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Arlo Pro 2 HD Camera Security System with Siren From NETGEAR

Looking to upgrade your home security system or camera?

The Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Security System with Siren and also with 2 Rechargeable Wire-Free HD Cameras that have audio a perfect for outdoor and indoor use at home.

It’s smart to keep watch over your home when you’re home and away…

These Arlo HD cameras have night vision and are designed to work with Alexa!

You can even control this NETGEAR Security System by using your voice with an Alexa device.

Weather Resistant & Wireless

I had to set up a 4 camera security system that had chords, and let me tell you, never again!

The Arlo Pro cameras are awesome!

Not only are they weather-resistant and can be used anywhere outside your home (as well as inside), they are also 100% wire-free.

These security cameras are free of cords and easy to set up.

In my opinion, cords mean tangles, mess and loads of stress!

Furthermore, the security system is also designed to be used with fast charging, rechargeable batteries that are included.

Owners of this security system will love the focus range.

The 2-Way Audio system with the built-in mic and speaker make life a whole lot easier and safer, by enabling push-to-talk capabilities, so you can listen in and also talk back.