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SoundBlock Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SoundBlock Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Pair your Bluetooth device with the Noria SoundBlock speakers and enjoy crystal clear ultra smooth music anywhere. These wireless Bluetooth 3.0 speakers will pair with any Bluetooth device like your smartphone, iPods, Tablets or computer allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes with this wireless smart gadget. Featuring the new Bluetooth 3.0 technology and …

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Smart Bike Tail Light

Features: 1. Fashionable electronic product is made for outdoor bicycle. 2. Conveniently fixed on the bike, supplying great power for mobile phone, GPS, etc. 3. Professional flashlight with Cree-XPG LED and 90 degrees rotatable angel, supplying very bright effect for outdoor use at night. 4. Red SOS alarm function. 5. IPX65 waterproof level. 6. Bike …

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