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When it comes to home and business security, one of the most exciting trends that are out there is the integration between cell phones and security devices and equipment.

The August Smart Lock provides keyless home entry solution that can be easily managed from any authorized cell phone.

But can we start forgetting about the more traditional deadbolts and throw away our keys already?



The August Smart Lock is synchronized via a mobile app which allows the user to easily lock or unlock any smart locks with a single tap, in general the app does an excellent job when it comes to managing multiple locks and multiple users and its interface is quite modern and easy to navigate and most users should be able to use it without any major issues.


The app features an auto-unlock mode which senses any users approaching the door and automatically unlocks the door so that the user doesn’t have to reach for his phone.

One of the main selling points of the August is the ability to create and manage digital “keys” and assign them to family members, friends, neighbors, etc.

This feature works as intended and user management is a breeze.


The installation process is pretty straight forward and the lock itself is compatible with most deadbolts out there.

Once the August is installed, you can download the app and start managing users and pairing with your mobile devices.

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The lock and the mobile devices are connected via Bluetooth and -as most of us know by now- this connection method isn’t always the most reliable; although the August Smart Lock will automatically synchronize with any cellphones within range, the connection doesn’t always work and this is where most of the flaws found in the August are found, we found that sometimes the August will take up to 30 seconds for the app to find and connect with the lock.


The auto-lock feature also tends to fail every now and then, so you’ll find yourself waiting for the August to actually lock your doors before you leave.

Hopefully by the time August rolls out Wi-Fi connectivity we will notice a huge improvement on the connectivity issues.

These connecting issues do affect the overall experience that we got from using the August.

However, these are simply minor occurrences and do not take away from the fact that the August is a solid lock that looks fantastic and will be sure to raise some eyebrows from visitors.


Overall, the August still seems to be working out its functionality but users will be happy to know that updates and more features are on the way.

If you feel like you are ready to start making your home a “smart” home then the August Smart Lock will be a great addition that features excellent design, easy setup and great (although not perfect) functionality.