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Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet Review: a good place to store your money?

The definition of a perfect wallet varies from one person to another. There are different factors that one takes into account such as its space capacity, its material, the texture, appearance, and so on. In this day and age, however, people are searching for something more innovative.  They want something that is more functional than …

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Brain Sensing Headband


Modern Meditation Made Easy… The Muse Brain-Sensing Headband is a personal meditation assistant. It can help guide you to a calm mind. Muse can give you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s going on in your brain when you are meditating. Why Do People Meditate With Muse? The Muse Meditation Headband allows you to meditate anywhere, …

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App Controlled Robotic Ball

Welcome to the world of smart toys! This is an App Controlled Robotic Ball called the Sphero 2.0 and it’s one awesome gadget. Sphero 2.0 is now much faster, brighter and smarter than the original Sphero ball. With a max speed of 7 feet per second, you can program it to careen down halls, weave in, out and around chair legs plus …

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AppTag Laser Tag

AppTag Laser Blaster

WOW, this is the kind of gadget that I wish I had when I was like 10 years old. How cool is this – Use your smartphone, iPod or iPhone to turn your surroundings into a super fun, realistic laser battlefield. Connect your device onto a the AppTag gun and laser battle with friends or …

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Cool Welding Helmets

We published a post a while back showing you guys some really cool welding helmets here that just look insanely cool. Those where all from a company called SavePhace, but since then we’ve found some more that are also totally awesome! Welding helmets are great for protecting yourself while welding. You could go with a …

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