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10 Best Smart Toilets You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

We are currently living in a world with smart everything – smartphone, TV, Fridge, or any other appliances in most of our homes today.

Thanks to advanced technology, everything at home is upgrading faster than we can keep up.

Washrooms are now part of this advancement, with improvements youin showers and “intelligent toilets” now becoming the new norm.

Believe it or not, you can now find speakers and TVs in your washroom spaces, and upgrades in light, sound, and other fixtures.

More and more manufacturers are putting more thought into the toilet design, sleekness, aesthetic features, comfort, and hygiene features.

The toilet now does not have to be a boring place anymore because they come with features such as sensors for flushing, LED lights, heated smart toilet seats, air dryers, remote control, self-deodorizer, foot warmer, automatic seat opening, and complete spectrum bidet performance.

This maximizes your overall experience when using your washroom.

Smart toilets also save water and energy which makes them environmentally friendly.

Smart toilets upgrade your home and give your home that trendy and stylish feel.

Whether you are looking to upgrading your home or just giving your home a bit of a facelift, smart toilets are worth considering.

Below is a review of 10 best smart toilets you can look into.

1. Kohler smart toilet

Kohler smart toilet

The Kohler Company a chic, modern and tech-advanced smart toilet that comes with in-built speakers, FM radio, MP3 player.

Touch screen remote, and hands-free application.

In the latest upgrade, additional features have been included such as foot and seat warmers, an intrinsic air dryer and a fully functional bidet.

This toilet is as eco-friendly as they come because it saves so much water per flush.

To put it in context, when flushed it uses as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (GPF) while normal toilets use between 1.6 to 2.0 GPF.

The Kohler smart toilet is a compact, streamlined one-piece toilet with an incorporated cleansing process.

It comes with an enlarged bowl which offers added room and comfort. In addition, it includes a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings.

Unlike normal toilets, it does not have a tank, though it has direct water supply and dual flush option with a choice of 0/8 or 1.28 gallons per flush.

Its stainless steel bidet wand offers various options which include adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pump and pitch functions.

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2. Wood bridge luxury smart toilet

Wood bridge luxury smart toilet

This is a one-piece luxury toilet which comes with an advanced bidet function. Its smart toilet seat comes with temperature controlled wash functions and an air dryer.

It has a modern design which is chic with a low profile enlarged toilet.

It has a comfortable height, with water sense that has high efficiency. In regards to hygiene features, it comes with rear wash, pulsating wash, adjustable water pressure, and hygienic filtered water.

For comfort, the developer went all in because the smart toilet has a water heater, warm air dryer, unlimited warm water and a heated seat with five adjustable options to match your liking.

It even comes with a gentle massage pulse functions.

How about that for comfort and style?

In terms of convenience and safety, this smart toilet has a safety on/off sensor with self-cleaning faucets that are made of stainless steel material.

In addition, it has a release seat for easy cleaning and it saves on energy and water consumption so its eco-friendly tick box is definitely filled.

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3. TOTO washlet smart toilet

TOTO washlet smart toilet

This is a premist cotton white elongated TOTO smart toilet.

What does this mean?

The toilet bowl has a premist feature which is a light mist sprayed onto the dry bowl which helps make the surface more slippery.

It also has a convenient arm control panel for flushing purposes.

It is gently ventilated, has a front and rear spray whirling feature that comes with warm water for your comfort.

The enlarged heated toilet seat comes with temperature control, dryer, and deodorizer.

The air dryer has three temperature settings while the deodorizer is automatic to mask unpleasant odors.

In regards to hygiene, there is a self-cleaning wand which is automatically cleaned before and after use.

There is also adjustable water temperature and volume which ensures the smart toilet stays water efficient.

This toilet combines ecology needs and style features because it is water-efficient but also chic and trendy.

The pre-mist function sprays the bowl with water before each use, preventing waste building up and keeps the toilet bowl clean.

This toilet will upgrade your home.

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4. Ove Decors smart toilet

The Ove smart toilet is a high-quality ceramic toilet with innovations of advanced features such as heated electric toilet seats, warm flowing water, air dryer, and anti-bacterial seating.

Its hygiene components have been catered for in terms of eliminating the need for using toilet paper or wet wipes since the jets in this model are quite efficient and the most current in the market.

The toilet comes with a bidet and spray wash which is largely hands-free making them altogether convenient.

You have the option of choosing from multiple settings on water, pressure, heater or dryer.

The smart toilet seat has a soft close seat and adjustable seat temperature for added comfort.

If you wake up frequently at night, this model has you covered, because it comes with a smart nightlight mode which will help you find your way at night.

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5. Dyconn smart toilet

Dyconn smart toilet

This model is an all-in-one kind, where it combines an enlarged tankless toilet with a built-in smart bidet.

It incorporates style, convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency through its main features.

The model is made of third generation ceramic heating technology with the Dynconn faucet smart bidet combination which heats up water instantly without the need for warm water preservation.

This is the aspect that enables the toilet to conserve energy.

For quality assurance, the developer has included a microbial coating in its design which reduces the possibility of bacteria occurrence and survival on the bidet surface.

It has replaceable faucets which you can replace as you wish.

There is a smart sensor which automatically detects movement so it turns on or off as necessary.

In terms of water conservation, the toilet uses only 1.18 gallons per flush. Also, it has a soft closing lid and a built-in LED night light for your convenience.

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6. Bio Bidet Ultimate Smart Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet Ultimate Smart Toilet Seat

The strongest point for this Bio Bidet model is that it has an easy DIY installation process.

It comes with a dual faucet which is ideal for family use because it offers a rear wash, a feminine wash and it is kid friendly.

All these contribute towards improving hygiene in the home.

The smart toilet seat is streamlined for comfort due to its adjustable heated seat and water and a slow closing lid.

It is eco-friendly in the sense that there is an energy saving mode to reduce electricity.

The luxury bit comes in through the pulsating technology with bubble infusion.

Other features include front and rear warm water cleansing, anti-bacterial material and a massage feature with a wide clean function which cycles front and rear streams for exceptional cleaning.

This model enables you to adjust the water temperature, pressure and the position of the gentle ventilated stream.

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7. Toto Neorest Smart Toilet

This model incorporates the double cyclone flushing system with ultra-high efficiency convenient remote control.

It has a hands free automatic flush which improves your washroom experience.

The toilet seat is heated with temperature control buttons for your liking and gentle ventilated water spray ability which accommodates whirling and pulsating features.

The Toto dual flush toilet is cotton white and it only uses 1.0 and 0.8 gallons per flush, which saves on water consumption.

The Neorest innovations are an upgrade which combines luxury and utility in their brand.

The electric toilet technology keeps the toilet bowl clean and hygienic while the spray and warm-air dryer keep you feeling refreshed.

Its design is made of Sanagloss which is a smooth, ion-barrier surface material that keeps the bowl cleaner and longer; as well as an enlarged front bowl with a soft close seat for your comfort.

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8. Smart Bidet Elongated Electric Toilet

Smart Bidet Elongated Electric Toilet

Smart Bidet electric toilet has retractable, self-cleaning faucets and warm air dryers for hygienic purposes.

The water pressure levels and faucet positions are both adjustable up to 5 levels for your own comfort and taste.

Check this out – one faucet has three sets of holes; one hole at the end is for turbo wash, the one in the middle is for rear wash and the hole nearest to the unit is for feminine wash.

Meanwhile, the air dryer – the dryer temperature levels are adjustable up to 5 levels for your convenience.

You have the option of keeping it warm or cool.

The dryer is conveniently located on the right side of the faucet.

Other features include;

  • whirling wash
  • warm air dryer
  • flexible water pressure
  • hygienic filtered water
  • heated water
  • heated seat
  • safety on/off sensor
  • quick release seat for easy cleaning
  • energy saving mode
  • soft close lid, and seat.

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9. Genie Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

Genie Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

This model features a specially designed curved seat which provides maximum comfort.

You have the option of directing the integrated self-cleansing faucet which expands to release a cleansing stream of aerated water which enhances your overall experience.

If you suffer from the hemorrhoids condition then this is an ideal model because it has the rear cleansing faucet option.

Its design is also chic and modern which provides the ideal uplift for your home.

There is the on/off button and a faucet that extends from under the seat for refreshing warm temperature water meant for cleansing which substitutes the need for toilet paper.

This smart toilet is easy and quick to install and the installation hardware is included in the package.

Its best feature is that it is non-electric which ensures safety and since no wiring is required, it ensures the installation process is simpler.

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10. Bio Bidet Bliss Smart Toilet

Bio Bidet Bliss Smart Toilet

This model has a smart seat decision option which is streamlined for comfort. The heated seat is adjustable and comes with a slow closing lid.

It is also eco-friendly because it comes with the energy saving mode by reducing electricity and toilet paper use which is good for the environment.

Its hybrid heating technology offers warm water during your entire washroom experience.

Generally, the Bliss by Bio Bidet smart toilet combines intelligence, beauty, and convenience all in one.

The technology installed includes upgrades on hydro flush technology, motorized faucet cleaning, and wider angled sprays, among other features.

The faucets are made of stainless steel which is known for its durability and easy to clean properties.

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Final thoughts

There you have it.

If you are looking into upgrading your home but still reduce your environmental impact, the smart toilet technologies offer a combination of both options.

They will simplify your life while still make your washroom experience worthwhile.

You might not know that you need some of these features, but once you get to experience them, there is no going back.

Though there are many versions of smart toilets as sampled in above article, most of them tend to share some basic features which include;

  • Automatic flushing – the toilets have a sensor that activates this feature
  • Energy and water saving features – most of the options have dual flush systems which save on water consumption and they consume minimal energy to operate
  • Remote control feature
  • Air dryer
  • Self-cleansing feature
  • Heated seats
  • Remote control

Aside from these features, there are some that come with added ones such as Bluetooth connectivity, speakers you can use to listen to your favorite tunes as you do your business, and ambient LED lighting.

The flip side?

Be prepared to spend because they do not come as cheap!

However, it is worth investing and you will realize the return on investment with time.

So if you wish to go with current times, why don’t you consider saving up and upgrade your home!