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Convertible Headphone Speakers

Now here is a really cool set of headphones that can convert into battery-powered amplified stereo speakers!

Headphones & Speakers In One…

With a simple 180° twist to the headphones’ ear-cups, it converts them from headphones to speakers.

When in speaker mode. this cool gadget pumps out 98 decibels of sound, which is plenty of volumes to get the party started.

If you want to listen to your favorite music with the headphones, simply twist ear-cups back to the normal position, and the amplifier turns off.

Only High Definition Will Do…

Enjoy a crisp clean sound, and the clear high-definition listening experience the headphones provide.

When in speaker mode the battery will give you around 3 hours of listening time before needing a recharge.

Furthermore, you could connect the convertible headphone speakers with any device that has a 3.5mm jack.

Unfortunately, these particular headphones are no longer available but there are some high-quality substitutes you can check out below.

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