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Can I Control My Smart Lights from Anywhere?

Smart lights are fantastic because you can control them even after you have left your house already.

For example, you can turn off the lights while in your car or office. 

However, this is rather dependent on the technology built into the smart light system.

Some smart lights work with WiFi and some with Bluetooth only. 

Bluetooth smart lights have limited range because they use sound waves.

Once your phone is out of this range, it can no longer communicate with the bulbs.

WiFi works no matter where you are for as long as your phone and your lights are online.  

Today, we will show you some tips on how you can control the bulbs remotely and whether they are practical to use. 

How can I control my lights remotely?

There are two main ways by which you can control your lights remotely.

The first one is by using an app, and the second one is by using a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Home.

1. Using Apps

All smart lights come with an app.

To use them, you must download the app, connect the smart light to WiFi or Bluetooth, and then you name the light bulbs.

Once the connection is complete, you must launch the app and tap on the buttons to control the lights.

You can turn them on or off or change the colors. 

These apps, however, are not universal. What it means is that you rely on the presence of your phone to make them work.

If you lost your phone, you must redownload and reinstall the app and begin all over again.

2. Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant like Alexa and Google Home are your best options if you want a synchronized system for a smart home. 

Beware, however, that not all smart light products work with these virtual assistants.

If they do, you will receive instructions on how to integrate the lighting system. 

The beauty of a virtual assistant is that you get to make voice commands.

They also work even if you are away from home. For example, if you have Amazon Echo in your car, you can simply talk to the machine and tell it to turn off the lights while you are away. 

Another feature of a virtual assistant is that you can schedule the things you want it to do.

For example, if you have a habit of reading until you fall asleep, you can program Alexa to shut off the lights at a specific time. 

Can I control my lights with Alexa?

Yes, you can control your lights with Alexa, but only if the lighting system was built to work with it.

As such, you must only buy lights that work with the Amazon system.

Below are some brands that you can choose from: 

  • Philips Hue 
  • Geeni Prisma 
  • Feit 
  • Kasa
  • Cync 
  • Govee 
  • Abode 
  • Sengled

Here are the benefits of buying lightbulbs that you can connect with Alexa:

  • Use context-aware settings of Alexa
  • You can turn on all the lights with one voice command
  • You can also use the Alexa app if you do not want to talk

Different manufacturers have different methods to integrate Alexa with the bulbs.

Generally speaking, you must launch the Alexa app, go to Devices, and then search for your new light bulbs. 

Context-aware lighting is a feature where Alexa uses artificial intelligence to determine what light to turn on.

Once you are in the room and you say, “turn the lights on,” Alexa will know which room you are in. 

Without a context-aware feature, you need to launch an app and navigate your way to the specific bulb you want to turn on, which can be a real hassle. 

Do smart bulbs work without WiFi?

Yes, some of them do, but not all. Some smart bulbs use Bluetooth technology.

The people who use this are those who do not have internet access all the time. 

In addition, some manufacturers release products that combine the power of a smart bulb and a regular bulb.

What it means is that if you do not want to use the smart function, you simply screw the bulb to the socket and use it as a normal lightbulb. 

Bluetooth bulbs, on the other hand, usually do not have WiFi capabilities.

They connect via your phone’s Bluetooth, but you still have to download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you must turn your Bluetooth phone on, connect the bulbs, and then use the bulbs from the app.

Do smart lights use more electricity?

It depends. If the smart bulb is LED, then it does not consume more power.

However, they are relatively expensive. LEDs use less power than traditional incandescent and CFL light bulbs without compromising the brilliance you get. 

Of course, smart bulbs use the internet, but then you pay for the internet anyway, and the amount of power your router uses is negligible compared to the benefits you get from using LED smart bulbs.

The only reason you pay for internet is if you are on data that does not provide unlimited internet use. 

Are smart lights worth it?

Yes, smart lights are worth it, and they are perfect for you if you want to control and convenience.

Instead of buying lights with different colors, just buy one and then use that in your room.  

Smart bulbs are easy to set up. While the best ones are pricey, there are many manufacturers today that sell smart bulbs n the cheap.

In addition, most smart bulbs today are LED, so you will certainly save on the cost of power. 


Smart lights are the way of the future. Not only can you control them remotely, but you can also change their colors.

Truly, they are an amazing addition to your house and a must-have if you want a smart home.

Before purchasing smart lights, you must check the label or product specifications.

Make sure that they connect via WiFi, not Bluetooth.

WiFi is better because you can turn off the lights no matter where you are.