenient if you still have type your way through. Due to this, goTenna Mesh has incorporated an emergency button which can be activated by a simple push. Emergency messages are also generated to assure a quicker response.

Once activated, your message will be sent to an outsider with a cell signal, to which they will do their part of contacting an emergency team for you.

Secure Encryption

All the messages sent and received within the device are encrypted. You can be assured that whatever you send will only be seen by the receivers that you have permitted to. This applies to both one-on-one messages and group conversations.

As you can see, the features of goTenna Mesh are all designed to provide the utmost functions to the users. The brand constantly aims to be a helpful device for every venture seeker that may get a hold of the device.

Why do you need to buy goTenna Mesh?

The goTenna Mesh is a good addition to your everyday activities. Considering all its features and functions, it will evidently be a big help in situations wherein you can’t get a hold of any type of connection on your device.

Aside from being functional, it also prioritizes both the safety and the privacy of the users and their devices. They assure that no breach will be encountered throughout the span of using it.

The device is a must if you want to avoid loss of communication and network with your group.


Summary: goTenna Mesh Review

The mesh technology is one of the best inventions of all time. It allows users to build connections with each other even without the accessibility of regular networks like WiFi and cell signals.

If you are looking for a device with a one-of-a-kind mesh technology, the goTenna Mesh is definitely something to consider adding to your list of choices. It offers all the basic features like pairing networks, Bluetooth, compatibility, to advanced ones like GPS and text messaging.