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Easybulb Smartphone Controlled Light Bulb

Don’t you hate it when you just sit down and realize you forgot to turn the light on or off?

Or sick of the kids leaving all the lights on in the house?

Easybulb is a Wifi light bulb you can control with your smartphone.

Turn your lights off and on via your phone. With the Easybulb you can also change the color of your light bulb so you can set the mood for just about occasion.

Light in your room to bright? No problem, simply use your phone to dim the lights.

Want a disco effect with all different colored lighting?

No worries, the Easybulb can do it all. It’s cool gadgets like this that change the way we live.

This handy light bulb will save you money on your electricity bill as well. Each bulb only consumes 6 watts and has a long life of 25 years!

With 255 different colors to choose from the Easybulb is great for homes, restaurants, offices, hospitals, studios, schools, outdoor events, Dj’s and more…


Last updated on June 1, 2023 5:31 am