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Can I Disable SmartThings? Here’s how!

Yes, you can disable SmartThings. What you need to do is go to the app and uninstall the program.

The other thing you can do is go to your Apps section, locate SmartThings, and tap disable.

On some phones, you cannot uninstall it. However, disabling the app can cause some malfunctions. 

Is SmartThings app necessary?

Yes, but it is better to keep it enabled only to use basic functions.

Below are some examples of when to leave it on:

  • Establishing routines
  • Managing household temperature
  • Monitoring security

The SmartThings app is necessary if you use the Samsung smart home system.

Without it, you will have problems accessing your SmartThings hub

The beauty of SmartThings is that it works with a wide range of third-party devices.

Of course, all Samsung appliances work with this system, and it does not matter if you are using Android or iOS at all.

With the SmartThings app, you can manage your bulbs, thermostats, garage door openers, and so much more.

The SmartThings app is necessary if you want a single control panel on your phone for your Samsung devices at home.

For example, you can control the following appliances from this app: 

  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Microwave
  • Light bulbs
  • Television
  • Fridge 
  • Dishwasher

While we understand that Samsung has a lot of kinks to fix, it is better to keep the app working.

If you disable it, you will experience problems later on. 

Can you use SmartThings without a hub?

Yes, but only if you get the WiFi version. The WiFi version can work without a SmartThings hub.

This product is called SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug.

For example, you can also use a product called ConnectHome.

It is also a hub, but you can use it even if you do not buy SmartThings.

What it means is that you can use it as an alternative hub for Samsung’s SmartThings hub as an alternative if you do not like what Samsung has to offer. 

However, you must still have the SmartThings app to use ConnectHome.

What you would do is go to the settings of your SmartThings app and then go to MENU.

From here, you will select the LOCATION and find where ConnectHome is saved.

Then, you just choose ConnectHome as your hub.

How to disable SmartThings on Android?

How to disable SmartThings on Android

To disable the SmartThings app from Android, you must go to your apps list.

Find the SmartThings app, and then tap “disable.”

Do not tap on Force Stop. Doing this only tells the app to stop working for this moment.

Disabling it is the permanent way to make it stop working. If your phone shows the uninstall option, use it.

If not, disabling it is the only way to go. 

How do I stream music to Control4?

Here, we will discuss how to stream music with Control4 on both Apple Music and Spotify. 

Apple Music

First, connect your smartphone to the Control4 system. This connection does not need a special code.

You only have to connect to the Wireless Music Bridge.

Once done with this, you can choose an audio app that you can listen to.

Now, you want to connect it with AirPlay. For iPods and other devices, your device must be on the same network as Control4.


Before you connect Spotify, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is already synced with your Control4 system. 

From here, launch the Spotify app. Start a song and then tap the DEVICES AVAILABLE at the bottom of the Spotify app screen.

Tap DEVICES AVAILABLE again, then select Control4. 

Is SmartThings a Good Choice? 

SmartThings offer some good things. For example, activation and installation only require WiFi, which makes the entire process seamless.

In addition, the system provides you with more automation options than other hubs. 

What you will love about SmartThings is that it also works with Zigbee and Z-wave devices, which many smart hubs do not do as they only use WiFi or Bluetooth.

Samsung keeps on upgrading, so that is a plus. With its Zigbee and Z-wave connectivity, you can expect to have a smart home hub that works within a radius of 50 to 130 feet away. 

The good news is that if 130 feet is not enough, you can choose the WiFi set-up, which is easier and much more effective.

You just need to consult with your internet service provider to install internet routers, so you use only one network for your entire house. 

Tips and Tricks for SmartThings

Tips and Tricks for SmartThings

To help you further, below are some key things you can do with your SmartThings: 

Use it on your TV

You can use your SmartThings Hub from the television to connect your smart devices.

For example, you can control lightbulbs from the TV, provided that these devices are also connected to the same WiFi.

Use it on Bluetooth devices

You can trigger or control Bluetooth devices with SmartThings also on your television and then use a Bluetooth device. 

To do this, you can go to the SmartThings app on the TV and then discover Bluetooth devices in the area.

Once the app discovers the device, register it by choosing it. Use the TV’s remote control to do this. 

Now, once the Bluetooth device is paired with the TV and Smart Things, you can select that Bluetooth device.

For example, if you paired some speakers or headsets on a TV, you could go to SmartThings on the TV and then choose the headset.

It works best if you want to stay quiet while watching films. 


SmartThings is a great addition to what Samsung offers.

You do not need to rely on Alexa, Google, or Apple to make your home smart.

The SmartThings hub and app are essential if you mostly use Samsung appliances.

However, like all technologies, it can also fail. As such, you may want to just uninstall it if you do not like the experience. 

Generally speaking, we recommend SmartThings for Samsung users—use it if you have a Samsung phone, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, etc.