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August Smart Lock Review: Will This Keep You Safe in 2021?

Security is one of the most important needs of man. Keep in mind, however, that this starts in the comfort of your own home, specifically at your door. Most of the time, relying on knobs is not enough as this comes with a lot of uncertainty and vulnerability.

This being stated, it’s just right that you equip yourself with a tool that will get eliminate the said issues. One specific product that you should consider is August Smart Lock.

Today, in this August Smart Lock Review, we’re going to talk about the stated product, the features that it offers, as well as why it’s worth buying.

What is the August Smart Lock?

August Home is a brand that you should look into if you are looking for products that will function both as a home improvement tool and a security device. Their mission is to provide their customers with convenience, most especially in managing their front doors.

One of the most efficient products that they offer is the August Smart Lock. This comes in a three-part series, that is, as of the moment. These are the Smart Lock, the Smart Lock Pro, and the Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Today, however, we are going to focus on the first and starter product, the Smart Lock.

August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone - Silver


To give you an overview of the product, the August Smart Lock is a technology-innovative device that works along with an application. This is integrated with automatic features that can establish assurance between the homeowner and their sense of security.

Below is a list of instructions regarding how you can start using this:

1. Install the Smart Lock.

The installation of the Smart Lock device does not involve complex instructions or long waiting times. The brand claims that even if you are not a professional, as long as you follow the installation guide, you will be all set in less than 10 minutes.

The device will be installed on the interior of your front door. You can easily integrate this with your existing deadbolt. The exterior part does not need to be modified.

2. Install the August App

The August App will serve as a pathway towards more control over the device. This is compatible with both Android and iOS users. Once installed, you can simply pair this with the device as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection. This will allow you to access and configure its settings wherever you are.

3. Control the device’s performance

Once you are all set, that is, if you are done with the installation of both the device and application and connecting them, you can now make the most out of the advantages of the Smart Lock.

You can access its functions through the application or connect it to either Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone - Silver

The August Smart Lock has extraordinary features. This is mainly known for allowing a keyless entry, and full control over it anytime and anywhere.

Product Design and Specifications of the August Smart Lock

Now, let us go on to discuss and evaluate the design and specifications integrated with the August Smart Lock. These will be crucial in coming up with a concrete idea of how the product will appear once purchased.

1. Variations

As of the present, the product is available in three variations of colours. These are Silver, Dark Gray, and Satin Nickel.

The Silver variation is composed of one colour scheme, that is, silver. This will be an ideal choice for those who want a subtle accessory. This will also match any interior as this has a slick design.

For the Dark Gray variation, you can expect a glossy, almost black device. This provides a more professional design for your door/s.

Lastly, the Satin Nickel is composed of a combination of the former variations. It has a colour scheme of both silver and dark grey, the former being the body, and the latter surrounding it. This creates a reflective illusion and a minimalist feel.

2. Inclusions

By purchasing, you will have access to the August Smart lock, 4 AA batteries, a lock adapter, and mounting hardware.

As this is battery-powered, you don’t need to recharge it once every few hours, nor will you need to plug it in during usage. This makes it efficient and convenient to use.

Along with the package are the things that are necessary for installation, which is the lock adapter, and the mounting hardware. These will help you attach the device to your existing deadlock.

You will also have an option to get a hold of the August Connect if you choose to purchase the bundle for a few more dollars. Buying these devices as a combo will save you more money. This will further extend the functionalities of the device and has exclusive guest features.

3. Design

The August Smart Lock’s appearance is comparable to a more hi-tech door lock. This is in a vertical oval shape, the colour differs from what the chosen variation is, and has two main parts although intact.

On the top part, you will see the company’s branding. They incorporated a simple logo that matches the design of the device.

On the bottom part, on the other hand, is where the lock is incorporated. This is a residential door lock that will require turns to be activated.

2. Specifications

Finally, as for the specifications of the product, it will come up to 2.7 x 4.8 x 2.1 inches. It weighs approximately 15.5 oz which is just right to hold tight onto the door without damaging it or going through the risk of it being removed on its own.

August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone - Silver

As you can see, the August Smart Lock is specifically designed to be compatible with door installations. Its structure is just enough to perform its functions, while its appearance, on the other hand, can be a good home accessory. You can count on this to improve the overall quality of your door.

Product Features of the August Smart Lock

Moving on, here are the features that you can access with the August Smart Lock.

1. Automatic Functions

If you have ever worried about whether you locked your door or not while outside, you won’t have to experience that again with the August Smart Lock because of its automatic features. You can configure its settings through the application. 

For example, if you want your door to automatically lock itself within 30 minutes, you can do so. You can also do the opposite whatever your preference is.

2. Guest Keys

The Guest Keys feature will be helpful in allowing access to your guests and other trusted people. This will reduce the use of duplicate keys and risks of a privacy breach. This can be done through the application with just a few taps.

3. Alerts & Notifications

You will also have fuller control over what happens within your home through real-time alerts and notifications. You will be able to see who comes in, who leaves, how long they stayed, and other types of activities possible. With this, you can also avoid security issues.

4. DoorSense Technology

DoorSense Technology incorporated in the device will serve as an indicator as to what the current status of your door is. You will be able to know whether this is locked or not from anywhere to provide you with assurance.

There are a lot more other features that you can get, but some of them can only be unlocked if you partner it up with the August Connect.

Summary: August Smart Lock Review

The August Smart Lock is a product that will enable you to have both convenience and security within your home.

This is definitely a worthy device that you should invest in because of the benefits that it offers. This product is undoubtedly greater than that of a regular lock’s.

You can purchase this through August’s official website, and other e-commerce sites.

It is also more recommended that you purchase the bundle consisting of both the Smart Lock and the August Connect because it will give you more functionalities.

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