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Can DAYBETTER LED Lights Connect to Alexa?

Yes, DAYBETTER led lights are compatible with Alexa. 

First, you will need to download the Tuya Smart app. 

Then use the app to connect your lights to your WiFi network before linking it to Alexa. 

The process will take approximately 3 minutes.

How to connect DAYBETTER LED lights to wifi?

To connect DAYBETTER LED lights to a WiFi network:

1. Download the APP in APP store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android)

tuya app

2. Make sure your smartphone WiFi is switched on. (DAYBETTER LED lights can only support 2.4GHz WiFi)

turn on local network

check wifi

3. To activate pairing mode, turn it on and off three times until the led lights are flashing.

4. In the app, select “+”, then select “Lighting”.  

5. Choose Strip lights > Wi-Fi and enter your WiFi network details and then wait for it to connect. 

add device


6. Tap on Done when the connection is complete.

7. After you have successfully connected to your WiFi network, you can now control the led lights via the app on your smartphone. 

Use the app to schedule the lights to automatically switch on or off. 

Can you cut DAYBETTER LED light strips?

Yes, you can cut these light strips to your desired length. 

Before you cut your light strips, use sharp scissors to make a clean cut to avoid damaging the circuit.

LED strips can be re-linked using the 4-pin strip connector. 

It’s also recommended to test the lights before using the adhesive side for installation.

If you have multiple light strips, can you connect them to the same remote?

Yes, you can use one remote to control multiple light strips. 

Make sure the remote is pointed towards each IR receiver.  

Can you put the light strips on a Christmas tree?

It’s not recommended to install these on a Christmas tree since the lights have an adhesive backing for sticking to a wall or other flat surfaces. 

Can you use led light strips to decorate the bedroom? How do you adjust the brightness?

Yes, LED strip lights can be used to decorate most rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

The brightness can also be adjusted by using the remote.

Do you have to connect it to Bluetooth to access the app?

Bluetooth will automatically connect when you open the app.

Can you use a static color?

By using the remote, you can select a color of your choice and the light strips should emit a solid static color.