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Ecobee SmartThermostat Review: the best for controlling temperature?

Monitoring and regulating the temperature around the environment, especially within your home. This will ensure a proper air conditioning process, and a purified atmosphere. To do this efficiently, you will need a thermostat.

If you are not yet familiar with a thermostat, this is a tool that keeps your room at a certain temperature. We shouldn’t, however, stick with just a regular one. At this time, it is just right that we level up our temp game.

In this Ecobee SmartThermostat review, we will take a look at the product and its features that are definitely out of the league for most thermostats nowadays. 

What is the Ecobee SmartThermostat?

Ecobee is widely known for its products. They work with great experts when it comes to technology so you can expect that the items that they offer have out of the box designs and features. Some of their products include thermostats, cameras, and home accessories and solutions.

ecobee SmartThermostat Voice Control, Black


Today, however, we are going to focus on their smart thermostat. In a nutshell, the said product functions just like a regular thermostat. This regulates the temperature and maintains it according to your preferred settings. 

Its features do not stop here, though. Although it is built to be like the ordinary one, the brand did not let this sink into the vast choices for thermostats. The smart thermostat can actually be controlled through voice. 

Along with this, it is also equipped with a SmartSensor, another one of Ecobee’s products, which help extend the functionality of the thermostat.

The smart thermostat is also Energy Star certified. This means that it does not consume as much power and energy compared to others.

Product Design and Specifications

Now, let us move on to discussing the design and specifications of Ecobee smart thermostat. 

1. Variations

Unfortunately, the product is only available in one colour, that is, a combination of black and white. This, however, should not be taken as a deep matter because the product looks sleek and professional just the way it is. 

It will also fit with whatever kind of interior you may have installed in your home or room. The SmartSensor, on the other hand, also comes in white only. This matches the colour scheme of the main product, which makes it ideal to put together.

2. Inclusions

Like what is previously said, the Ecobee smart thermostat automatically comes with the SmartSensor. This is also designed and manufactured by the same brand.

The function of the SmartSensor is to give the user more control over the temperature. You can either set its functions in automatic mode, or you can choose to modify it through an application. This can be paired with either the Ecobee smart thermostat or the Smart Camera.

To top it all, the SmartSensor is also an energy-saving device so using this with the thermostat will not affect your electricity bill too much. Other inclusions include a guide book and other necessary tools needed for the installation process.

3. Design

The smart thermostat is designed with minimalism in mind. It does not attract attention that easily as its colour does not pop off, but it is definitely a statement piece in one’s wall.

The front view of the thermostat serves as the temperature indicator. This is a shiny, black touchscreen surface, and is integrated with 4 settings at the bottom, specifically a menu, the brightness settings, the main settings menu, and the voice command. 

The back of the product is white. It can be installed onto the given installation mount from the package.

4. Specifications

For the thermostat’s size, its dimensions are 4.29 x 4.29 x 1 in., while its LCD touchscreen is 3.5 inches. You can expect a 320 x 480-pixel display from it. The SmartSensor’s size, on the other hand, comes up to 1.6 x 1.6 x 1 in. The height rises to 2 inches if we include its stand.

The smart thermostat, along with the SmartSensor, is specifically designed to go well with your house and its interior. Both do not require a lot of space before installation, nor will they need a lot of time. 

You can easily perform the installation process, but Ecobee also offers their professional manpower if ever you need a hand.

Ecobee SmartThermostat Product Features

The Ecobee smart thermostat has quite a number of remarkable features. As it focuses more on technological innovations, you can expect that is more hi-tech than other brands. 

1. Built-in Alexa

The thermostat has a built-in Alexa in its system. This powers its voice control ability. With this, you can easily speak what you want the tool to do, and it will automatically perform how you want it. 

Some of the functions that it can do include making calls, sending text messages, setting the temperature, connect with a device, or simply search a random question that you may have.

2. Spotify

In addition to Alexa, Spotify is also integrated with the thermostat. This will enable you to blast whatever music you want through a Bluetooth speaker. Keep in mind that this feature is very unique as there are definitely no regular thermostats that offer this.

3. Eco+

The Eco+ features are those referring to energy-saving functions of the smart thermostat. This includes features like the Schedule Assistant, Smart Home & Away, Follow Me, and Time of Use, to say the most exceptional.

The Schedule Assistant is responsible for detecting your daily routine. The changes that it detects are integrated with recommendations on how you can improve the current settings of your thermostat.

The Smart Home & Away automatically adjusts the current settings when you leave home. It also returns it back to normal once you return.

The Follow Me function, on the other hand, detects which rooms are currently occupied. Once it already has an idea about which is which, it modifies the temperature settings according to what is needed.

Lastly, the Time of Use feature preheats and precools the temp settings depending on the electricity usage for the period.

4. Thermal Protect

The function of this feature is simple. It monitors the home or building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to prevent it from running longer than it is capable of. Without this, there is a big chance of overheat and power shortage.

5. Home IQ

The Home IQ function enables the homeowners to have access to a monthly energy audit. This will allow them to evaluate whether they consumed too much energy, or if they are still on the right track of consumption.

In addition to this, owners can also see other nearby houses’ results to provide a comparison. This will help them determine if a mistake is done regarding the readings, or if there any anomalies.

As you can see, Ecobee smart thermostat is very ahead in its industry. You can even consider this as your own home’s phone because it functions just like one.

Summary: Ecobee SmartThermostat Review

The Ecobee smart thermostat is an innovative thermostat designed specifically to bring a lot of functionalities in your house or building. It has a simple design, and a size that is just perfect to be a fashionable, yet functional home statement. 

The product is suitable in any place where you want to regulate the temperature level. If you have other doubts regarding this, it is time to eliminate them, and just purchase it. After all, you will not be paying for just a regular thermostat, rather, a smart device that can keep your place comfortable. Let’s add the smart sensor to the equation.

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