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Ebo Catpal Smart Robot Companion Review: Is this the Best Cat toy?

Trying to keep your cat entertained day after day can become a challenging task, especially when you’re not at home.

The Ebo by enabot, aims to keep your cat entertained on its own, providing you with peace of mind.

Without proper stimulation and socialization, your cat can develop major health issues such as depression and obesity.

In this Ebo Catpal Robot Companion review, we will find out if it is worth your money or not.  

What is it?

Ebo is an interactive robot companion for your cat. The Ebo is controlled via remote, through the Ebo mobile app.

With the Ebo app, you can also take photos, record videos, and share them with your friends and family.

2020 Enabot Ebo Catpal The Smart Robot Companion for Your Cat, Cat Weight Management, Indoor Wired, 24/7 Live Video, 1080p HD, WiFi, 2-Way Talk

What’s included?

ebo catpal

Design and Features

The Ebo’s compact design makes it very easy to roll around and spin when entertaining your cat. Under the Ebo, you will find the charging contacts and reset button. The paw print wheels provide extra grip and prevent hair and dirt from sticking to the Ebo.

To give your Ebo some personality, you will have a variety of interchangeable accessories you can choose from. It is important to note that only a few hats will have the laser feature built-in. If this is a key feature for you, some of the hats may not be suitable for your Ebo.

Some hats also have a hole available so you can insert silicone feathers for more entertainment. Some user’s noticed the feathers were easily removed by their cat.

2020 Enabot Ebo Catpal The Smart Robot Companion for Your Cat, Cat Weight Management, Indoor Wired, 24/7 Live Video, 1080p HD, WiFi, 2-Way Talk


If your cat is known to chew on things, these feathers may not be a good idea to have on your Ebo. The feathers are made from non-toxic materials incase your cat accidentally swallows them.

The charging dock is a nice compact size which makes it easy to move around your home. To charge the Ebo, all you have to do is plug in the charging station, place the Ebo on the floor and its self-docking feature will take care of the rest. How cool is that! You won’t have to lift a finger to charge the Ebo. 

The Ebo is also very expressive and will change its eyes, movements, and sounds to mimic real-life interactions. For example, the Ebo’s eyes will turn red to indicate that it’s not connected to the Wi-Fi. As the Ebo moves around, the eyes will change turn to arrows to indicate which direction it’s going. 

To interact with the Ebo, you can use the live stream camera which can be accessed through the Ebo mobile-friendly app. You can also use the Ebo app to schedule the autonomous mode so Ebo knows to engage with your cat on its own.

Ebo Mobile App Features

The Ebo mobile app enables you to watch, record, or take pictures of your cat. The Ebo app also has tons of editing and social features so you can share special moments of your cat with your friends.

The app also helps with scheduling when your Ebo will be active and when it sleeps to suit your daily routine. The pro version comes with a tracking mode which helps the Ebo identify your cat through facial recognition. This helps the Ebo to track and follow your cat around the house. 

2020 Enabot Ebo Catpal The Smart Robot Companion for Your Cat, Cat Weight Management, Indoor Wired, 24/7 Live Video, 1080p HD, WiFi, 2-Way Talk

But what about data security? All the data will be stored locally on your Ebo since there is no cloud storage. Content that is live-streamed can be stored on the user’s phone if they choose to.


  • Autonomous and easy to control
  • Self-docking charging
  • Interaction for both cats and humans


  • Remote connection can be really slow
  • Additional attachments can increase interest and playtime


How to pair Ebo with your smartphone?

To pair your Ebo with your smartphone, you will have to download the Ebo App, initialize Ebo and configure the network.

How do I upgrade the firmware for a better user experience?

It is highly recommended to upgrade the firmware as soon as you pair the Ebo with your smartphone.

  1. Make sure the Ebo is placed on the charging dock and remains being charged. The red light on the dock indicates the Ebo is not fully charged.
  2. In the Ebo app, tap on the 3 dots on the Ebo card. Tap on “About Ebo” and update the firmware by the “Update firmware for Ebo” button.
  3. You can see the progress on your phone or by looking at the Ebo’s eyes.
  4. To check if your firmware has successfully updated, return to the Ebo card on your app. 

What are Ebo’s different eye expressions and what do they mean?

The Ebo’s eyes will change accordingly depending on the current situation.

Check out this video for a better understanding of Ebo’s different eyes expressions:

How to turn on the laser pointer?

To access the laser pointer, put on either the soldier or onion hat on your Ebo.

Use the Ebo app to turn on/off the laser pointer.

How to return the Ebo to the charging dock?

When the Ebo is inactive for over 1 minute, it will automatically search and return itself to the charging dock.

Make sure to rest the charging dock on and against a flat surface.

How to turn off the Ebo?

To turn off your Ebo, simply use the provided needle and press the reset pin.

What is the difference between the Standard and Pro version?

The difference between the two is the facial recognition feature. The Ebo pro is also powered by a more advanced processor that enables the user to capture and record videos automatically.

The pro version also has 32GB of storage so that you can download photos and videos anytime, compared to the standard model with only 16GB of storage.

Can Ebo recognize different faces?

The pro version has the capability for facial recognition, however, it does struggle to differentiate different faces. 

Is it possible to sync two phones on the same Ebo?

You can only sync one phone with your Ebo. 

How long does it take to charge the Ebo battery?

It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the standard version and around 4 hours for the pro version.

Final Thoughts

The Ebo is a must-have for all crazy cat lovers! The convenience of smart technology is a great way to keep an eye on your cat’s well-being and enables you to interact with them while you’re away.