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Bluetooth NES Controller For Smartphone

Gaming on your smartphone just got a whole lot cooler, especially for NES lovers. This retro NES controller works with your smartphones and tablets giving you the ultimate gaming experience.

This cool phone gadget called the 8BitDo controller connects to your smartphone or mobile devices via a wireless Bluetooth connection or you can hook it up with its USB plug.

It’s compatible with iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets and Windows Mobile gadgets.

The 8BitDo controller looks and feels just like the original NES controller and its battery life will last up to 20 hours of gaming.

Another feature of this cool gadget is you can play two player games and play simultaneously.

Old time NES gamers will absolutely love this Bluetooth controller, as soon as you pick it up you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Remember the good old games like Battle Toads, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong and Super Mario. Ahhh the good old days!