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Google Nest Mini Review: Is it better than the other Smart Speakers?

Google is known for competing with everything. What started out as a search engine is now the world’s largest provider of operating systems, cloud computing, tablets, mobile phones, and so much more. So much so that Google even has its own smart speaker, the Google Nest Mini. 

But is it a good buy? Is it worth your money, and was it made to work seamlessly in the Google universe? 

That is what we will find out today. In my Google Nest Mini review, I will share with you what I have observed in this device, and I will help you decide if it is worth your money.   

What is the Google Nest Mini?

The Google Nest Mini used to be called the Google Home Mini. It is a speaker that serves as a control device for the internet of things or IOT.

If you have a smart home, which means that you have devices and appliances that you can a connect with Google Home or Google Assistant, you can integrate all these appliances with the speaker, and then you tell them what to do through this speaker. 

Apart from controlling the devices through the speaker with your voice, you can use your mobile phone to the same thing. The speaker and your mobile phone work if paired via Bluetooth

The Google Nest Mini Design

Despite its affordable price, there is nothing in this speaker that says it is cheap. It is sleek and modern, and it comes in several colors.

Here are the options: 

  • Charcoal – grayish black
  • Chalk – off white
  • Coral – looks pinkish red
  • Sky – light blue

The Nest Mini has a mesh fabric at the top. On first glance, it looks like a round rock that you typically find by the river.

The fabric mesh covers three buttons at the top. These buttons are your control buttons for the volume and for playing and pausing music. 

The underside of the device is a base that is made of rubber. The microphone is also found at the bottom near the power port.

This device, unlike other, can be mounted on a wall. It has a provision for a mount s you can just hang it by a nail or a screw. 

Google Nest Mini Product Specifications

Now, let us take a quick look at the product specifications. This will give you an idea how big, or small it is, and what technology is inside it.

  • Dimensions – 98 mm x 42 mm; if you prefer inches, the dimensions are 3.8 inches by 1.6 inches
  • Weight – 181 grams
  • Connections – you can connect via Wifi, Chromecast and Bluetooth version 5.0

The product body is made from 35% recycled plastic. The top cover is from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Inside, it has a chip that is equipped with machine learning capabilities. 

What this does is it collects information of commands, which will allow Google to one day use common languages or words that people use to issue commands. 

The device also has a new wake word engine that prevents the device from accidentally activating. Despite this, the device can still hear you wherever you are in your room.

What’s great about this is that the device can hear you talk with friends and family, but will not do stuff unless you tell it to.

The Features of Google Nest Mini 

So, what do you get out of the Google Nest Mini

For one, it has a Bluetooth technology. Use it to pair the device with your smart phone and control it from the phone. 

After integrating it with Google Assistant, you can start asking it for your calendar. You can make appointments from here, and also set alarms and reminders.

You will be able to control music, and you can also connect it with Smart TVs. 

If you have a question, you can ask away. 

Another great thing I love is that with this device, I can set up room groups. What this does it that it allows me to hear the same songs in different rooms via different speakers.

However, I had to buy more than one. If you have several, you can control your smart devices from any room that has a Google Nest mini-inside. 

Your options are not limited. For example, you can program the Google Nest Mini to use a default app. Let us say that you want to use Spotify for music.

If this is the case, program the device to launch music by default with that app. Just take note that not all apps are free—some require a paid subscription. 

If you have the Google Nest Hub or its higher grade, which is the Nest Hib Max, you can play songs on YouTube without any subscription or advertisement. 

Overall, the Google Nest Mini is a wonderful product that offers way beyond its price. You can buy five of these and it will not even put a dent on your pocket. 

But how much does it cost?

Working with Google Assistant

The device is controlled via Google Assistant. The great thing about Google is that it is the leader in this kind of technology—it understands natural language.

You have to teach it your voice. Soon, the device can distinguish between the voices of different users. It is going to give you personalized results.

If you tell it to open your calendar, it will know who you are based on your voice. 

Now, what I like about mine is that I can ask it questions, and then it will give me the answers that I want. On top of that, I can set timers and do a lot of other things like turning on my smart lights or controlling my smart cameras at home.  

What’s new in the Google Assistant is that it has a new voice. The voice is that of a male UK person, which you can use if you want to.

User can change voice depending on the user’s preference.

Summary: Google Nest Mini Review

The Google Nest Mini is a functional speaker. However, it does not have the same power as its competitors.

It works, but if you want real high-tech speakers, you are better off with AppleHomePod or others like Amazon Echo

The Google Nest Mini is great for entry level fans of IOT. If you want a better technology, what I suggest is that you buy the Google Home Max. The Google Nest Mini is something that I would recommend or those looking for something functional at a lesser cost.