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Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3 Review: Best Smart Photo Printer?

Photos are definitely a good way to preserve memories. Having physical copies of them, however, can be a hassle most of the time.

You have to transfer files through hard drives or Bluetooth and connect them to devices. Overall, it’s just too much work.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to get a hold of pictures almost instantly. One of the most known products for this purpose is Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3.

This is also our topic for today. In this article, we’re going to discuss the said product, what it can offer, and why it will be worth buying.

What is the Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3?

Fujifilm, also known as Fuji, is a popular brand when it comes to the field of photography. It offers a wide variety of media devices from analog settings to the most innovative ones.

In late 2017, though, they released one of their most efficient devices, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3. This is also one of the best-selling products in their brand as of the moment.

Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Mobile Printer - Black


For a brief overview, the Instax Share SP-3 is a printing device that can be connected with a smartphone. This is also greatly smaller than a regular printer which makes it suitable for everyday use.

Due to its size, you can easily fit this in whatever purse or bag that you have.

The printing process may sound a little complex, but it is definitely easier than you think. The brand goes by “Select, print, art” for their motto, but you can refer below for more detailed instructions for use:

1. Install the Instax Share App

The Instax Share App is the key to all the amazing functions of the device. This is free to download and install and is compatible with both Android and iOS units. 

For Android downloads, you have to have a version of 4.0.3, and above, and a working Google Play as that is where you can find the app. For iOS, on the other hand, you need to be equipped with version 8.0, and above, as well as the App Store.

2. Connect the Instax Share SP-3 to your app/phone

If you have a Wi-Fi or data connection on your phone, you can easily pair the Instax Share App to the Instax Share SP-3. This will allow you to control the device as to how you want it to perform.

3. Print selected pictures through the application

Once you open the application, you will be able to access your gallery and other social media sites where you may have posted pictures. You can simply click the photo that you want to print, click the “Print” command, which is placed as a big button below the file, and wait for the physical copy to finish the process.

The device works on both batteries and films so you may find this similar to an Instax camera, and digital camera combined.

Product Design and Specifications

In this section, we are going to discuss the product’s design and specifications. This will help you have an overview of what you can expect in terms of its appearance. Refer to the following information:

1. Variations

The Instax Share SP-3 is available in two variations, black, and white. Both are designed with matte materials, and the only thing that differs is their color schemes.

For the black variation, you can expect a more elegant turn as it consists of a black and gold palette; the black portion being the body, and the gold incorporated in the branding.

The white variation, on the other hand, has a more minimalistic touch because of its white and silvery grey palette.

2. Inclusions

Upon making a purchase, you will have access to the product itself, and two of its most necessary accessories, a micro USB cable, and a ferrite core.

The micro USB cable will allow you to charge the product. The recommended charging time is 3 hours on average. This will depend, however, on the current battery level in the primary charging.

The ferrite core, on the flip side, is a magnetic accessory to be attached to the cable to reduce energy consumption. This is a tool that will help the device function at lower frequencies while still keeping its functions.

3. Design

The Instax Share SP-3 is equipped with 10 main parts. The top side of the product is where the printed photo will come out.

Here, you will also see the LED indicator for the remaining battery, and a separate one for the remaining films.

On the left side, you will be able to access the power button. This is on the topmost part of the said side.

On the bottom part, you will see a removable cover. This protects the USB connector plug.

Moving on to the rear side, this is where you can see the back cover and the lock for it. You will need this once you need to refill the films.

A separate battery cover is also integrated. If you want to print the recent photo once again, you can also click the Reprint button on the same side.

4. Specifications

As for the dimensions of the product, it comes up to 116mm x 130.5mm x 44.4mm, weighing 312g. The photos, on a side note, will be processed in 62mm by 62mm size. Printing time can last for 13 seconds, more or less. 

Basing on the details given above, it is clear that by buying the Instax Share SP-3, you will have access to a compact printing device that is ready to function whenever and wherever. This is a fashionable piece that does not look tacky like the others so you can feel free to bring this even by hand.

Product Features of the Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3

Moving on, here are the features that the product offers:

1. Template Library

Various templates are available through the printing device. These can be ready-to-use ones or customizable ones. For the former template types, they can either be real-time, limited, or standard. The latter, on the other hand, includes add-on texts.

Real-time templates allow you to capture photos and imprint the current conditions such as the date, place, weather, and the likes. Limited templates incorporate numbers to the photos to make them more unique. 

Lastly, the standard templates let you choose from pre-built frames instead of sticking to just the default ones.

For the add-on texts, you can input text characters of your preference, and customize its font, color and placement.

2. Picture Styles

Your photos don’t necessarily have to be boring or repetitive. You can incorporate different designs to make it stand out even more. As such, you can either split the image into two or print a collage of up to 9 pictures.

The Split function gives a puzzle-like picture and improves the creativity between each. The collage, on the flip side, will let you print multiple photos in one film.

3. Filter Customization

Filters are also made available to further customize your photos. These will allow you to add a more personal touch, and make your photos your own.

You can manually adjust the brightness and contrast, its color scheme, or let the intelligence filter do its job. 

In a nutshell, the Instax Share SP-3 functions exactly like the regular printer that we know. This, however, brings more advantages as this is more compact, and produces higher quality photos without having to go through multiple steps.

Summary: Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 Review 

The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 is a more convenient way of printing your photos. This offers a lot of advantages compared to that of a printing machine. 

Below are some things that you can have:

  • Anytime, anywhere printing
  • Pocket-friendly device
  • Easy photo customization
  • Fast printing process

Taking its features and benefits into account, there is no doubt about this product being worth your time and money.

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