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7 Best Smart Toilets You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Humans evolve, and so do toilets. The question is not whether or not you need one, but which one you should buy. 

Sorry if this sounds gross, but I have used several smart toilets. I have some in my house, and my friends do, too. Because of this, I thought it best to share with you what I know about smart toilets

Today, I will review the best smart toilets out on the market today. My review is unbiased. My opinions are all based on my experience of the experience of people I know who have these toilets in their games.  

In a hurry? Here are our top picks…

  • Best Overall: EPLO Smart Toilet – The overall best smart toilet is the EPLO. It is affordable and yet the price gives you a lot of value for your money. What makes it a winner is the six temperature settings and the multiple washes that it can do. 
  • Best Value: SmartBidet SB-2000 Bidet Seat – For best value, I recommend the SmartBidet SB-2000. Even if it is only a bidet, it comes with many functions, including five different water pressure levels. 
  • Best Budget: GenieBidet – The best one for budget is the GenieBidet. It is the most affordable among all the best smart toilets that we reviewed here today. However, it only fits elongated seats. How did we choose the best smart toilets?


7 Best Smart Toilets Reviewed

1. Karing® 2.0 Intelligent Skirted One-Piece Elongated Toilet in White


The Karing 2.0 is an intelligent smart toilet that comes with LCD remote control, a seat and a power cord. It is as compact as it gets, and it even has integrated personal cleansing features. 

What I love about this smart toilet is that it has an elongated bowl for added comfort. However, it uses a lot of water—each flush consumes 1.08 gallons. The toilet also has a precision air-dryer and a self-cleaning wand. 

Product Features

  • Integrated Bidet – you no longer have to buy a separate bidet to fit in the toilet; it already comes with it
  • Height Adjustment – you can adjust the height of the seat to make you more comfortable
  • Toilet Seat – the toilet seat comes with your purchase; you do not have to buy one only to find out that it does not fit
  • Carbon Filter – it has a provision for a filter that allows you to neutralize odors

The toilet has a heated seat, which gives you added comfort when it is too cold. In addition to this, there is also an adjustable temperature setting for the water.  

Even if it uses 1.08 gallons, it is still paltry compared to other smart toilets. Most smart toilets use between 1.28 and 1.6 gallons of water every flush. 

I want to add that it comes with bolts. What it means is that you only need someone knowledgeable to install it. You do not have to buy anything anymore from the hardware store.


  • The product works without fail
  • Comes with complete amenities 
  • The remote control has a digital screen
  • It has a pre-mist function spray before every use
  • The seat has a soft-close function


  • Does not have presets for the remote control; different users must use the remote according to how they want to set the toilet
  • There is no nightlight; at night, it can be dark, and you still have to turn on the lights to see the toilet


2. SmartBidet SB-2000 Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets


This product is not a complete smart toilet but a seat only. What you are buying is a bidet seat that has advanced technological functions.  

What I like about this item is its affordability. It has several features which can cost you thousands of dollars if you buy something similar from another brand. 

One of the key features of the product is the washing system. You no longer need to use tissue paper, as the bidet will push water upwards to clean you up.

Product Features

  • Multi-Wash – there are several types of washes that it can do. The nozzle also has a self-cleaning function. People can use it to wash their front and backsides. You can adjust the pressure if you want according to the level of cleaning that you are looking for.  
  • Water Pressure – there are five levels of water pressure for this bidet seat. In addition to your options for water pressure adjustment, you can also enjoy three levels of temperature. You can use a bit of high temperature of water to clean yourself especially during the winter. 
  • Nozzle – you can position the nozzle on five different levels. What it means is that people of varying heights can use this product. It is an excellent design for a family with different users. You can use it for adults, teens, and children. 
  • Heated Seat – you can heat the seat and choose from three levels of heat. There is also a skin sensor. What it does is that it only activates the bidet seat temperature if someone is seated on it. 

The bidet seat also comes with an air dryer that you can adjust to five levels. The air dryer allows you to eliminate the need for toilet paper after washing. 

What you will love about this seat is that you can save money on the cost of electricity. It has an energy-saving mode. 


  • Easy to install
  • Lots of adjustable functions
  • Soft closing lid


  • The product finish can easily wear off
  • The water supply is poor
  • Control not accessible by obese people


3. GenieBidet


The GenieBidet is also a toilet seat, not a complete toilet set. However, it is easy to install, and you only need two tools and about two minutes. 

The seat comes in an elongated model, but the manufacturer has other models. For example, if you want a rounded one, it is available. 

Product Features

  • Non-Electric – those who are worried about power costs will love this product. However, it does not use electricity at all. 
  • Nozzles – there are separate nozzles for different uses. There is a nozzle for female users and one at the rear. The nozzles are also retractable. 
  • Connectors – no need to buy an adapter or connector as the seat comes with it. The connector that you get is the hybrid version from the same manufacturer. 
  • Seat – the seat has a soft-close feature
  • Pressure Regulator – this part is what allows you to adjust the water pressure in the bidet. If you are in a house with low water pressure, you can remove it. Use it if the water pressure in your house is too high. You can remove this regulator with only a pair of pliers.  

The warranty of this product is one year. What makes it really awesome is that the warranty is for replacement, not just service and parts. 

This product is one of the most affordable bidet seats or smart toilets that you can buy today. I also love it because the installation is easy. 

There is an adapter that you attach to the two holes of your existing toilet. After installing that, you just need to clip the metal brackets into the adapter. 

After screwing it tight, there are butterfly nuts that come with anchors. These allow the seat to stay on your toilet tightly. 

There is also a T-connector that allows you to connect the water to your water source. You can turn it on or off so pets and children cannot play with it. 


  • Has dual retractable nozzles
  • No power supply needed
  • Comes with an adapter


  • The connector can get loose and flood your bathroom
  • The back portion is protruding, so you are not seated flat


4. VOVO STYLEMENT Smart Bidet Toilet


The VOVO is a complete smart toilet set that has a heat sensor, dual flush, wire remote, and many other features that you can possibly look for from a smart toilet. You do not have to clean yourself with your hands if you buy this toilet. 

What I like about this product is that it treats you like royalty. Yes, you will get pampered if you have this toilet at your home. 

The thing is that you need a special plug near the toilet to get it installed. Despite that, the seat on its own comes with all that you need. 

Product Features

  • Automatic Dual Flush – the toilet has a heat sensor, and it detects if the user is no longer within range. It has two flushes, a small one and a large one. The flush consumes only 1.12 gallons at a water pressure of 35 PSI. 
  • Seat Warmer – during the winter, you can activate the eat warmer and the air dryer. The air dryer is an alternative to using tissue paper to dry yourself. 
  • Nozzle Feature – the nozzle is made of stainless steel, and it does have a self-cleaning feature. The nozzle also comes with an automatic deodorizer. 
  • Wireless Remote – the remote is not connected to the toilet. The remote is also smart as it can perform different cleaning for you. With a press of a button, you can decide if the cleaning is for posterior or for feminine wash. 

One thing of note is that this toilet system has a tankless flushing mechanism. What it means is that it does not need a tank to store water. When it flushes, it takes water straight out of the pipes. 

There is also a night light that works if it is dark. No need to fumble at night looking for the power switch.

Finally, its cleaning system uses ultraviolet light. What it means is that it really has the capacity to kill bacteria and germs.  


  • Has a seat warmer 
  • The nozzle self-cleans, and it is stainless
  • Has dual flush
  • The toilet has a sensor 


  • You need to buy a plug connector separately 
  • Sometimes, the nightlight will stay on even after use


5. BidetMate 1000


Like the other products that I am recommending here, the BidetMate is not a complete toilet set but only a seat. Despite this, it comes with a lot of features. 

It does give you a feeling of luxury, and it is highly customizable. It is one that you want if you have a household with people of varying ages. 

Product Features

  • Multiple Functions – it has a power wash, child wash, and other functions. You can choose a feminine wash, and there is even a massage feature. There is an aerated option and pulse option. All these options change how the water behaves as it exits the nozzle. 
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle – there is no need to touch the nozzle if you want to clean it. The nozzle sanitizes itself in between uses. There is no need to program the device to clean itself on schedule. 
  • Soft-Close – the lid soft closes, and you will not hear any kind of banging noise after using it. Because of the soft-close feature, it will also not get destroyed from abrupt banging and slamming. 

One thing you will love about this product is that it has a three-year warranty. It also has a customer support system for US-based customers. 

Since it is a washer and a dryer at the same time, you will not only save trees, but you will also not have wounds or skin irritation from dry tissue paper. 

The company is also active in participating in saving the ecology. For every sale, they donate part of the proceeds to environmental causes. The company is one with your goal of saving the earth, making it a cleaner and greener planet. 


  • Offers benefits for the health
  • Helps save power and water
  • Has multiple functions for different users 


  • Prone to cracking
  • Has a tendency to leak


6. Ivyel GL-3


Ivyel is also a bidet seat, not a complete toilet set, but it does give you a lot of options when it comes to managing your toilet habits and staying clean without touching yourself. 

One of the core features of the product is the easy installation. As a bidet seat, it also comes packed with functionalities that even some complete toilet seats do not have. 

Product Features

  • Luxury – it does have a feeling of luxury when you sit on it. The bidet is electric, and there are different wash modes that make you feel like you are in a high-class hotel. It has a feminine wash, posterior wash, powerful wash, and thorough cleaning. 
  • Heater – this bidet seat heats not only the seat, but also the water. It keeps you warm, and you can adjust the seat and water temperature at four different levels. The product uses a hybrid technology that allows you to have heated water for an extended period of time.
  • Energy Saver – the bidet does not guzzle power. The engineers carefully designed it, so it only uses the power that it needs. 
  • Soft-Close – the lid closes softly so it is not prone to cracking. Even if you close it yourself, it will not slam, so you can expect it to last a long time.
  • Self-Clean – the nozzle cleans itself every after use; you do not have to touch it or clean it yourself. 

One of the best things I like about this product is that it has a feature for children. The bidet seat adjusts the nozzle so that it can provide service to a child. 

If I may add, the wash function also has a pulse massage option. It does have a water stream that touches you softly, which means your skin will not get irritated. 


  • Has a lot of washing features
  • There is a child function
  • The nozzle is made of stainless steel


  • The cord for the power is too short
  • It may not be compatible will all toilets


7. Eplo Smart Toilet


Eplo is a complete toilet seat that is suitable for any bathroom. Its design is modern, and the manufacturer ensures that everything that you need from a smart toilet is in it.  

Product Features

  • Temperature Settings – this toilet has six levels of temperature settings for heating. It heats the seat and the water. It also has a warm air dryer, which makes it an excellent product during the winter. 
  • Automation – the toilet has an off-seat flushing action. There is also a button control for flushing if you want. In addition to this, there is also a foot-sensing flushing system. Lastly, you can flush by using the remote. 
  • Multiple Modes – you can use the toilet and have it wash you in different ways. For example, there is a feminine wash and a posterior wash. There is also a mobile wash. 

The product has a self-cleaning nozzle, which makes it ideal for people who do not want to clean it manually. The flush uses between 1.1 and 1.6 gallons of water every flush.  


  • It is a one-piece toilet system
  • Has six levels of temperature adjustment
  • Dual flush capability
  • Multiple modes of washing


  • Needs high pressure from your pipes to work properly
  • Air dryer needs more pressure to force water droplets from your skin


We chose the best smart toilets according to the following things: 

  • Features – what can the smart toilets do? Do they offer ways to make toilet life easy, clean and manageable? We want smart toilets to improve our lives, so the features are an important factor in our choices. 
  • Cost – we do not want to buy a smart toilet that costs a house. Of course, all smart toilets are expensive. That is a given. However, we chose smart toilets based on prices that actually give you value for money. 
  • Usefulness – is the product actually useful, or is it just a gimmick? We chose the best smart toilets in our list according to what smart toilets can actually do.  
  • Experience – of course, there are many manufacturers that will lure you into buying their products by using ads and models. Then, when you buy the toilet, you begin to realize that it does not provide you with the comfort or feature that you need. All the toilets used here are real—either our friends or we used them.  

As you can see, we do not just randomly select products to recommend to you. We used these products ourselves, and we have specific standards as ways to choose the products. We tested other smart toilets, and we were unhappy, so we did not include them here anymore. 

What does a smart toilet do?

Smart toilets do a lot of things. First, manufacturers strive to create toilets that allow touch-free hygiene. These toilets allow you to have a better and more sanitized bathroom experience. 

Here are some of the common things that smart toilets do: 

  • Advanced flushing mechanisms
  • Safe from overflowing
  • Helps save water 
  • Customized seats
  • Has bidet sprayers
  • Has controls 
  • Close lids easily

There are a ton of features for smart toilets. However, you must not expect that there is one smart toilet that has all these features.  

Smart toilets modernize your home. In essence, they allow you to live a more hygienic life and a more modern one that makes you feel you are living in the far future. 

Are smart toilets worth the money?

A smart toilet can easily set you back $3,000. So, are smart toilets really all that? Does the cost justify the purchase.? I can say without a doubt that yes, it is worth the cost. 

Here are the reasons why a smart toilet is worth the price: 

  • Auto-flush – you do not have to touch the toilet for it to flush. Smart toilets have sensors that know if there is still someone using them. Since you do not touch them, you do not come into contact with bacteria. 
  • Overflow protection – water is a precious and expensive element. Smart toilets save water by preventing an overflow. In addition, it is gross if the toilet overflows, right? The overflow protection mechanism makes everything tidy. 
  • Amenities – some smart toilets come with other things that give you a better lifestyle. For example, the smart toilet may have a foot warmer. Some even have air dryers, self-cleaning features, and remote controls. 

Depending on what you want in life, there is something in smart toilets for you. Some have deodorizers, and some have an emergency flushing system if there is a power outage. 

As far as cost is concerned, just think about the cost of paying a domestic helper to clean a toilet. Let us say $10 per cleaning. 

So, if you clean the toilet three times a week, that is 156 times in a year, or equivalent to $1,560. In five years, you spent $7,800—only for someone to clean your toilet! 

Why should you invest in a smart toilet?

You should invest in a smart toilet because it has many advantages. Below are some that can help you understand why it is worth it. 

  • Save Water – smart toilets do not use as much water as traditional toilets. Regular toilets use 1.6 gallons on every single flush. Smart toilets, on the other hand, use only 0.6 gallons. On average, a person uses 12,775 gallons of water per year to flush. 
  • Save Trees – people typically use 28 pounds of tissue paper per year. Of course, this number varies. Worldwide, the tissue consumption is 42 million tons per year. It means that we have to chop down 712 million trees per year and then use 1,1,65 tons of water to process the trees into tissue paper. With smart toilets, we no longer have to chop down trees. 
  • Avoid Germs –one of the most common features of the smart toilet is that it is contactless. It means that you do not have to touch yourself. Other people who use it also do not have to. As a result, germs and bacteria will not latch on to you. Because of this, you are reducing the likelihood of you getting sick. And if you do not get sick, you do not have to go to the hospital and pay massive bills. 

Another thing that makes smart toilets worth it is the improved comfort. These toilets have customizable seats that fit your body. Some even have heated seats and temperature controls, making it easy to do your thing.  

How does a smart toilet hold water?

A smart toilet also has a water tank. There is a provision for it to store water. As such, it will still work even if there is no power.

The bidet of a smart toilet, however, is connected to a water source. The sensors will draw water fresh from the tap or source every time the bidet functions.


 Best Smart Toilets FAQ

frequently asked questions smart toilet

What’s considered a good warranty for a smart toilet?

At least one year of warrant is a good place to start. However, there are companies that offer tiered warranties. If you have the budget, get a smart toilet where you can get three years of warranty for parts and service. 

Are smart toilets challenging to install?

Yes, even an ordinary toilet is hard to install. You need to hire a qualified plumber to do the installation for you. The smart toilet also needs electricity. Because of this, you must also hire an electrician. 

The good news is that the sellers and distributors of smart toilets may offer installation as an after-sales service. Of course, it is not free. But then it is always better to pay professionals to do it for you.  

Do you need to use special toilet paper with a smart toilet?

It depends on the brand. Many smart toilets allow you to use the same types of toilet paper. There are others that want you to buy toilet paper from them because the toilet papers were specifically designed. 

Only a few brands do this, though, as they know that consumers will definitely frown on this level of exclusivity. Special toilet papers mean that you have to spend more money. Usually, they are more expensive than the usual toilet paper. 

Will a smart toilet use a lot of electricity?

No, smart toilets are energy efficient. Besides, the smart toilet will only really draw power once it flushes. Sensors are not power hogs, so you do not have to worry about rising electric bills. 

Do I need a specialist to install a smart toilet?

Yes, you need a specialist to install a smart toilet. These are expensive things, and it will do you good to just pay qualified personnel to do the installation.

If you decide to install it yourself, you may break it, or your installation may be wrong. And if you make a mistake, you will spend more money. Just pay a qualified installer, and you should be fine. 

Do I need to replace LED lights once in a while?

No, you do not have to replace LED lights once in a while. LED lights can last up to 12 years. It is far better than typical lights used in furniture and other appliances.  

How do I maintain my smart toilet?

There are several things you must do to maintain your smart toilet. Here are a few things: 

  • Turn it off while servicing
  • Do not wash the surfaces
  • Be gentle with it
  • Replace the filter
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals

Smart toilets are much more sensitive than the average toilet. Do not wash the surfaces because you can damage the electrical components. 

Are smart toilets worth the money?

Yes, it is worth the money. We have a section in this article that explains this in detail. 

What is the most reliable toilet?

The most reliable toilet is one that fits your needs. All smart toilets are made with standard specifications. We suggest that you choose one that we have on our list. 

What can a smart toilet do?

Smart toilets can do many things. They can save water, make the toilet use contactless, and give you comfort. 

Should I update my toilet?

Yes, definitely. Buy a smart toilet now s you can get the comfort that these toilets can offer. 

Our Verdict

Before you buy, make a list of things that you want. Set a budget, and then study the installation process of each smart toilet in our list. 

Overall, the best the I recommend is the EPLO. Everything you need or want from a smart toilet seat is here already. It has a sleek modern design, and the functionalities work for people of all ages.